What is meant when apps with complcations

I see COMPLICATIONS on my watch with some applications. I have no idea what it means. Can someone explain what are the complications?


Information from applications that are added to a watch dial - see: customize the face of your Apple Watch - Apple Support

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  • What is included when generating with version control on?

    When you use the source control, it is possible to generate a presentation of unique source for an "older version"? For example I wrote documentation for a version of our product that must be released in a few days, but I don't want to not generate it in case of last minute changes. In the meantime, I want to continue to work on things for the next release. Is this possible? Or do what I have until I generate appear?
    I use RH5 right now, but it can be upgraded if necessary.

    Hi codesharing.

    RoboHelp will generate output files that residents on your pc at the moment. At the time of the generation, HR does not check if the files are up-to-date or not; This happens when you open the project, not when you generate.

    Where you're sitting right now, I'd be suspicious of continuous development that you want included in your immediate release. I consider two options to deal with this:
    1. Add your new hardware, but apply tags to build it so that it is excluded from your version. You can remove the tags to build later.
    2. in the alternative, to clone the project source files that are on your pc now. Keep a copy in a safe place like a copy of archive for your release. (It's probably a good idea in any case.) Place another copy in a new directory, and remove the control code source as follows:
    a. delete the following files from the root of the project: mssccprj.scc, projectname.cpd, pblsvrs.sss and projectname.pss.
    b. using Notepad, open projectname.xpj.
    c. remove all entries between and , but let the two tags.
    d. close Notepad, and then save the xpj file.
    You now have a project that is removed from the source control. You can make final changes before your release in this version of the project and build from here. (Please note that these changes must also be added to your 'real' source controlled as well). At the same time, you can continue with new developments in your project under source control.

    Theoretically, you should be able to label different versions of your project in the RSC. However, at this stage of the project, I doubt you want to experiment with it. I would go with one of the two options above.

    I would certainly encourage store this copy archived your project for all milestone version, just for your own protection against the terrible influence of Murphy's law.


  • What is volumes of app with remote desktop session hosts

    help please

    Please find attached the document for more details

    hope this can solve your issue

    Thank you

  • Computer crashes when exporting with Adobe Media Encoder

    Hi, whenever I start to export via media Encoder, my computer kind of freezes... I am not able to change or even to use no matter what other applictions when exporting with Adobe media encoder. It didn't happen with the old version CC7. All advice please? Very frustrating.

    Hi Henen,

    Hi, whenever I start to export via media Encoder, my computer kind of freezes... I am not able to change or even to use no matter what other applictions when exporting with Adobe media encoder. It didn't happen with the old version CC7. All advice please? Very frustrating.

    Press SHIFT when you start the program. If this does not work, please contact support at this link: http://bit.ly/PPro-support

    Thank you


  • Does anyone know what to do when you get the message "an unknown authentication error occurred with the help of a yourAdobeID. (SHARED_UNKNOWN_ERROR:80) » ?

    No one knows what to do when you get the message "an unknown authentication error occurred with your AdobeID. (SHARED_UNKNOWN_ERROR:80) » ?

    I have been successfully using the system for 10 months and all of a sudden I get this message.

    Hi Robert,.

    Please try the following steps: -.

    (1) sign of muse helps--> disconnection.

    (2) close all Adobe applications.

    (3) sign of creative cloud application by developing the right gear as a symbol.

    Then choose Preferences--> account--> disconnection.

    (4) sign at the rear to cloud creative app.

    (5) raise Muse and try again the publishing site.

    Kind regards


  • What to do when my PC crashed with BOD and calls for a previous version of Windows?

    First of all thank you for all the help.

    I already posted this question in response to my previous thread but I don't know if everyone saw that since is a response.

