What is the best software to improve performance and free hard disk cleanup. I used MacKeeper, but I'm tired of paying annual fees for this service.

What is the best software to improve performance and free hard drive cleanup? I used MacKeeper, but I'm tired of paying annual fees for this service.

You shouldn't have these software.  See discussion of Klaus1

Do not install MacKeeper

See also this one by Klaus1

Viruses, Trojans, Malware - and other aspects of Internet Security

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  • What is the best way to improve the performance of this all-in-one PC?

    What is the best way to improve the performance of this all-in-one PC?

    Thanks in advance.

    David Barrett.

    Here are a few methods:

    • Run msconfig.exe, and then uncheck the startup tasks that you don't need. No matter what you disable, Windows always starts.
    • Use a light virus scanner, for example Microsoft Security Essentials.
    • Replace your magnetic drive with a Solid State Disk (SSD)
  • What is the best software for imac photo management

    What is the best software for imac photo management

    This will depend on your needs.

    Looking for a database of professional for a huge collection of photos or photo is a simple tool to keep photos organized suffice?

    Software of Apple's professional photo 'Openness' is no longer sold. Professional software, you will need to look for software from third-party manufacturers - Lightroom, Capture One, to name a few.

    The News Photos of the Apple is still very basic and more suitable for an amateur user casual; you don't have much control over the design of the database of Photos.

  • What is the best software to create interactive presentations.

    What is the best software (in cloud creative) to create interactive presentations?

    Is there a combination of products?

    I'm trying to create animations, links to pages and integration of flash content in a presentation. then I have "timing" on pages and content led the way as you can in Microsoft PowerPoint?

    is there an equivalent to PowerPoint adobe? or should I merge my drawings with PowerPoint?

    You can check with Adobe InDesign CC 2014:

    Create an interactive PDF | Adobe InDesign CC tutorials

    Interactive web documents for Flash


  • What is the best software dock for windows 7 home premium64 bits?

    I am using windows 7 Home premium 64-bit. What is the best doc for my pc software...?

    I think that atm Dock all programs DO NOT support native 64 so they will work, but some things do not work properly.
    Don't come on a guy and him say no to install the 3rd party thing, I'm sorry, but the world revolves around more than the operating system.
    I've been dying to use ObjectDock, but until they support 64-bit I won't use it until it runs as 32 bits, that was awesome.
    Personally to customize my desktop atm I use hyper-desk which is an excellent add-on.

    Hope this helps and if you have 8gig of ram in your system, then who cares programs how you have running.
    I use less than 25% with all my WASTE running.

    Soon and happy new year to you all.

  • What is the best software of management of fonts for Windows 7?

    What is the best management software fonts for Windows 7 with automatic activation for CC?

    We ran 5 Fusion (suitcase) for years, but it's SO slow with Adobe CC (worked great with stand-alone software versions before CC versions), but it slows down the PC to a crawl now.

    Font management programs out there that work better with CC + have automatic activation?

    Please search for resolution here or you can post the application to the support of Extensis for Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 - manage ThisFont Management, Digital Asset Management and creation of information

    Compatible with Adobe CC 2015 font manager?



  • What is the best software project management for a Mac

    Hi I just bought a MacBook Pro for my business. My company has won an engineering project that I will be the Project Director. My client uses MS Projects, I can't on my Mac, what is the best option


    Maybe this blog Capterra article can help you with choices for an alternative to MS Project for Macs.

    However, what I would recommend is to run Windows under BootCamp or a virtual machine, such as Parallels or VMware and then, install a version of Windows from MS Project to be entirely compatible with what your company uses.

  • What is the best iPad to take pictures and movies?

    What is the best iPad in terms of quality for photos and movies?

    What is the best, is compared to your expectations.  Only you can decide.  It's a matter of opinion.

    That said, MY opinion is that no iPad should be used for recording movies and taking pictures.  The cameras are not good enough.  Use an iPhone or a digital camera / camcorder if you make movies.

  • What is the best way of updating OID and similar attributes via OIM OAM LDAP?

    Our environment uses IOM provisioning of an OID LDAP that is used by OAM.

    Purposes of inheritance, must complete the Oracle "orcl *" attributes and OAM "ob * ' in cases where they use the same or similar.

    Example: When a user is disabled in IOM we define orclisenabled = 'false' and obUserAccountControl = 'DISABLED' in OID

    What is the best way to achieve the IOM? My first thought was to write a custom adapter, similar to the OID adapter change user out-of-the-box, which takes in charge the changing multiple attributes.

    Is there a better way?

    You can create two tasks that will modify two attributes to OID.

    On the task of the user to disable call task1, success of task1, Task2 (using the task to feature generate).

    You can make use of OOTB connector only.

  • What is the best software for music games record set?

    Hey guys, I want to post YouTube videos of the game I called: DJ Max Trilogy. It's a game of Korean music, but I can't find a good recording game software that does not make my game lag. I tried several software that record the games without lag; that was true, but lag during gameplay experience but when the result of the video I recorded, there is no lag involved. His strong play a music game where the gameplay experience is trolling, then the result is smooth... Can anyone offer any good recording software game that might help?


    Unfortunately, Microsoft does not have any recording of game software. You can use your favorite search engine to search for the game recording software that you think is the best for you.


    With the help of third-party software or a link, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third party software or link can be resolved. Using third-party software or a link is at your own risk.

  • What is the best software "free" to use to compare changes in the registers?

    I'm trying to solve a problem with an upgrade and want to compare changes to records and just see the software modifications during the upgrade.

    The question is this - just in case someone encountered this before - I have improved our management system of documents as well as a few other third-party software packages, and now we are unable to use Office 2010 file | Save and send. Send as an attachment on some of our forms.  The attachment is deleted from the e-mail or any information that has been entered in the form is deleted.

