What is happening with the DNS requests that cannot not find a matched host (A) RR in the zone are sent to WINS servers, but there is no WINS server installation?

What is happening with the DNS requests that cannot not find a matched host (A) RR in the zone are sent to WINS servers, but there is no WINS server installation?



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    Disable GPU acceleration. Under preferences-> Performance, clear the check box

  • FMC 6.0 down - what is happening with the logging?

    Hi all

    I have following question: what happens with the newspapers of the sensors when your CMF (firepower Management Center) is out of service?

    I expect that the sensor records the newspapers locally, until the PSC is in place again.

    If so, how long can the sensor to store these logs locally? (disk space,...)

    Y at - it no document on this subject? I can't find this kind of information in the release notes or the Administrator's guide.

    Thank you.


    If the CME is fails or communication problem between sensor and FMC, sensor stores newspapers locally and trying to send all together once the communication is in place.

    But yes, there is a limit based on different models and available disk space on them.

    Ideally, disk space must not cross 85% of usage and if so, the old events are pruned.

    If the largest camera store more events, then smaller.

  • What is happening with the Exchange?

    I posted something to exchange more than a month, but they still have to watch it again.  I create a calendar each year.  I get a lot of emails requesting the 2011 model.  Would be nice if they could just approve.

    Anyone know what is happening?


    Looks like the link is going to the 2010 calendar template, not 2011.

  • People in the morning; Anyone know what is happening with the strange language to search on the Microsoft Update site (server)?

    I've hidden the update, but am wary of him jumping or leaching into my machine.  Microsoft - Help!

    To be a little more specific:

    Copy/paste of Susan Bradley - volunteer here not not an employee of MS post in http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-update/windows-7-update-appears-to-be-compromised/e96a0834-a9e9-4f03-a187-bef8ee62725e?page=4


    Microsoft updates have specific self-signed certificates provided by Microsoft.  What happened here was the Oops man.

    Don't panic: by mistake, Microsoft released a patch from Windows Update 'test ' | ZDNet:

    "A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed Wednesday that he had"bad published an update of test"and that it is withdrawing."


  • Why a framework for vm cluster restart priority? and what is happening with the explanation of availability guide


    I can see why "by vm" restart priorities are to a parameter value. For example you can prioritize machine virtual startup order relative to other virtual machines so that you get your first AD and DNS servers etc.

    But what's the point of a cluster environment?  I guess this means how you want to fight your guests stay for these virtual machines running. for example you 32 at a time (maybe high definition), or start to 1 at a time (maybe low setting)

    Which brings me to the point 2


    It seems that availability guide is a bit confused about this subject and talks about specific vm priorities when he must speak of cluster priorities. So really, she explains vm priorities both times and explains any of cluster priorities.

    If you go to (vSphere availability Guide: creating and using VMware HA Clusters: creating a Cluster VMware HA: Virtual Machine Options: vm restart priority settings)

    He mentions first boot vm priority talks about startup relative , I deduce that it means her talk of priorities to restart each of the virtual machines in the virtual machine settings and not a cluster configuration.

    Then he said: ' the values for this parameter are: off, low, medium (default) and high "- but these are the settings for the cluster priority! If she was talking about relative vm settings, he'd say ' off, low, medium, high and use of the cluster (default) settings.

    It says so at the bottom of the page

    "Note - after you create a VMware HA cluster, you can override the default settings of cluster to restart priority and isolation response specific virtual machines..." »

    It's weird since the section above already speaks on startup for specific virtual machines

    The clustering is where you set the 'default' value essentially for virtual machines. After that, you must change this setting on a per-VM basis, as appropriate. Availability guide is indeed vague on this subject, and I would point out to our team of Tech-Pubs.


    Yellow - bricks.com | HA/DRS technical deepdive - the ebook

  • What is happening with the VMware Web site?

    I can't order one ticket per Incident support and I can't order a license for Workstation update to v10.

    I can't even reach someone on the phone at VMware. Or that someone respone to my messages in comments on the Web site.

    Is anyone here at home? * knock knock *.