    And now the sad news.
    I am currently typing this laptop for my wife because my PC is completely crushed.
    After being able to finally load these SPs and all my drivers and other software, it seemed that it worked.
    I always tried to avoid the automatic update because everything seemed ok.
    Whenever I have had more software installed on my pc I set up the new restore point.
    In fact twice because the third time I typed system3 and press ENTER to create the new restore point I had immediately the Blue Screen of Death that I'we heard about before.
    So I tried to re - install Windows again, but for the first time that I am not even able to do.
    He said: Windows didn't start because the following file is missing or corrupted \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM
    Then he said to press r in the first screen to try to resolve what I did.
    With my original XP cd in, it took me for Windows set up where I faced another problem (new).
    He said: Setup cannot find a previous version of windows installed on your computer.
    He asked me to insert my original cd with NT, 95 or 98 on it.
    OK - I've upgraded from 98 years and I still have this start up par 3 1/2 98 but after moving so fast and technology upgrades for my Office Perrine drive seemed like the size of space.
    What are my options to resolve this problem?
    My HD could be fried?
    Couldit be some project of pirates or viruses?
    I 2HDs a C: 40giga.old Western digital that I had my Windows and second giga D: 120 which was more for backup and storage.
    After having all these problems I always C: formatted and reinstalled Windows but never really messed with my D: drive.
    Could there be something on D:, even after fresh Windows would keep jump on C:?
    Also why it asks me to insert the 98 now and not more recent before when I formatted and resettled C: windows.
    Once again thanks for your help.

    I have everything working fine now.

    Here is the link to which fixed my problem.
  • I have windows vista and when I click on a shortcut on the desktop I have a pop up asking what file to open it with. In order to open the file I find the actuall file.

    Original title: registry exe problem

    I have windows vista and when I click on a shortcut on the desktop I have a pop up asking what file to open it with. In order to open the file I find the actuall file. This also occurs when you download the software, which makes it difficult, because the file is not on the pc yet. All solutions?

    Looks like you may have a virus or other malware. Get your updated antivirus program and boot into Safe Mode. Note that some viruses can hide from your normal antivirus program, so you really need to scan in Safe Mode. To enter in Safe Mode when you turn on first, press F8 on every seconds until you get the menu, and then select Safe Mode. Then run a complete system scan.

    Microsoft has suggestions and offerings to


    Moderator Forum Keith has a few suggestions along this line to


    If that suits him fine. If this is not the case, use system restore to go back to an earlier date at the beginning of the problem. To run system restore, click Start-> programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> system restore. Click on the box that says show more restore points.

    You can check the corrupted system files. Open an administrator command prompt and run SFC if the above does not help. Click START, and then type sfc in the search box, right-click to SFC. EXE and click run as administrator. Then, from the command prompt type sfc/scannow.

    Finally if all else fails, you can look at the rather cryptic system event log. To make, click Start-> Control Panel-> administration-> event viewer tools. Once in Event Viewer system log-click and scroll entries looking for these "error" with indicator see if you can find guidance on where the problem may be.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

  • What would be your sequence settings when editing with H264 in CC?

    I get a yellow bar when editing with H264, no matter what I do my settings as.  Is there a way to fix this?

    Hi jdib,.

    It is quite normal for a DSLR film. Read this article: http://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2011/02/red-yellow-and-green-render-bars.html

    Thank you


  • What does "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA" usually mean when associated with a BSOD?

    The question is in the title:
    That the following sentence usually means, when associated with a BSOD?
    "Failure of Page in the nonpaged area".
    Since the very little I know of free software, this would mean that a pointer memory was bad, it refers to a location memory wrong. Is it so?
    Thanks in advance,


    It was an accurate description of the BCCode: 50 error you encounter.

    Get rid of the RAID will probably do the trick. Good plan. However why we try to solve
    a problem on a computer you can is no longer trying to fix yourself?

    BCCode: 1st 0x0000001E


    It is a very common bug control. To interpret it, you must identify which exception has been generated.

    Common exception codes include:


      An unaligned data reference was encountered.

    • 0 X 80000003: STATUS_BREAKPOINT

      A breakpoint or ASSERTION was met when no kernel debugger was attached to the system.


      A memory access violation has occurred. (Parameter 4, verification of bug is the address to which the driver attempted to access.)

