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  • eve of single node created from primary CAR, what to do later?

    I just find the redo logs and standby redo logs are also duplicated primary to standby mode.
    In standby mode, it is autonomous, but newspapers redolog and stanedby are all two threads.

    SQL > select group #, thread #, bytes of the log v$.

    ---------- ---------- ----------
    5 1 52428800
    2 1 52428800
    1 1 52428800
    4 2 52428800
    6 2 52428800
    3 2 52428800

    6 selected lines.

    SQL > select group #, thread #, bytes from v$ standby_log;

    ---------- ---------- ----------
    7 1 52428800
    8 1 52428800
    9 1 52428800
    10 1 52428800
    11 2 52428800
    12 2 52428800
    13 2 52428800
    14 2 52428800

    8 selected lines.

    This made me think I happen to give up the thread #2 groups? or it's ok just leave it there?

    All the other things I need to check?

    thread parameter is:

    entire thread 0

    Thanks in advance.

    9233598 wrote:
    I just find the redo logs and standby redo logs are also duplicated primary to standby mode.
    In standby mode, it is autonomous, but newspapers redolog and stanedby are all two threads.

    This is the expected behavior.


    SQL > select group #, thread #, bytes of the log v$.

    ---------- ---------- ----------
    5 1 52428800
    2 1 52428800
    1 1 52428800
    4 2 52428800
    6 2 52428800
    3 2 52428800

    6 selected lines.

    SQL > select group #, thread #, bytes from v$ standby_log;

    ---------- ---------- ----------
    7 1 52428800
    8 1 52428800
    9 1 52428800
    10 1 52428800
    11 2 52428800
    12 2 52428800
    13 2 52428800
    14 2 52428800

    8 selected lines.
    This made me think I happen to give up the thread #2 groups? or it's ok just leave it there?
    All the other things I need to check?
    thread parameter is:
    entire thread 0

    No need to drop, you can leave it as what. If his day before RAC then recovery will be made in each instance of each thread.

  • You have attempted to connect with the password wrong too many times. Please try again later.

    I think I tried something like 4 - 5 times. Then I reset the pwd. After the reboot, the message appeared (the counter needs to be reset too once I reset the pwd). If only the system would have said e more soon as I have a few attempts I would have been more careful when you type in the pwd (I could remember, so I tried a bit of my common pwd).

    Now I can't use my account, and I would like to know what "try again later" means exactly. Next time? Tomorrow? Next month? I have a kind of urgent need of making an international phone call. Unfortunately with a motive to the Japan is bit tricky and I could still not managed to get a. I was hoping to use Skype, but it seems that the only option I have is to find somewhere near a public phone in the room.

    OK, I was able to post so the password worked now.

    Can delete the whole post.

  • best way to clone my boot drive?

    just survived a crash of my Mac Pro desktop computer.  Waiting for a GeForce GTX 680 replacement graphics card.  I need to create a sustainable clone, course of my boot drive. I'd rather NOT have to duplicate everything, just apps, library, system, music, and photos.  Time Machine seems unable to separate parts of the startup disk.

    desktop Mac pro 1, 2, 3 x 30 Ghz, 26 GB Ram, 1 TB drive.10.9.5 boot

    Thank you


    Carbon Copy Cloner has a very nice interface for the selection of the trees of subdirectory to copy.  Of course if you do not include the operating system, it will not be a bootable clone.

    CCC has a fully active 1 month demo mode.  The saved data is good forever after the demo expires.

    Personally, I just do a full 100% clone and then choose what to restore later.  For this

    Carbon Copy clone

    SuperDuper (a full clone is always free; updated to incremental update of a clone and backup schedule pay you for)

    Disk utility-> Restore, unless restore you the disk with your data backup on a backup drive

  • RoboForm works on all night 18.0? My experience shows no..

    I installed all night 18.0 yesterday and couldn't get roboform toolbar to appear. I have uninstalled and reinstalled roboform nightly while the default browser.

    RoboForm does not support all night or Aurora, which are the two versions of 'alpha' of what would become later a version of Firefox. I don't know if they support even beta versions of Firefox. You should check with the support of Siber Systems to see if they have regular user doing beta testing of Roboform in Firefox Beta.

    Their program, they decide that they take over.

  • HP touchsmart 600: Format and software

    Hello. I have this pc for a few years and it's starting to be real slow on performance. My friends told me to format my pc. So finally, I format my pc, will be the additional software, the pc has been deleted and as well and if it will be deleted what I downloaded later?

    Thanks in advance.

