What is the best course I have learn currently works as a developer PLSQL

HII friends,
Currently I am working as a Pl/sql developer, I would like to improve my technical skills... I need your valuable suggestions. I am thinking to learn informatica, congnos... is useful for a pl/sql developer? This will help my career? I get a few suggestions to get the BPEL and Oracle BI tools. I'm in a turmoil of a decision. I don't want to make a mistake to say my career. Please help me.

All for $0.00

+ Cost of Internet subscription if you do home :)

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    Thank you.

    Hi chuck,

    If allowing you to feed two tables to the table you will see also all of these channels in the table

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    If you have a form on the detailed view of the web application, and you fill in the fields, lets say 'product name' with the actual tag name as the value of the entry. So who will automatically fill.

    Given that the user has no need to change it, you can even hide the field filled with his car.

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    I can put the alpha that gives him the modal aspect, but how to ensure that the user cannot click on anything in the existing grid? Affecting the grid enabled = false classification of works, but there are icons in a converter of element in the grid which to are still clickable. Do I have to manually disable all schools?

    Unfortunately, I'm surprised that Googling for this didn't turn out much. I know this must be a fundamental problem.

    Here is the solution, check that it http://www.rphelan.com/flex/LoadCanvas/LoadCanvasExample.html

  • What is the best, fastest way to learn DW?

    I have a set of tutorials of CD by the gurus of HowTo.

    These seem to be my choice:

    (1) start with the first CD and painstakingly take notes, laboriously through each CD, until I reach the end of this last.

    Then, I rely on my notes while doing a project, that are likely much more easy and efficient to use, as I, myself the author of their

    (2) learn the basics only at the beginning, (which I think I...), then, when I get to a sticking point, count on the other (or both) you people on this site.

    site HowTo gurus, searching for an answer.

    I can:

    1) set up the root folder on my desktop.

    (2) create a new page, or select a model (which is probably how I'll start).

    (3) insert images, text.

    (4) create links, either locally or remotely.

    (5) create styles

    (6) Insert Flash movies in my site.

    (7) if I followed as well as the editing interface, providing information obtained from my ISP for the basic and Advanced tab, I think I can even publish and upload my site.


    (1) I need a good image editor.  I have Freehand and Fireworks (MX2004).

    a. one of these would do?  Which would be best to create static images?

    b. really, what is the differenc between Freehand and Fireworks?

    Forgive my long entry, but I really need this project moving along.

    Thanks for your help.

    A raster image is not inferior to a vector image.  The difference is that vector images are made by mathematical formulas and curves are curves while the rasterized images are in square pixels.  The reason that there are vector images is for elements such as a logo that will be printed on anything from a Web site to a sheet of paper to a billboard.  Think of a vector image as an original, which can be transformed into whatever size you want.  But when you decide the size, you cut a raster image for your project.  Raster images are smaller and vector formats are not read by browsers are the 2 main reasons why they are not used.

    And just to answer a question early possible, vector images can easily turn into raster images.  But the opposite is not an easy process.  And the only effective way to accomplish such a feat is to use the function trace to Adobe Illustrator CS3 or later.

  • What is the best technique to make this page work?

    Here is a link to a jpg file showing a design for a portfolio site that I am building:


    The image of the mountain BIKING will be a Qucktime file; the visitor will be able to rub the cursor to see a rotating pre-rendered model. The visitor will then be able to view a different model by clicking one of the thumbnails at the bottom of the page. So far so good.

    But the visitor will also have the ability to view the model texture map in a new window (by clicking on one of the icons on the right texture map), as well as choose wired or mode shaded (by clicking the appropriate text button; cela would load a quicktime movie of either a wire or textured turnaround model).

    So, the trick is to get all the stuff appropriate to load when the user clicks on a thumbnail lower display: Quicktime movie, the card icons of a texture that is appropriate for this model (which must in their turn to post a link to pages with the correct image) and text buttons "Shadow" & "Wired" (which has a link to the appropriate Quicktime movie).

    I don't have any web design over the years, so I use an older version of DW (Dreamweaver Ultradev 4), and I'm certainly not up on top of the latest techniques. I know how to work with frames, but I heard it's a good idea to stay away from them. Layers would work for this? I worked with behaviors and I know how make image exchange and hide/show layers, but I don't know how (or if) I can use this trick to make the appropriate texture and wireframe/shaded links appear. Any ideas how should I proceed?

    Without going into the details of your proposal, here are a few basic rules for you-

    1. do not use Quicktime - do not use Flash.  A lot of people don't have installed Qt.  Most have Flash.

    2. do not use frames.

    3 do not "Layers" until you understand the absolute positioning and the consequences of their use.

    Some ancient time, UD will work just fine, even if it shows very well the CSS layouts in its creation.  And to prepare for this, you will definitely want to study some HTML and CSS.

  • What is the best way to have a significant amount of news stories on the site of muse?

    Hello, my company recently built a new site on muse from adobe.  We organize several magazine publications.  My boss wanted digital editions of magazines online and not having each individual story posted, so I thought that muse would work great for us, and it was.  But now it has changed its mind and wants it to view each story individually online and have it all searchable, including old stories.  I read that muse works best with 100 pages or less to a Web site, and after that which will run a lot slower and so that we can add all of these stories and keep an archive we have hundreds of pages.  Welcome us with business catalyst, so I do not believe that is an option to download the news stories there (please, correct me if I'm wrong).  is there another option for reporting host on the site other than to create hundreds of pages? Thank you very much for your help!