    For a complete list of exception codes, see the ntstatus.h file located in the directory Inc. of the Windows Driver Kit.

    Solve the problem

    If you do not have to debug this problem, you must use certain basic troubleshooting techniques. If a driver is identified in the bug check message, disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates. Try changing video cards. Check with your hardware vendor for updates to the BIOS. Disable the BIOS memory options such as implementing caching or shading.

    If you plan to debug this problem, you find it difficult to get a stack trace. Parameter 2 (the address of the exception) should identify the driver or function that caused the problem.

    If the exception code 0 x 80000003 occurs, this indicates that a breakpoint coded hard or assertion was hit, but the system was launched with the /nodebug. switch. This problem should occur infrequently. If it occurs repeatedly, make sure a kernel debugger is connected and the system is booted with the Switch/DEBUG .

    In case of exception code 0 x 80000002, the trap frame will provide additional information.

    If you don't know the specific cause of the exception, the following should be considered:

    Hardware incompatibility. First of all, make sure that all new equipment installed is listed in the list of the products tested Microsoft Windows market.

    Service system or driver faulty device. In addition, a chauffeur service or defective peripheral system could be responsible for this error. The hardware problems, such as BIOS incompatibilities, conflicts of memory and IRQ conflicts can also generate this error.

    If a driver is listed by name in the bug check message, disable or remove that driver. Disable or remove drivers or services that have been recently added. If the error occurs during the startup sequence and the system partition is formatted with the NTFS file system, you may be able to use Safe Mode to rename or to delete the faulty driver. If the driver is used as part of the start-up procedure of the system Safe Mode, you must start the computer by using the Recovery Console to access the file.

    If the problem is associated with Win32k.sys, the source of the error may be a third-party remote control program. If this software is installed, the service may be removed by the system startup by using the Recovery Console and by removing the offending system service file.

    Check the system log in Event Viewer for additional error messages that might help determine the device or driver responsible for control of bug 0x1E. Disable the cache in the BIOS memory could also resolve the error. You must also run hardware diagnostics, especially the scanner memory, provided by the manufacturer of the system. For more information about these procedures, see the manual of your computer.

    The error that generates this message may occur after the first reboot during Windows Setup, or after installation is complete. A possible cause of the error is incompatibility of the system BIOS. BIOS problems can be solved by upgrading the version of the system BIOS.

    Good luck.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • I was wondering what is considered an "app"?

    Original title:

    OneDrive App sync issue on Windows 8

    I'm trying to do a factory reset on my lap top and wanted to synchronize some of my previous data after.

    When the sync 'Apps - the list of the apps I have installed' with Onedrive times connected to your Microsoft account, I was wondering what is considered an "app"? It of just something I bought in the app store or is this all I have previously installed/downloaded on my computer? For example, if I downloaded Diablo 3, which is an application or a file separated I should have saved on a USB? What I have to redownload all apps or with synchronization, it does it automatically?

    Thank you.

    Wednesday, June 3, 2015, 17:53:26 + 0000, gardeniagirl11 wrote:

    When the sync 'Apps - the list of the apps I have installed' with Onedrive times connected to your Microsoft account, I was wondering what is considered an "app"? It of just something I bought in the app store or is this all I have previously installed/downloaded on my computer?

    Unfortunately the term "app" has recently come to mean something of very
    specific to many people: a program that is called when you click on a
    tile in the subway/modern interface.

    But this isn't what this means for everyone. As far as I'm concerned,
    "app" is simply short for "application", and "the application is a Word.
    This basically means the same thing as the "program". So for me, all the
    the programs are "apps".

    That means Microsoft by "app" in this particular case, I have no idea.
    They have confused a lot of people with their non-traditional use of the
    Word and they are inconsistent in its use.



    Hi penny,

    Please answer these questions to better understand the issue.

    1. what exactly do you mean by 'I have HARD TIME to trust MY PC FOUND'?

    2. Trust PC already turned on the computer and you want to disable?

    3. what exactly happens when you try to trust the PC?

