What is the best way to clean all the files of the user of a PC under Win98?




Please see the following article on how to perform a clean install:


In addition, for more information, please see the following article:


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  • Best way to clean previously deleted files


    I give my laptop a friend so I spent some time remove personal files and removing programs that I paid for. Mainly of him leaving the OS of Windows 7 Pro, free software security/anti-malware, Microsoft Works, Adobe Reader, etc., bit stripped.

    So, I know that even if I deleted my personal files, they are still there until writes above. Which leads to my question, can anyone recommend how to permanently delete/clean/clean previously deleted files, even those that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin, whether by a program in the operating system or a third-party software?




    To uninstall programs (if necessary you can re - install problem program that does not properly uninstall)
    n ' not matter if he will run--then use Revo to uninstall).

    Revo Uninstaller - free


    CCleaner has the ability to erase free space.

    CCleaner - free - download of Piriform or FileHippo (below the offer costs).

    CCleaner is our system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your
    system - allowing Windows to run faster and free up valuable disk space. It also cleans
    traces of your activities online such as your Internet history. In addition, it contains a fully featured
    registry cleaner. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and
    contains NO Spyware or Adware! -Includes the reader - wiper (Tools - wiper Drive), which has different
    levels of wiping securiity of free space or the whole disc.

    Forums - help for CCleaner here

    You can try this or similar utilities.

    Destructive PC is a software removal and data file shredder free, can permanently delete files,
    records and make it unrecoverable, completely destroy the files you specify, make it impossible
    for anyone to restore deleted information! Prevent your company data, important documents and
    personal information of remedial classes.

    PC Shredder is a Freeware. It's free for personal and commercial use. Destructive of documents PC works on
    Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista. There is none
    requirement of the minimum hardware requirements for PC Shredder runs correctly.

    Eraser - free - an advanced security tool for Windows that allows you to completely remove
    sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting many times with carefully selected

    Best utility of free secure erase

    There are other tools available from Freeware to commercial products - BING or Google.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Best way to clean the files on the computer?

    What is the best way to clean your computer, files that aren't necessary? I know that some programs out there do the computer work. But how do I optimize my computer's performance by getting rid of the junk. I seem to have several different programs to 'install' as for Adobe. I really need to keep this laying around? Files really make me scared because I know that remove a minute even bad thing can mess you up bad.

    The best bet would be to do a disk cleanup and delete the proposed? I prefer not to download anything because my main point was to remove things so that I did not need to add. I think that my computer has not really too much about

    There are anythings that come on the computer which can be removed?

    mws_1984 wrote: what is the best way to clean your computer, files that aren't necessary?

    Hello mws_1984, this will remove all unwanted files, but it will remove many of them.

    You could try to go into start, computer and select the C: drive, right click and click Properties, select disk cleanup.

    A screen will appear that shows some files being deleted and then you will see another screen that shows some features that are available for withdrawal. Check the items that you want to remove or clear the items you want to leave.

  • What is the best way to "clean up/free space" on my computer? Thank you

    What is the best way to clean/free up space on my computer?  Even do not know where to look to see how much space I use... Thank you.

    A loss of main surface within each user profile would be penchant of EI for the storage of copies (or much) of almost every web page, your friend has already visited.  Try to reduce the amount of temporary Internet files put in cache, which is huge by default.  I always bring it back to a maximum of 50 MB.  In Internet Explorer, click on tools > Internet Options > general, temporary files > settings.

    Same principle for the Java cache. Start > Control Panel > Java > temporary Internet files > settings.

    The System Volume Information is the folder in restoration of which WinXP system feature stores information to retrieve errors.  By default, Windows XP sets aside a maximum of 12% of the size of the partition to store the information of the System Volume, but the amount of space reserved for this purpose can be adjusted by the user.  Start > all programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > System Restore Settings, select the relevant partition and click settings.  If you don't want to use the system at all, restore simply to turn off System Restore (start > all programs > Accessories > system tools > system, System Restore settings restore) and restart.  This will remove all your Restore Points, thus freeing up hard disk space.

    An another great space waster may be trash.  By default, it takes up to 10% of the capacity of your hard drive. On today's big hard disks, it's a lot of waste.  It can be set to a lower limit by right clicking the desktop Receycle Bin icon, select Properties, and using the scroll bar to reduce the maximum size to something more reasonable - 1% to 2% should be more than enough space.

