What is MobileSync?

I have a great library "Mobilesync" on my Macbook. I think it's maybe because I tried an iPad last year. I returned the thing.

Is it safe to delete Mobilesync?

Are there other cases focus on the iPad I can delete?


I found this link on MobileSync.

How to recover disk space by deleting older backups of iOS. http://www.IMore.com/Daily-Tip-reclaim-disk-space-deleting-iOS-backups

Hope it can be useful.


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  • What happens to my backup?

    When I plug my iphone to the computer, itunes was always and always back up automatically. I noticed that whenever synchronize itunes, it removes the old backup. Lets say I had a backup on July 3, which is so important for me, but today on 7 July, when itunes sync backs up the newest one, my old July 3 is deleted automatically. What is going on?! I have not asked to be deleted. Seriously!

    iTunes normally manages a backup bearing for each device unless you restore a backup, in which case it is archived and a new backup bearing created. On a Mac, you can get iTunes to duplicate a backup set, but this feature is not copied into iTunes for Windows. You can do a manual to copy the backup set in C:\Users\ < user > \AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup and give it a file name ending in - yyyymmdd-hhmmss but iTunes doesn't show all with a different name in the backup list, probably if one is the active backup for a device time update on the next backup.


  • What version of files into a double film should I keep/delete?

    A lack of space on my Macbook Pro! Identified a large number of pictures and duplicate movies, and I have no idea which you want to remove.  You want to be able to continue to view/use in iPhoto and keep their keywords, etc..  Tried a few tests but does not appear to match or I'm embarrassed myself.

    If each film (or photo) is at three locations, the file which should I keep (and why?)?

    1 - user/pictures/iphoto...ibrary/masters/...

    2 - documents / my videos

    3 user/library/applicationsupport/mobilesync (guessing the synchronization of the iPhone)

    10.9.5 OS

    iPhoto 9.5.1

    Thank you very much! I google and read and google some more and I'm just very confused.

    Are those iPhoto in iPhoto Library/Masters.

    No idea what Documents / my videos. But no Apple app does this folder.

    Mobile Sync is usually the bak to the top of your phone.

  • I need to buy new RAM for my iMac mid-2011. What are the specific specifications?

    I have a mid-2011 iMac, 21.5 inches, with an Intel Core i5 to 2.7 GHz and 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 processor. What RAM memory should I buy? There are a lot of options with different specifications listed on Amazon, and none seems correct. Help, please! Thank you


    I used OWC computer for my needs memory. Here is their recommendation for your computer.

  • What happens to my billing

    What happens to my previous purchase? I can't update my apps!

  • What is the text on the lock below screen date, after upgrade to IOS 10?


    I have iphone, and after I upgraded to IOS 10, from dated on the lock screen (muh.5 1438 AH).

    What is - this and how can I remove it?


    Try a reboot press and hold the power button / stop and menu button hold both down until you see

    Apple logo.

    It may take 30 seconds.

    See you soon


  • After my wife 5 iphone update ios 10.0.2, ringtone sounds is more when a call comes in.  What should I do?

    After the update my wife 5 iPhone and my iPhone 6 ios 10.0.2, we met problems.  His phone will not ring when a call comes in, and my phone does not sound an alert when a message arrives.

    Hi MikeDallos,

    I understand that after your wife 5 iPhone update and your iPhone 6 the new iOS, you both know questions in regards the phone doesn't ring do not or may not alert you to the alert notifications when you receive a message. I use my iPhone all the time and I count on the possibility of having my phone alert me for incoming calls and messages. We'll see what we can do.

    The first thing I want you to do is to restart the two iPhones. Make sure that your wife's iPhone has the ring/silent switch on mute.

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Here is an article that goes on measures to be taken for this issue:

    If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch speaker

    For your iPhone you did not give a warning sound with message notifications, you'll also want to review this article as well:

    Use the Notifications on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Please tender back if you still have problems.

    Have a great day.

  • What happens in Sierra w Canon scanners?

    Canon started late to upgrade the drivers for its scanners, but the list of those still pending is very long...

    My question is: Sierra is a minor update (i.e. risk limited) or rewriting profoundly affects the relevant areas in the analysis? What is likely to happen if I update before the drivers are ready?