    If this PC comes with Windows 7 from the factory, then it must be a recovery Partition to restore the PC to "new factory" using the Recovery Manager or the defined recovery disk.  The "additional software" which has been factory will be reinstalled, but not any other software that was installed later.  It would be wise to save all useful data beforehand.  Formatting will destroy all the data and all the rest, just to point out important information.

    If you have not defined recovery disk and format, so you will need to reinstall the OS from a floppy to install for Windows 7.

  • Tecra S3 - new SSD stuck on JBOD, cannot install windows on it

    I had a similar problem with my TECRA S3.
    I tried to update the HARD drive on the computer.
    It was equipped w/one 100 GB SATA drive at 5400 RPM.
    I wanted to install a 7200 RPM 320 GB SATA drive.
    I didn't know that there will be a problem since they were the two SATA drives.
    I bought a DISC CLONING equipment (that came with the software).
    The new drive is a WD drive & package cloning worked as announced.
    When I removed the 100 GB & replaced with the 320 GB drive, I received the fatal BSOD.
    I got the latest version of the BIOS on the computer, as shown in the download TOSHIBA site.
    I also had (or thought) I had the latest drivers RAID as indicated on the TOSHIBA download site.
    After some additional testing, I determined that the problem was not with the BIOS.
    It appeared that the BIOS recognizes the drive. I had loaded a different image to the new disk
    & was able to try a race from safe MODE. When I saw that he was the new drive of reading & later, crashing
    I was convinced that it was some kind of WINDOWS driver.
    What I found later was that TOSHIBA listed a list updated of the RAID for VISTA driver.
    I downloaded & opens this file.
    I found a FILE in the list of VISTA that has the same name as the RAID to the Windows XP driver.
    By an FC on two records, I could tell they were different.
    I have re-cloned the new drive. Once he was done, I crushed the file on the CLONED disk. I used the VISTA
    driver in the Windows XP Directory.
    After that, I installed the new drive & WINDOWSXP come & operated as expected.
    In addition, after that WINDOWS came, he ran the "NEW HARDWARE DETECTED" deal, which let him complete, so.
    The file that I changed was the: c:\windows\system32\KR1OI.sys.
    You can look at this file: PANEL---> EQUIPMENT---> the DEVICES MANAGER---> SCSI & RAID CONTROLLERS.
    If you download the file for the RAID DRIVERS for VISTA, you will see that it is an EXE file. It is a self-expanding ZIP file. When run you it, you will see the file in there.

    Cool, that s really interesting story! :)

    I'm sure that it s useful for other owners of Tecra S3 too!

  • Satellite A300 - stopped to ask fingerprint logon


    I have a Toshiba A300 with Windows Vista on what I bought late last year.
    Everything worked very well and in order until 2 months ago, when he stopped suddenly to ask fingerprint logon.

    I don't really know what caused it to stop working. Could someone help please?

    Try to update the software of fingerprints. I think that her place at v2.5.29 (Authentec).

    Also have a look in the settings of Authentec fingerprint, make sure that blow on Windows logon is enabled.

  • Moto Z Force - another terrible experience "pre-order".

    I pre-ordered one bike Z Force, and later the same day, a wireless bike Mod loader direct from Motorola last weekend. Just had an email of confirmation on the bike Mod. Called Support to motorcycle, last Monday, after the State of the command line did not recognize either number. Said my order, the date of the promise for shipping was 8: 1 and I had received a shipping confirmation within a day or two. Nothing, what is called later in the week. Again, has said that I would get the phone 8/1, although, in the same conversation, they told me my phone was in 'construction '. This, on Thursday for a phone with no customization beyond to choose between two colors and two configs of memory, "promised" for delivery in 4 days.

    Online order status, now a week later, still does not recognize a number. No shipping notice. This will be my third motorcycle "preorder" happens after the date of the promise, and after that the product is available in stores. Unless something miraculous happens with my support experience, this will be my last purchase direct with Motorola and, probably, my last Motorola phone. Between my experience 'preorder' with Pure X bike, bike 360 Gen 2 and this phone, I do not think that bike includes e-commerce or what pre-order is supposed to mean. Paying for a product arrive at their convenience is ridiculous, especially during the expedition of the ASBL pre-orders for 28.