    You won't lose any pre-installed applications Windows store if you remove the trust this PC on Windows 8. For more information, see this article to add your computer like devices on Windows 8 / 8.1:

    Trusted devices: FAQ


    I hope this helps. If you need help with Windows, let us know and will be happy to help you.

  • ITunes does not sync Apple podcast app with my Nano

    iTunes does not synchronize my Apple podcast app, with my ipod nanos podcasts.

    The result is that if I'm half listening to a podcast on my ipod nano, and then use the usb cable for syncing with itunes, then connect my iphone 5 via the usb cable and synchronize with itunes podcast Apple app reflects not the amendment, despite the fact that initially the app podcast Apple pulled all the podcasts to itunes.

    That is to say itunes is not cross sync from my ipod nano at Apple podcast app.

    That's what itunes is done.

    Simple synchronization works very well and if I was not an iphone owner then everything would be as expected it is say podcasts of nano sync properly, or what if all I had was the application of podcast Apple iphone would be nice synchronize. But sometimes I want to listen to on my Nano, and sometimes on my phone and continue on from where I left on my Nano, I thought that was the point of the Apple ecosystem?

    Use iTunes Feedback or Apple Bug Reporter to report the problem and make the Apple to know how you want it to work as before.


  • I cannot pair the new Apple TV Remote app with my first generation Apple TV.

    I cannot pair the new Apple TV Remote app with my first generation Apple TV. Someone knows what to do?

    You can use the old, now called iTunes Remote? A new one seems really targeted to ATV 4.

  • What will change when I install Firefox ESR?

    Hello. I want to install Firefox ESR on top of my current installation, but what will change when I do? What is different about ESR?

    See, I downgraded to 40 FF due to the extension/add-on problems with 42 FF, but I don't want a browser not secure/unstable. ESR is recommended, but I'm confused about this. All my bookmarks, themes, modules, etc. remain the same? Is there a different update schedule, and how does it work? I really need help here.

    Thank you!

    It's a good idea to backup your profile first, but IMO you will probably not all problems when returning to Firefox 38 ESR. I did it in June - switch to Firefox ESR 38.2 of 40.0 Firefox. There will be no problem with Add-ons, unless a security patch would cause a problem with an add-on.

    Overall, the version of ESR is the same as the final version of Firefox 38, but with the security patches that came in later versions. No new or changed features which may have been in 39 through the latest versions of Firefox, just security updates. The schedule is the same for the Release and ESR versions.

  • Is it possible to use the Remote app with the Apple TV connected via ethernet and iPhone via WiFi?

    Is it possible to use the Remote app with the Apple TV connected via ethernet and iPhone via WiFi? When I try this Apple TV does not appear in the list of devices on my iPhone.

    Yes, I'm doing exactly this with the same put in place.

    If the problem persists the next relative to the following articles might help you.

    Troubleshooting home sharing

Maybe you are looking for

  • remove a tab

    Google mail continue opening in a new tab each time I start Firefox. How can I stop this I don't have a gmail address more?Thank youTim

  • I have a request in my Firefox Options, which I can't remove any help would be great

    I have a torrent called Bitlord download which I removed in my control panel - but it seems that it's still there in my Applications Options which I can't removed - any help would be great

  • 32DV504B - TV Firmware does not load/display on TV

    Hi all I downloaded the latest update of firmware for my TV (x 2) - 32DV504B. I copied the file downloaded on a USB and connected to the TV. I can't get the file loaded at all. I tried many readers USB, many formats (FAT, FAT32, etc.) - exe on it's o

  • The sad story of a broken usb key and data loss

    My daughter accidentally broke his USB stick in half (literally), not only the piece at the end. The stick had him a level work for English and photography on this issue and has not been saved to anywhere else... (yes I know) Last year she sustained

  • HP x 360: Windows product key 8.1 Pro for education

    Help! Our school has serveral HP x 360 laptop. Our network provider has made these books to Win Pro 8.1 for education to Windows 7 to fit into the network. Now I want to reinstall Win Pro 8.1 for education on some laptops. How to recover the original