    • I can't order one ticket per Incident support because there is no link with this product.
    • I can't order an update of license because right after that I chose my old license key and press 'continue' I am redirected to the home page of VMware.
    • I can't reach someone on the phone because no one picks up.
    • I tried to account for all this by using form of feedback from the site Web - but no answer yet.

    I still can't buy one per incident support ticket. Slowly but surely I get angry in this topic.

    Have you tried: per Incident Support - Workstation

    BTW, this link is located at: vmware.com > store > support >

  • What is happening with the new version of Illustrator? Just improved the last update and since the scale of the effects on the basic forms of work not at all! so frustrated!

    I can't same scale forms a base logo without the widths of form changing all different. Yes, I restarted the program and restarted my computer.

    What is going on? something that should take me 2 seconds I've spent an hour trying to solve the problem.

    Help, please!


    You also select the objects and uncheck snap to grid of pixels?

    This is what works for existing objects. What did you prevent only new objects aligned.

  • What is happening with the stability of the forums (lack of) lately?

    Is it just me, or it does not appear that there were many cases go to forums, only to find unexpected service interruptions, lately?

    You mean this kind of problems?

    error signing in

    It happens that at the signing.


  • Do not know what is happening with the font size

    I have a text that looks like 9 points, but the character palette said is "6.84 pt (9). If I select the text and type "9" in the font size field, the size of the text jumps to 11.84pt, and the character palette said "9 pt (11.84). What is going on?

    You must have climbed the text block. You can learn more about scaling text - and why the brackets appear in the font size - scale type under.

  • What is happening with the libraries?

    I had "something went wrong with sync/failed to initialize" for x 10 last week 3.

    But sometimes it works very well and the next day even error.

    Its possible to fix it? because all the styles I use are with this new features completely unusable...

    (Yes, I'm always connected)

    While Photoshop is open, go to your activity monitor/Task manager (Windows) and search for CCLibrary. Click the X / end task to stop the service/process, it restarts automatically and your library will reappear.

  • What is happening with the application Adobe Revel?

    Revel was last updated will not download. I can't access my photos, and there is no customer service. Adobe dropped the ball here, and I'm upset that nothing can be done. Has anyone found a work-around or a solution?

    Please see the post below updates on the issue of the revel facilities:

    Problem installing Adobe Revel 2.3.2

  • Apple Watch sport does not work correctly. The display is 'crazy' once or twice a week and I need to force restart it. Do you know what is happening with the watch? Is this a common failure?

    Apple Watch isn't working properly. The display is to be 'crazy' once or twice a week. And I need to force restart it. Is this a common failure?


    This isn't a failure or defect.

    Zoom (an accessibility function) has been activated on your watch and you are zoomed accidentally tapping on the screen in a particular way.

    • To turn off the Zoom:
      • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: My Watch (tab) > general > accessibility > Zoom - put it off.
      • Or on your watch, go to: homescreen (via a simple press on the digital Crown) > (cog icon) settings > general > accessibility > Zoom - tap and enable / disable.
    • If the accessibility shortcut has been enabled and configured for the Zoom, you can also enable and disable functionality more conveniently:
      • On your watch: quickly press the digital Crown (the round button) three times.
    • To set up accessibility shortcuts:
      • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > general > accessibility > accessibility shortcut (bottom) > select / deselect Zoom.
  • Problem with the Hp Deskjet 3325 in Win 7 installation


    my old printer hp used to work correctly with win xp, but now with win 7 I can not install it...

    I got to this page whenever I tried to solve the problem...

    If the statement in this page has led me to look for the 'pilot replacing' 3600 which suppose to include the drivers for my printer (3325)... but I coul'dnt find it via windows update, or through google search!

    so please, help me to reach this other driver and installing this printer!

    Still having this problem? If so try to walk through the following steps to resolve the problem:

    1. open (Ctrl-Alt-Del) Task Manager

    2. click on tab of abuse, then Services button (bottom-right)

    3. under the name to find "Windows Update".

    4. right click "Windows Update" and select stop. do not close

    5. open the Exploper window and browse to C:\Windows

    6 delete the folder "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution".

    7. go back to served, right click on "Windows Update", and then select start

    This will restart the services that are running in the background that are running the Windows update utility. Let me know if this can help,


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