    I've been a customer of motorcycle since the OG Droid and purchased, most direct from Motorola, the droid OG, every generation of the Moto X, both versions of the suspicion of motorcycle, two generations of the Moto Droid MAXX (gift for Dad) 360, Nexus 6 and now the bike Z Force and Mods. Now, my account of the motorcycle used for most of these purchases (more cases, adapters, headphones, batteries, etc.) is useless for the follow-up of these two recent purchases. The sequence numbers are useless because their system does not recognize them. Repeated calls to support tell me my phone will arrive at the time, while also simultaneously under construction and having to ship from China, as if that wasn't a sort of sense. I had to complain on Twitter to even receive the email with he order confirmation number I was promised last Monday. I love the products of the bike, but this level of compatibility is ridiculous. They do not seem to customers who faithfully bought all their live products, they want to buy from Best Buy and Verizon.

  • Vista on Satellite L300D-10 a - Graphics card reset after renstallation

    This is my story.
    A few weeks ago my computer went down, so I decided to reinstall Vista (Home Premium). After I did, I noticed that many things had changed. For example, my screensaver no longer works, and some programs said that they needed to support 3D wih video card. I knew I had a video card with 3d support, as these programs worked well before the renstallation.

    Then I looked around on the web, and I found more messages from people having the same problem, so I looked if I had an installation disc to the last video player for my graphics card, but I have no one. So, now, I'm asking if anyone knows where I can get the latest version, so I can continue to use these programs.

    Here's my card system information & video (current):
    Information System
    Time of this report: 12/25/2009, 10:02:39
    Computer name: QUB1
    Operating system: Windows Vista editions Home Premium (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (6001.vistasp1_gdr.090805 - 0102)
    Language: Dutch (regional setting: Dutch)
    System manufacturer: TOSHIBA
    System model: Satellite L300D
    BIOS: InsydeH2O Version 1.50
    Processor: AMD Athlon (TM) 64 X 2 Dual - Core TK-57 (2 CPUs), ~1.9GHz processor
    Memory: 1916 MB of RAM
    Page file: 1118MB used, 2964 MB of available space
    Windows Dir: C:\Windows
    DirectX version: DirectX 10
    DX setup parameters: not found
    DxDiag Version: 6.00.6001.18000 32 bit Unicode

    Display devices
    Card name: grafische Standaard-VGA card
    Manufacturer: (Standaardbeeldschermtypen)
    Type of piece: ATI ATOMBIOS
    DAC type: 8 bit
    The device key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_791F & SUBSYS_FF681179 & REV_00
    Memory display: n/a
    Dedicated memory: n/a
    Shared memory: n/a
    Current mode: 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (1 Hz)
    Driver name: vga
    Driver version: 6.00.6001.18000 (Dutch)
    DDI version: unknown
    Driver attributes: Final retail
    Format/driver Date: 2008-01-19 06:52:08, 10752 bytes
    Would be WHQL logo: Yes
    Date stamp WHQL:
    The instrument identifier: {D7B71EE2-3A5F-11CF-9934-19C8AFC2CB35}
    Vendor ID: 0 x 1002
    Device ID: 0x791F
    SubSys ID: 0xFF681179
    Revision ID: 0x0000
    Revision ID: 0x0000
    Video Accel:
    Deinterlace caps: n/a
    DDraw status: not available
    D3D status: Not available
    AGP status: Not available


    Please don't get me wrong, but the whole story is somewhat strange.
    Fact is that every Toshiba laptop comes with factory State. Your computer laptop too and after the first start you got by default settings of Toshiba. What you did later, no one knows. Maybe you have installed some additional software and the third party. Who knows?

    Now after the clean operating system installation you have these settings to factory again and absolutely identical State after purchase and first start. This along with the screen saver is strange, but it should work (Windows screensaver).
    Configuration of the software of your laptop is not known to us and it is not easy to say what you're exactly missing.

  • BSOD occurs when the inserted SD card. FASTFAT. SYS crashes.

    I have it happens almost everytime if the machine has been used for a while. Insertion of an SD (4 GB format Canon) a BSOD is virtually guaranteed. After a new start it works fine but disastrous otherwise since all the info is lost and nothing is closed.

    I watched the dump file and the FASTFAT. SYS is the cause of the accident. It is a very old driver in Windows 7 and there are several problems with it in many forums that goes back even to XP. There is no plant introduced by any other device or USB key/drive connected. Only the SD card.

    I thought that this may have be due to the USB controller is off for economy of energy, but even after the removal of capacity by enabling / disabling not to turn it off to save power to USB devices, that it always crashed the very next time I used what was days later. The system was that it is usually plugged.

