What is the best feature of mac may offer that is not available in Windows?

What is the best feature of Mac may offer that is not available in Windows?


It is almost impossible to answer without going through every single features on both.

My "Favorites": it has Mac OS - I don't do Windows no matter what flavor (I tried several times and has given rise to a headache each time).

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    My work computer works under IE, and I want to instead use Firefox for my web browsing. However, there is a block admin on my computer that won't allow downloads of executable files. Is there a way to get Firefox on my work computer by downloading the file at home, put on a USB and then by running the file on my work computer? Any help would be appreciated.

    In fact, you may want to complete installation and not the installer of heel that is normally bound to on mozilla.org for Windows has been linked above in the first post. http://www.Mozilla.org/en-us/Firefox/all/

    However, the two will install Firefox and not just launch Firefox.

    You can opt for portable Firefox as it can even work with profile completely on the USB nothing is installed. It is not made by Mozilla however they've been a reliable option for several years now with the portable version of Firefox. http://PortableApps.com/apps/Internet/firefox_portable

    Also be careful because some workplaces cannot be authorized by running software that is not approved for example.

  • What is the latest version of Mac OS x that runs on MacBook 2.1?

    What is the latest version of Mac OS x that is actually run on a MacBook 2.1?

    Thank you

    OSX Lion (10.7.5) is the most recent that the Macbook will run.

    To install Lion, the Macbook will have Snow Leopard installed with this record:


    Then, you need to run the combo update snow leopard to join 10.6.8:


    Only then can you install Lion that you can buy on the Apple online store:



  • What is the best way to obtain a string that represents a date in the format mm/dd/yyyy

    What is the best way to obtain a string that represents a date in the format mm/dd/yyyy

    It would be good if I could generate this string using the static methods of a class.

    You can use date formatter:

    Import mx.formatters.DateFormatter;

    var trainer: DateFormatter = new DateFormatter();
    formatter.formatString = "YYYY/MM/DD JJ:NN:SS;
    var today: Date = new Date();
    trace (formatter.format (now));

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    I have an iPad Air Os9, 64 g

    However, I am already up to 39 g mem.

    What is the best way to manage applications if tat I can use them, but no pork then my mem space?

    y at - it an app that manages the apps?  should I delete and re-download a few apps later?

    I would like to take advantage of many more applications that I believe I have space for.

    You can see how much storage resumes via the settings app > general > Manage Storage - this screen lists each app space (the application and its content), total by selecting an app on this screen should tell you how much space the application content (files, documents, etc.) resumes.

    y at - it an app that manages the apps?

    No, iOS is a sandbox environment, apps can control or manage other applications.

    should I delete and re-download a few apps later?

    Depends on the app. deletion of an app will also delete its content, if it is an application where its content is important (such as documents), and that content is not stored elsewhere (e.g.)  Dropbox or cloud server), you may lose this content by deleting the app.

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    Thank you.

    Hi chuck,

    If allowing you to feed two tables to the table you will see also all of these channels in the table

  • What is the best operating system to upgrade from Vista? Should I buy Windows 7, 8 or 8.1?

    I have Vista 32 bit Home Premium.It does not support Windows Mail.Which is the best operating system to upgrade from Vista? Should I buy Windows 7, 8 or 8.1? I do not have a touch screen system, my system is five years old.

    Original title: upgrade

    Hello WilliamPopat,

    If you want to buy an another operating system, you would do better to buy the latest version, i.e., Windows 8.1 it doesn't matter that you don't have a touch screen like Windows 8.1 will work just as well on a desktop PC / laptop normal.

    However, before rushing and buying a copy of Windows 8.1, I suggest that you look at this link http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/11885-windows-8-upgrade-assistant-download-run.html the link above shows Windows 8 Upgrade Wizard you can download (free) and allows you to check that your PC is compatible with the latest version of Windows.

    According to me, one of my office machines is around 5 or 6 years and Windows 8/8.1 works fine on it.  However, it is best to check your own machine with the wizard upgrade just in case.

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Expert - consumer: www.winuser.co.uk | vistasupport.mvps.org | xphelpandsupport.mvps.org | www.silversurfer-Guide.com

  • What is the best hypercam for mac?

    I need a reliable application that can recored while I game on my mac.

    I'm not a gamer so don't know if this will help, but you can use Qucktime to record your entire screen or just a part of your screen.

  • What is the best feature of image for use with a layer of environment?

    CS6, Win7, HPz820

    I watched several tutorials on the use of the middle layer, and each has a great experience with the imported image.

    When I do, it looks like this without the effect of layer attached environment:

    VW Raw.JPG

    And in this way, then I apply the layer of the environment:

    VW Enviro.JPG

    Is it possible to select the image so it will allow to maximize the image quality when the effect is applied. I tried a picture sewn of several photos done in PS, with a better result, but still a lot of distortion.

    The middle layer is strictly related to the raytracer stuff. We wouldn't use it as a visible layer of 95% of the time. If you need a good Pan effect, card art to the CC or CC cylinder sphere or use plugins like Trapcode Horizon.


  • What is the best PDF output for a vector that can be opened on any vector program?

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    I m a vector problem with PDFs made with Illustrator (Ai CC 17).

    When I send them to other designers or clients with an older version (CS5) that they can't open PDFs in artificial intelligence.

    I thought Universal PDF and should work with ANY version of AI, as well as any version of ANY program there vector (Inkscape, Corel, etc.) ...

    If it has to do with my output PDF Properties dialog box when save as PDF in my CC Ai?