    For this, you can use accordion or composition. Add stories with label so that users can click on label for each story and this specific story will be displayed on the page.

    Apart from this, you can use any service of Blog and stories like blog notes:


    Thank you


  • What is the best way to have multiple languages in file an Illustrator?

    First of all, I'm quite new to Illustrator.

    I have a project where I need to display accurate translations of the different phrases in several languages. I'm unable to get all languages, that I need to display accurately and I would also need to share this project with my superiors so that they can see. I came across ScribeDoor that would be perfect, but it does support all the languages that I need.

    List of languages required: English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, French, Finnish, Italian, German, Greek, Portuguese, Korean and Hebrew

    I think I just need to install fonts that support this language, but I can use the same font with different languages on the same project? And even then there at - it a plugin or something that I'm not aware of that will translate it accurately for me or I have to go to an outside source to confirm that?

    I use Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 on a MAC under OS X El Capitan 10.11.4

    It would be ideal if it was easily transferable to After Effect, as is the next step in the process.

    With your version, none of these languages should be a problem.

    Formatting Asian characters in Illustrator

    Type of Arabic and Hebrew in Illustrator

    Your system also has fonts installed for all of them.

    If you want Latin, Asian, Hebrew and Cyrillic type to watch the same thing that you probably need to search commercial fonts that have been designed this way.

    Maybe (small chance) SIL.org has fonts with this wide range of characters.

  • I have a MacBook Pro Late 2011 15 "." I want to improve my memory from 4 GB to 8 GB. I bought 4 additional GB and when I went to change there are 2 - 2 GB instead of 1 to 4 GB. I think that I have only two slots for cards what is the best thing to

    Too much information in the topic. First time. My concern is that I have 2 - 2 GB cards I thought that there would be 1 to 4 GB, and I could put the extra 4 GB in the second slot. What is my best course of action to upgrade to 8 GB?

    Thank you for your help


    Get an another 4 GB of RAM so that you have a pair.

    Make sure that your RAM meets the required specifications for your computer. Go to crucial.com and use the scanner. It will tell you what RAM works with your computer.

  • What are the best practices for a new employee to learn inside the instance of their business of Eloqua as efficiently as possible?

    We have companies everything changed at some point in our lives. And we all go through the process in the first weeks, where you feel new and are just trying to figure out how not to get lost on your way in the mornings.

    On top of that, trying to familiarize yourself with your new company Eloqua instance can be a daunting task, especially if it's a large organization.

    What are the best practices for new employees to learn as efficiently and effectively as possible?

    I am in this situation right now. Moved to a much larger organization. It is a huge task trying to understand all the ins and outs not only society, but also of the eloqua instance, especially when she is complex with many points of integration. I find that most of the learning happens when I really go do the work. I spent a ton of time going through the programs, documentation, integrations, etc., but after awhile, it's all just words on a page and not absorbed.

    The biggest thing that I recommend is to learn how and why things are made the way they are currently, ask lots of questions, don't assume not that things work the same as they did with your previous employer.

    Download some base in place level benchmarks to demonstrate additional improvement.

    Make a list of tasks in the long term. As a new pair of eyes, make a list of things you'd like to improve.

  • In DWCS5.5 what happens if the best way to have more a href


    Been factory DW8 now go with Adobe DWCS5.5 great curve of learning for me.

    In DWCS5.5 what happens if the best way to have more a href

    I tried style and span but does not seem to to do me what I need.

    Looking for suggestions - samples.

    Thank you for the help


    http://help.Adobe.com/en_US/Dreamweaver/CS/using/WScbb6b82af5544594822510a94ae8d65-7c36a.h tml

    Who help me?

    You should have no difficulty in adding links to your pages.

    You use the tags


  • Have a rocket w / 8 gb 8 GB; What is the best way to remove the mp3s in double...

    I looked through some 50 pages and did not find the answer.

    I have a 8 GB Fuze w / additional removable 8 GB.  By mistake I put a few same songs on both discs.  What is the best way to remove these and if I do not remove them, she also ruin added playlists?

    Thank you

    Connect it to your computer, set up 2 separate workstation boxes, one to an intern to exteranal and scroll down... delete the dupes of one of the disks and problem solved

    Edit: I forgot you questions about playlists of pesky things I barely use. Those that you might have to re-do.

  • I have a HP p6653w desktop computer and you want to upgrade the video card for gaming. What is the best card that my

    I have a HP p6653w desktop computer. Can I upgrade my video card and what is the best card to get to the games?


    You can update the video, install any PCIEx16 card video and the new PSU (power supply).

    The general answer is based on the games you play. It is best to search for the site of the game, reading the recommended list 'graphics card '. Then add a little more.

    graphics card comparison site. http://www.hwcompare.com/6232/Radeon-HD-5670-vs-Radeon-HD-6950-2GB/

    Each graphics card is then looked up, noting the length of the card connectors (power cards) required recommended PSU.

    Example: XFX HD6950 2 GB:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150530

    (1) two PCIE 6pin power wires

    (2) card 10 "

    (3) min 500W PSU, if you add up.  Your 250W + card + fresh 200W generals = 600W

    630W PSU will fix the wiring and size http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182200

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    According to your budget, any printer in this list may very well do the job:


    Kind regards.

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