    I can do the same thing on my old laptop with its internal player of multicast running Windows 7 32 bit, and there is no problem. The Thinkpad with Win 7 64 bit. I am always aware of a BSOD occurring dare I plug my camera card. This makes the port useless since I can't afford regular crashes and an external card reader may have to be used.

    After considerable effort and reload the drivers. I found the driver for the series 6.x installed version and not the version number that Lenovo States on the package information. By comparing the file SYS of two pilots in effect is the same, including the version number. In the end, I got the last being installed, but it is not what says Lenovo.

    Also, since all this time number uninstall anyway, I was able to force it to take. The SD card is no more crash the system. I used it several times since the announcement, then all the time before putting it together. It looks like all that fixes something, somewhere, somehow without rational reason for BSOD crashes.

  • Windows 7 update problem X220T KB3097877

    After the update to KB3097877, my laptop starts with the connection icons. If I click on the user icon, the screen changes, but after a few seconds is just shows the icons of connection again. Research on the web suggests that the question of the cause is related to the touchscreen. Microsoft has corrected the updated with a revised file.

    My problem is that I can't go past the login screen to uninstall the update. The computer is my son and he had to buy it through high school, that he went. I have no boot disk and there is no dvd drive. Try to restore it does not work because it asks for a disc.

    Any ideas on how I can overcome this issue so I can uninstall it? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Good news! I kept pressing the Windows key and the R key at the same time because that's what the MS tech told me to do the first time. It doesn't seem to do anything, but after a while, I noticed the shutdown/restart/sleep button had a point exclamation and when I clicked it, it installed more than updated and now it works. Do not know what causes this late response but I'm happy to have it fixed. Thanks to everyone who helped with their comments.

  • Y50 - 70 crashes randomly

    Hello world

    I have a strange problem where my laptop freezes randomly, this doent matter what I try later. I can only solve it with a hard reset by pressing and holding down the power button until the device turns off. It happened once, while playing a video in VLC and 4 times just by browsing the internet/watch on youtube vids. (I use google chrome)

    Initially I thought that the problem lied with my graphics driver from nvidea, I updated to the newest one about 2 weeks ago and I have been without problem for a week and a half.

    2 days ago however, I've updated my driver of nividea once again and now it's happened again.

    I hope someone could help me find out what is the cause of this problem.

    I already had windows do its own audit of the RAM and it turned out ok.


  • Hack a 16 GB card a T450s

    I know it's only speced up as 12GBs but is anyway I can put a 16? Tried the other day and of course, it does not, however, I could, but 32 in my macbook and it was only speced for 16. So there are hacks that I can do to get the Board of Directors to recognize a 16 GB card?

    Yes, you must 1.35v for what Haswell or later versions.

  • Scheduler of tasks, possible malware attack vector

    I noticed that more and more PC I clean have tasks in Task Scheduler that point to malicious sites.
    I see also a few comments of MSE responses stating the same thing.
    This might be a reason why some of the software malicious guard re-appearance.
    A good thing to check.

    Looks like this may be a new variant or simply a recovery of what follows from late October last.

    Loves of malware Windows Task Scheduler


    This particular variant seems to occur more with Windows XP, it can only be the used exploit either has no collateral to the Task Scheduler on later versions of Windows, or it was not just written correctly to work on it.


Maybe you are looking for

  • HP OFFICEJET series 4620. Ink cartridge problem

    Buy this printer yesterday.  Followed the instructions re insert the cartridges.  Installed the software.  Keeps saying: install cartridges and I can't go out re ink cartridges - insert operations for the cartridges being too far over to the right.  

  • Software installation problem driver for HP Photosmart B110 on Windows 7 64 bit

    I recently acquired a series of HP Photosmart B110, I tried several times to connect to my PC. I tried to download your software but if only reach "applying updates" in the first section of the installation then appears at the stop. You can make sugg

  • Old software (2004) can be loaded on a new Dell Inspiron?

    I bought a new Dell Inspiron 660.  Can I load and use any software from my old Dell (2004)? Winamp 2004; Canon MP530 printer. Seagate Manager 2011; Outlook Express 2004

  • Stop wiggle at specific time and retain the value

    I am trying to create an animation whose length can be controlled by the user through a cursor.It is a layer that rotates in 3D space and it works very well for rotation and length controls.But I want to give this layer also some random movement in t

  • How to completely uninstall CC, without spoiling CS6? (PC)

    So, I know it's the cool thing for most people. But I can't stand most of the new features of the creative cloud.So I try to uninstall CC. But even if I manually deleted every app related only adobe CS6 and CC, except when I try to uninstall CC I get