    Specifically, I am trying to scan documents Canon imageFORMULA DR-C225W

    Thank you

    Is Sierra a minor update?

    No upgrade of the OS is minor. Framework can load and existing software may be rendered uselss.

    Apple provides the operating system to developers in advance months to make changes are necessary for the developer to make their decision on what they want to do. Some developers will be in fact stop software for older models and you can not see support for a specific device. In these events, contact Canon and see if they can provide a beta driver or provide a workaround solution. Otherwise, it is an excellent reason to keep a backup of your computer to restore it at a time where the operating system and the hardware work together where Sierra makes the incompatible camera and canon does not offer a solution.

  • What are disk images and can they be removed

    In downloads, I have a lot of disk images containing memory - such as Chrome - beyond 1 GB.

    I can remove them? Does make a difference? What are doing?

    All the other tips to speed up my mac because it is really slow!

    Have just updated the OS to Sierra - & that made matters worse, not better!

    A disk image is a convenient way for a developer to package and deliver the program. Once you have copied the program in your Applications folder, there is no reason to keep. You can safely remove. Note: Make sure that you have copied the image program in your applications folder before deleting.

  • What is the speed for OS 10.10 on 13-inch, early 2009

    My 13-inch, Early 2009 MacBook runs with OS 10.9.5 basically OK on speed, and it's a very good, loaded with the fine software is useful but old and slow sometimes with all additional popups and deflect and is very nervous about the links I don't want and mail that I didn't delete.

    The system is pushing me to the update/update 10.10 and I continue to resist the Apple push, the fear of losing what I have and I'm really happy with.

    I was looking for the answer among existing similar concerns, but did not get the simple answer and clear what will I win by the new OS 10.10.

    My fear is real or just scared?

    Apple has removed 10.10.5 and 10.11.5 from the App Store, so only your option upgrade is 10.12.

  • What should I do when the correct CVV number is not being accepted by iCloud?

    I'm trying to add a family member to the iCloud account, but she asked the CVV number for the account.  I entered the right CVV number, but he says it's the wrong number.  What should I do?

    See this - change or remove your Apple ID - Apple Support payment informationand if it does not help, scroll to the bottom of the article where you will find a contact for iTunes link which can help in this matter.

  • Does anyone know what my kernel panic kext refers to?

    I was having repeated panic the kernel in the Sierra, all type 13 and all listing the kext even first in the backtrace:

    Extensions of core in backtrace:

    com Apple.KEC.pthread

    I'm not a developer so I am just grasp at straws in my diagnosis, but does anyone know what exactly that might be related to the?

    For the record, I tried to remove RAM 3 rd-party and disconnect all devices. I have not been able to identify specific behavior that triggers the panic, and it may happen even when the computer is not used. I tried the Safe Mode for short periods of time without incident, but who can tell me only so much. I have an own account which has not yet experienced the problem, but I can't run in very long and get real work done. I'm open to other ideas for troubleshooting. I really do not have to recreate my account from scratch.

    The first class kext is can be the last load one - that is not necessarily the one that is choking on the Mac.

    If you want to help spread the output in full panic. Frankly, I don't have the ability to diagnose for you, all I know is that you give us your own diagnosis when the symptoms detailed is really required to help.

    Watched as Apple Diagnostics?

    Apple Diagnostics using - Apple Support

    It can help you if your hardware is part of the question, see if anything it appears that sometimes new operating systems can bring latent problems to your attention.

    Also I would suggest looking at a report of Etrecheck (or post it here) to see if you have a very old software installed that may conflict.


  • What is the installer.app?

    Nobody knows what's 'installer.app '?  It looks like a pig... major on my monitor of activity... I'm trying to diagnose performance problems do I need?

    Hey there Celeste Jones.

    After researching this a little app, looks like it may be an old app that is not supported. I suggest looking up the app in your Applications folder and get rid of it, because it is probably more useful for you.

    Thank you and let us know if you have any other questions.

    See you soon.

  • What / Standby button?

    On the Iphone 6, what / Standby button? What is this for?

    This page of the iPhone user Guide explains the functions associated with this button.


  • What is the exam for Sierra

    What is the last word on the Sierra install? I have a MacPro end of 2008.

    It is not possible to install Sierra such an old Mac.

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