    Recently, I * found this Microsoft Windiff compare folders and files , but have not yet had the chance to try it.

    The author of this article said that the investigation on the changes of the registry using the WinDiff utility is its more common use of the tool.

    an hour ago & a half about

  • What is the best software for this matter of form?

    I have a project for which I think Adobe have a solution, but I want to assure you that I have buy the correct software. I searched the forum but quite impossible to find the right answer.

    I want to be able to create a form that can be completed electronically, has captured for analysis of the data entered and then be able to print a paper copy of the completed form.

    What I understand from what I have read so far, I can create a form with Acrobat and distribute it in PDF format. Once the form is completed on-screen and submitted, the data will be captured by forms Central where I can analyze it. The person who completed the form and then print it as I need a signed paper copy. The completed form by e-mail, in which case it is completed on an i - Pad and can be sent to a place that can print?

    Finally, I need about 750 of these completed forms. Forms Central allows only 500 participants by the form, I think, but, with the right subscription can I distribute 2 identical forms and then export and merge data in, said Excel?

    Or Livecycle will do all what I want.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    With the basic plan of FormsCentral, the maximum number of answers in the table of responses at one time is limited to 500, but you can earn more if you export the responses and remove some of the table. If you get the plan, this number increased to 5000. So the question is to know if you think that you will be able to export before the response table fills up. But there is also a buffer zone so that all submissions over 500 are always saved, they are simply not shown until you remove a part out of the way, so no data is lost.

    Users will be able to present, print, save and email if you wish. They use Adobe Reader on the iPad, which is not the default PDF Viewer and cannot be made the default display.

  • What is the best way to improve PreE10 export time?

    Import mts directly from a HARD drive or sd card using the importer PreE10. Then I add titles, audio fades and transitions and then export to DVD. At the present time, my plans are 60 min + ~ 4 min black exported directly from PreE10 such as SD on a DVD and video length.  It takes on average 94 minutes to complete this task.

    What can I do/upgrade to speed up this process?

    Specifications of the computer:

    Windows 7 Professional

    -Intel Core i7-3770

    8 GB RAM DDR3

    SanDisk 128 SSD (OS + programs)

    WD Blue 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD (all media)

    650 1 GB GTX

    Purchase of an another SSD would help? Upgrading my processor have dramatically improve time? Or should invest in Premiere Pro and upgraded GPU?

    I want to stay with PreE10, but if there is nothing more that can be done to improve considerably the time, I would consider going to the next level with Premiere Pro.


    I'm strictly a Windows elements user and escaped the cloud so far. It seems that the cloud is still involved in the trial. When I went to the Adobe download page for this and click on download, I was struck with an opinion about the need for a "creative cloud Manager." I did not pursue the path beyond that at this time.

    When burning to the (4.7 GB) or folder (8.5 GB), Premiere Elements burn ' on file generates two folders, one called OpenDVD and the other the VIDEO_TS. It's the VIDEO_TS folder which is our only home. It is the same VIDEO_TS you would have if you have burned your Timeline to disk. The important difference in the two approaches is that burn results of disc in DVD-VIDEO format on the right disk file system. Your burn the folder VIDEO_TS folder must be on a disk with the right to file system. Program like ImgBurn can do that. You don't have to bother with any mention of a folder Audio_TS which could be mentioned in the instructions.

    Open ImgBurn

    Select the folders/files to disk write

    In the interface that opens, go to file Menu/browse a Source folder and do just that, search and find your file to your Premiere Elements burn VIDEO_TS folder.

    Under Options, double check to have

    Data type: MODE1/2048

    File system: ISO9600 + UDF

    Revision of the UDF = 1.02

    Then simply follow the instructions from there. There will probably be a message about volume labeling. Click Yes.

    Then compare the time consumed in

    First burn items to the folder + ImgBurn process


    First burn items to a disc

    I'll see what I can find out about Premiere Pro CS6 tryouts.



  • What is the best software for animation for widescreen - Flash?

    I'm working on a project that requires multiple animations that will be projected on a giant screen outside.  Animate edge seems very easy to use, but it looks that it exported only to HTML?  Do I have reason to assume that the Flash is probably the best choice for creating and then making my changes in first?

    Flash Pro CC has a feature video export to export your content in full high definition video and audio:

    Refer to:



    I hope this helps.


  • What is the best software anti-virus at the moment?

    I need to install the antivirus software on my laptop, can someone help me with the one that is suitable for use at the moment.

    I m tester of antivirus applications not but from the point of view very good software antivirus Avira antivir - http://www.free-av.com/
    I use it for years. It is ok. Don't need a lot of resources, pick up only updates and so on.

    Check up.

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    I need a billing problem founded after I was not informed of all charges to my account for a purchase, and when the money was set to be out there is not enough money in the account. But now I have enough money in the account and I'm not reloaded, I e

  • Since updated 02/02 pop up need Java and ads more

    need of care screen Java to appear, even during the filling in the poped twice registration form. I installed Java after the first time and still pop up to continue. There are many more advertisements that are supported by the browser.

  • How to send frames to header + 1 byte of data in network LIN?

    Hello I use USB-8476 to communicate to a slave in a LIN network. Can someone tell me how I can send a header file more 1 byte of data to the slave in a LIN network. I need to send a sync + id 00 X 34 break, followed by a byte of data. I don't know ho

  • error code 80070246

    no change went to stop started updates. restarts and showed 38 updates day has no charge...

  • I downloaded Silverlight and may not have to watch the videos

    original title: I downloaded silverlight may not have to watch the videos... He keeps wanting me to download it again... Silverlight will not work after download