  • What is the best way to clean up to lose hair in cs5

    What is the best way to clean lose hair in this photo


    Thank you


    I would always use the Clone Stamp tool.

  • What is the best way to read this binary file?

    I wrote a program that acquires data from a card DAQmx and he writes on a binary file (attached file and photo). The data I'm acquisition comes 2.5ms, 8-channel / s for at least 5 seconds. What is the best way to read this binary file, knowing that:

    -I'll need it also on the graphic (after acquisition)

    -J' I need also to see these values and use them later in Matlab.

    I tried the 'chain of array to worksheet', but LabView goes out of memory (even if I don't use all 8 channels, but only 1).

    LabView 8.6

    I think that access to data is just as fast, what happens to a TDMS file which is an index generated in the TDMS file that says 'the byte positions xxxx data written yyyy' which is the only overload for TDMS files as far as I know.

    We never had issues with data storage. Data acquisition, analysis and storage with > 500 kech. / s, the questions you get are normally most of the time a result of bad programming styles.


  • Best way to clean the shippingMethod


    do you guys know what is the best way to clean the shippingMethod inside a shippingGroup? I want to just get rid of the SM and keep the SG, I thought to affecting an empty string for the shippingMethod, such as:

    for (sg ShippingGroup: shippingGroups) {}


    vlogDebug ("deleted a shipping method.");


    Is this a reasonable way or y at - it something better?

    Raise sg.setShippingMethod (null);



  • What is the best way to retrieve deleted mp3 files? I am running OSX Leopard 10.5.8 on a PowerPC G5 tower. I'll be very grateful for any help in this matter. Thanks to Chris


    What is the best way to retrieve deleted mp3 files? I had a lapse of attention and I deleted a folder containing most of my music files. It is for the most part, the mp3 but there was regular audio files and some wav files in there also. I am running OSX Leopard 10.5.8 on a PowerPC G5 tower. I have another PPC machine to help the recovery, if I need, but at the moment, he is not appearing on my network (3 computers). I'm trying to change this soon. I'll be really grateful for any help in this matter.

    Thanks to Chris

    If you emptied the Recycle Bin after you move the folder to the trash, and you don't have a time Machine or another backup, then it is lost, sorry.

  • I recently bought a computer build-yourself. My question is what is the best way to mirror or save files on the two hard disks at the same time?

    Hello community,

    I recently bought a computer build-yourself.
    My question is what is the best way to mirror or save files on the two hard disks at the same time?
    I know there is a way in diskmgmt.msc, but I can't seem to make it work.
    Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
    8 GB ram ddr3
    2 x 1 TB hard drive

    On Saturday, 22 September 2012 00:53:18 + 0000, kevin.coe wrote:

    As I said, I think it's not only not a good idea, I think it's a very

    a poor man. Backup should be stored outside the computer content. Or
    use a service like Carbonite Online backup.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

    What is raid? A large number of people I know use raids.

    RAID 1 (mirroring) is not a backup solution. RAID 1 uses two or
    Several readers, each one duplicate of the other, to provide redundancy,
    no backup. It is used in situations (almost always inside)
    companies, not in homes) where any city cannot be tolerated.
    because the way it works is that if a disk fails the other takes
    more seamlessly.

    Although some people thing of RAID 1 as a backup technique, it is
    what it is, because it is subject to a simultaneous loss of the
    original and many of the main dangers facing the mirror
    your data - serious power, close to the lightning seeds, virus
    attacks, stolen computer, etc. Most companies that use RAID 1
    also have a solid plan of external backup in place.

    "Why the RAID is (usually) a Terrible idea".
    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

  • What is the best way to get a SVG file generated from After Effects?

    What is the best way to get a SVG file generated from After Effects?

    Is there a script to do this? I use the SVG file directly in my work. I did research online, but find that it has no native support of EI to achieve.

    I found some scripts online, but they convert output Adobe AE to the JSON file. Is there something similar available for the SVG file?

    Thank you

    AE makes pixels not vectors, so it's not possible.

  • What is the best way to make a PDF file several Photoshop images, while maintaining editable layers?

    What is the best way to make a PDF file several Photoshop images, while retaining the layers in editable for later use mode? I tried to do in Acrobat, but it does not keep separate layers. I also tried to automate the PDF presentation in Photoshop, but it combines the layers as well. I need to enable layers from photoshop retain their ability to be edited.