    -What I need: I want to be able to output my vector illustrations in a PDF format that is UNIVERSAL and can be opened and edited by everyone about what vector program, they have and even Word documents.

    -Someone told me to deselect the option "preserve Illustrator editing capabilities" in the PDF output dialog box.  It will be enough?

    Please enlighten me

    This kind of work falls into a category that should be editable in many applications of vector. But maybe not all in the same easy manner. And maybe not in other software such as Word.

    More compatible file format is EPS (version 3). But this file format is a bit dated and indeed should not be used in modern workflows. So even if you enable some users, you turn off others.

    Therefore, it is best to offer multiple formats. But even in this case, you will get all of your users.

    You might want to delve deeper into other software formats and file if you want to get into this new.

  • What is the best mozilla firefox compatible printer, HP printers do not work thanks

    stores say that firfox do not print with most printers, I have looked at. I need a printer to print coupons etc. I'm really having a problem so I need one that is compatible. I had an HP printer and it doesn't work please help me thank you!

    Coupon in Firefox printing problems generally concern the plugin to print coupon provided by the major coupon Web sites.

    Other fonts related problems with HP print drivers, HP printers work fine for many users of Firefox. More problematic with Firefox are some Dell printers that are made by Lexmark and Lexmark, there are a few errors driver installation see Firefox users, the same driver that some programs problems Microsoft had in 2005.

    Like many, what works, I had good luck with the Brother printers and fairly good results with Epson printers.

  • What is the best way in grayscale, an image that has a lot of dark colors?

    I try to calm black and darker colors so that they are all shades of gray for a book coloring grayscale. Some pictures when I use various means of grayscaling, the darker colors are still too dark. Especially in the lower left Tulip. If I try the dodge tool, looks almost a blur. I tried the 'levels' but maybe I do not just? Original and my version of shades of gray... can someone tell me how they would do?


    Tulipa (2)_geek.jpg

    It's a matter of taste, but you could do a separate B & W adjustment layer to manage the lower left Tulip, but it is close enough to black and gray. The small amount of magenta in there can be lit and then hidden from the rest of the image.

    The maybe a B & W beneral adjustment layer.

    Finally, a layer of curves to adjust black and gray.

  • What is the best bluetooth device for listening to music via laptop


    What is the best feature of Bluetooth wireless to connect the laptop, if you want to listen to music on the speakers via the laptop?

    I try to use the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS220, but it did not work because the readers that are not available for download... Any help please because I like to play my music from my laptop to my wireless connected speaker


    It would be a good idea to work with your local computer store to be sure, everything is matched
    Working togther. Take the laptop computer and peripheral and match them the new device as needed.

    Maybe BlueSoleil can help - it's not free, so you should contact them for their recommendation
    as to suitability for your needs.


    Bottom left - self-test Mobile tool and equipment check


    Troubleshooting methods:

    Hardware devices not detected or does not work - a Mr Fixit

    The problems with Bluetooth devices

    Set up a Bluetooth compatible device

    The problems with Bluetooth devices

    How to set up a Bluetooth connection

    The Bluetooth item in Control Panel on a Windows Vista SP2 computer does not
    as expected when you click on the element - for Windows 7 this check manually

    If you need drivers try the support site for the manufacturer of your system and/or the site of the manufacturer of the real device.

    BluetoothView is a small utility that runs in the background and monitor the activity of Bluetooth technology
    devices around you. For each detected Bluetooth device, it displays the following information:
    The device name, address Bluetooth, Major Device Type, minor device Type, first detection time,
    Last detection time and more. BluetoothView can also warn when a new Bluetooth device
    is detected, by displaying a balloon in your bar tasks or playing a little beep. -FREE

    BluetoothCL is a small console application that transforms all differential of bluetooth devices detected in
    the standard output. For each Bluetooth device, the following information is displayed: MAC
    Address, name, Major Device Type, minor device Type and possibly the name of the company of
    the device (if the external file of MAC addresses - oui.txt is provided) - FREE


    Add a Bluetooth device to your computer

    Add a Bluetooth device or other wireless or network device: frequently asked questions


    More information of possible interest to some:

    What is a Bluetooth personal area network (PAN) network?

    Connect to a Bluetooth personal area network (PAN) network

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • What are the optimal values for mac and arp timeout values

    Hi guys.

    What are the best values for 'mac address-table-time of ageing' and "arp timeout" by following scenarios? :

    -single sg300-10 as hosts Layer 3 - with a maximum of 10 local switch (directly connected)

    - and a 3750 x-stack with 100 local hosts + hsrp with a battery of the same kind

    or for asa 5520 as internet gateway for 500 customers?

    I use now a time of aging mac 300 seconds and a time-out of the arp of 3600 seconds.

    Is - this okay.?

    Thank you.

    These values should be fine. I don't know why the switch is layer 3 since you have of the 3750 and the ASA5520. If you start to see overflow errors, you should consider using the layer 2 switch.

    Please mark replied messages useful

  • What is the best operating system to use adobe creative cloud?


    I would like to know if the windows operating system can be use as mac for adobe creative cloud or the suite. What is the best, or if there are functions that cannot be done by MS-Windows or Mac

    Thank you

    Hi Michel,.

    You can use creative Cloud on the two platform (Mac/Windows), it can be used on cross-platform.

    He just your system should meet its requirement.

    Please check the link below to see the system requirements for cloud creatives-

    System requirements | Creative cloud

    Creating cloud 2015 OS Support

    Kind regards


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