What is 'Legacy in BPM' and how we can achieve this goal?


No matter what body explain to me what is 'Legacy in BPM' and how we can achieve this and what is the main purpose of it, in which scenarios, it is available? An example of work will be very good.

Others have probably been legacy Type work, but suggest you try inheritance of behavior instead.

I downloaded a project that managed to get content XML to a child process and save the parent process. This exported project is on: http://www.4shared.com/file/123127271/a7da63f0/XSDIntrospectionToChildProcess.html.

In the module 'XSDIntrospect' of the catalogue, you will see the introspected XSD as the BPM object that inherits from the XSD. Inside the process parent and child called sub-processes, this object of BPM is used as a variable of instance ("po"). In this project, the values entered in the XML of the parent have successfully to the child, then the child back to the parent company.


Tags: Fusion Middleware

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