    It is not possible at this time, Photoshop is not a page layout program and pdf is hardly a format suitable to hold several files psd layered or editable page layouts.

    Why would you do that anyway?

  • best way to remove all changes

    What is the best way to remove all changes that were made to an image in Camera Raw, to get the picture to the way it was originally?

    I'm surprised! I use Lightroom most of the time, and that's what the reset button. You can do this in bridge. Right-click on the image, then choose the development-> erase settings parameters. As an alternative, you can use your file system browser to delete the XMP files.

  • How to clean all *.tmp files regularly?

    In the Solution Explorer window title, when I get *.tmp under specific directory and find a lot of tmp file. I would like to know how to clean all *.tmp files regularly, as the use of any build-in Tools window or the batch file, script powershell, nothing to do?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions

    If there is no reason replacement why want to remove these I leave them

    1 appdata/local/temp can be deleted by right clicking and then delete.  It will not remove something if there is an associated application is open.

    2. I do not have this folder, so I let them

    3. these can also be removed by right-clicking (I just did)

    4 unknown

    If that can not be deleted, it is safe mode.

    I would recommend that you make a restore point before doing this

  • What is the user of the table of contant of the LTS

    Hi all

    can we create a measurement base shaved with hierarchies?

    What is the user of the column option (global content group by) on the content tab

    When I select the option column, under table I can find at any table and logical column section all the columns in the table

    It is only for the aggregation tables (content tab (content global group, by)?)
    or any other use of it?

    Thank you


    Example of creating Sources for each level of aggregate data is

    In addition to creating the source of the table of facts together, you create sources table logical dimension corresponding to the same levels of aggregation.

    NOTE: If already exist sources at each level, you need not create new ones. You must have a source at each level specification total contained at least referenced.

    For example, you might have a monthly sales table containing a precalculated amount of revenue for each product in each store each month. You must have the other three sources, one for each of the logical dimension referenced in the example tables:

    Another for the logical table produced with one of the following contained specifications:
    o by logical level: ProductDimension.ProductLevel
    o by column: Product.Product_Name
    * A source for the logical table of store with one of the following contained specifications:
    o by logical level: StoreDimension.StoreLevel
    o by column: Store.Store_Name
    * A source for logical time table with one of the following contained specifications:
    o by logical level: TimeDimension.MonthLevel
    o by column: Time.Month

    Source: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12103_01/books/admintool/admintool_BusModSetup14.html#wp1028871
    Fix? ;)

    Thank you

  • What is the "best way" to see all the 'hooks' that affect the database?

    Hi all

    I'm responsible for exporting all schemas using the data pump and then re - import the scehmas, yet once so we can reorganize the real table spaces.

    I know that this can be done using grid 12 c, but I'm not sure I want to use this feature for this task.

    Anyone who has used the feature of grids to 'keep the tables' and then re - organize them while they are still online?

    I'll have to finally make it to the PROD database and I am concerned about the "break" out of jobs, items, ect, ect.

    What is the "best way" to do a proper verification of all database objects and or work, that the export/import might pipe upward?

    As I did for example, a simple count on all objects and of course excludes "SYS and SYSTEM" and the County was in close 60 000 objects.

    How do I know all 'hooks' that are inside the database? What is the way that do you?

    Thank you

    Lady Allora.

    Hi, Justin.

    I think that's what I'm going the way of...

    Select os_username, username, OWNER, dba_audit_trail SQL_TEXT

    where rownum<>

    where username <> 'SYSTEM '.

    and also have different variations all asking questions them the same point of view...

    Modes of verification do you find useful?

    Also I'm using something like this as well.

    Select "check standard", sessionid,

    proxy_sessionid statementid, entryid, extended_timestamp, global_uid,

    username, client_id, null, os_username, userhost, os_process, terminal,

    instance_number, owner, obj_name, null, new_owner,

    new_name, action, action_name, audit_option, transactionid, returncode,

    SNA, comment_text, sql_bind, sql_text,

    obj_privilege, sys_privilege, admin_option, dealer, priv_used,.

    ses_actions, logoff_time, logoff_lread, logoff_pread, logoff_lwrite,

    logoff_dlock, session_cpu



    where rownum<>

    order extended_timestamp;

    Thank you

    Lady Allora.

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