What is the best way of reformatting my MacBook ssd for resale?

I'm preparing my 2015 12 '' MacBook 1.3 GHz 512 for resale.  What is the best way to erase and reformat the SSD drive?

Thanks in advance!


Before you sell or give away your computer, and more the steps listed in this article to support, please follow these steps:

1. run the Diagnostics from Apple or the Apple Hardware Test. The buyer will do (or it should), and you won't be surprised by the results.

2. reset the PRAM and the SMC, which may contain personal information.

3. If you set a firmware password, remove it by running the utility in recovery mode firmware password.

4. If you turn on FileVault in OS X 10.7 or later, turn it off.

5. If you use Boot Camp, the partition must be deleted.

6. If you have created another partition of data on internal disk, remove them in disk utility.

7. If the machine has an internal hard drive, erase the remaining data partition with the possibility of putting the data to zero. An SSD has no need to be set to zero.

8. remove the machine from your list of registered products. If it is still covered by an AppleCare Protection Plan, transfer the warranty to the new owner as described in the terms and Conditions AppleCare (under the heading "Transfer of Plan.")

Note also:

You can legally or transfer almost any software downloaded from the Mac App Store to the new owner of the machine, even if it was free. This includes OS X, so if you've switched to OS X 10.7 or later, you need to reinstall an operating system older, either from the installation media, if any, or by commissioning in recovery mode of the Internet (option-command-R start ringing.)

The new owner will have to re-download everything software that came on the App Store, as appropriate, including updates of OS X, under her Apple ID. If you never updated applications bundled iLife (iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band) through the App Store, you can not transfer these either. The buyer must buy them. Note that iPhoto has been suspended and is no longer available for purchase.

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