What is the best way to clean the bad data?

We are new to Eloqua (E9) and I'm working on cleaning up our incorrect data. The first part of the process is to find, so I started to create contact filters focus on specific areas that I can see what we are dealing with before I commit to clean in a program.

Many of our contact fields have given with aaa, bbb, ccc, ddd, etc. or variations on that (for example, xaaaad). In my contact filters, it seems that the only way to find things like "xaaaad" as well as "aaa" or any other variant, is to use 'First name has aaa', 'first name does bbb", etc.

My question is this: in order to use 'Field contains', do I have to enter each value (aaa, bbb, ccc,...) in the unique filter? If so, I will hit quickly step 15 Max is there a better way to do it?

Thank you!




You can find the cloud name Analyzer (side scan) connector to be helpful in your quest! Here are more details: http://topliners.eloqua.com/community/do_it/blog/2012/01/30/cloud-connector--name-analyzer--installation-instructions-and-guide

Abell has presented a session on data cleaning at Eloqua experience last year and one of the things she mentioned that helped this cloud connector.


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    I would always use the Clone Stamp tool.

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    mws_1984 wrote: what is the best way to clean your computer, files that aren't necessary?

    Hello mws_1984, this will remove all unwanted files, but it will remove many of them.

    You could try to go into start, computer and select the C: drive, right click and click Properties, select disk cleanup.

    A screen will appear that shows some files being deleted and then you will see another screen that shows some features that are available for withdrawal. Check the items that you want to remove or clear the items you want to leave.

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    vlogDebug ("deleted a shipping method.");


    Is this a reasonable way or y at - it something better?

    Raise sg.setShippingMethod (null);



  • What is the release date for Streets and Trips 2012/2013?

    What is the release date for Streets and Trips 2012/2013?

    Information about future product releases are usually announced through press conferences and other media.
    You can continue to monitor the Streets and Trips here site: http://www.microsoft.com/streets/en-us/default.aspx

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    (1) do a reset clean all files and software that I added?

    (2) I can then just transfer a few files that I need on a regular basis of the hd on the PC cleaned hd post?

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    1 Yes; but a bit excessive as everything is erased including data; Back to the State nine and all updates must be resettled, as well as the 3rd party programs reinstalled, etc...

    2. Yes.

    3. There are other options; Read further down.

    4. the recovery discs are made from the recovery partition. but the recovery partition by pressing F11 repeatedly, is easier IMO.

    5. you have 12 months to upgrade free of charge once Windows 10 is out

    6. it is an option

    This is the procedure normally, we recommend you to free up space on your hard disk:

    This free program allows you to see what is taking place.


    Here's how to understand Treesize Screenshots:



    Also check how much space system restore uses:



    You can clean your hard drive using these two methods.

    "Delete files using Disk Cleanup"


    Using the free CCleaner program:


    In NO case use the registry cleaning Option in CCleaner


    Download, install, update and scan your system with the free version of Malwarebytes AntiMalware:


    And Norton Backup, if you are using Norton, can do strange things with filling of hard drive space.

    See you soon.

  • Best way to clean the paragraph and character catalogs?

    Over the years, I have created a bunch of tags of paragraph and character for different types of documents: novels, technical manuals, etc. For a given document type, I'll use some tags and some don't. For example, a novel will not use numbered steps or sideheads.

    The problem is after years of import for the last tags of a certain type, all files in all chapter books have swelled catalogs, full of tags that are not used and are not applicable for the type of document. I would like to clean these catalogues and let only relevant tags to this kind of document. I'm ready to take the hit if a chapter or book uses a tag that it should not, as long as I know what it is.

    What is the "best practices" way to achieve this? What method do you recommend?

    1. Create a template with the own catalogue file, open each book individually, remove all of the tags file and re - import the template tags?
    2. Create a template with the own catalogue file, and then create new books of the model, copy and paste the text of the original of the files bloated?
    3. Others?

    I understand that the process will be painful, as to clean out her garage. But I'm sick of tripping over all the echoes I have accumulated.

    Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.



    Your #1 approach is probably the best way to go. However, instead of trying to clean up the tags manually, take a look at paragraph of Steve Kubis and character tools. See: http://www.siliconprairiesoftware.com/Products.html

    This will help clean up a lot of things and they are reasonably priced. It also has corresponding tools for the management of cross-references, variables, arrays, and colors that all work you same way. You can try before you buy.

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    Apple cleaning and drying of your woven Nylon band steps are recommended:

    • Remove the clip of your watch;
    • Wipe the Strip with an abrasive, lint cloth;
    • If necessary, the linen can be slightly moistened soft water;
    • Allow the tape to air dry.
      • Direct light from the Sun, high temperatures and moisture conditions can cause damage.

    More information:

    Cleaning and port Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • Best way to clean a computer to give to a family member.

    I want to restore my computer Windows XP Dell to its factory settings in order to give to my parents. I'm not not as much concerned about safety with my old files that I'm computer being simplified and works well, because there was a lot of modules downloaded over the years and it works more smoothly. What is the best way to get rid of all the waste accumulated on my hardrive over the years? I'm still all disks that Dell has provided at time of purchase. I'm not sure if it's better to try to try to clean it, or start from scratch.

    Windows XP Service Pack 3

    Dell Dimension

    Thank you all for your advice. For the record, my size is a 2400, and I have the original full version of XP with Service Pack 1a.

    After trying to solve this problem with my knowledge limited and before all your very helpful responses, I decided to go on the road to uninstall as much as possible use Revo Uninstaller. Given that I've initially was looking for a method of time-saving security since I gave the computer a member of the family, to the point where I investigate buying a new CD player internal and all other solutions, it began to look like an option far less time. If my family member decides that always, he would like to make a fresh start but, we look at the above.

    Thank you very much for your detailed responses. I much appreciate and will refer to them if needed in the future. I'm sorry I'm not able to try them, but I was on a time crunch to get the old computer in working condition for the Member of my family and cost/time of what solutions were looking like became problematic.

    Thanks again!

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    I bought 6 cartridges of series 02 HP who are new not opened (but not in original box) off Ebay and I was told that they expire in two years.  How will I know, figures on these cartridges if they left 2 years?  Here are some of the numbers, if someone can tell me what they mean.  Thank you-

    HP CB283W product


    ID 0510 Y32 B

    HP CB279W product


    ID 0311 Y3 2G

    HP CB284W product


    ID 0410 Y32 C

    hayesa7173 wrote:

    I bought 6 cartridges of series 02 HP who are new not opened (but not in original box) off Ebay and I was told that they expire in two years.  How will I know, figures on these cartridges if they left 2 years?  Here are some of the numbers, if someone can tell me what they mean.  Thank you-

    HP CB283W product


    ID 0510 Y32 B

    The date is the 081105 which is the date of end of warranty in YYYYMMDD form as below.

    The date "install by" should normally be 6 months before the warranty expires date.  I do not see the specifications for the expiration of the 02 cartridge, but generally it is a function of when the cartridges are installed.  It would seem that the expiry is a maximum of 25 months from the installation date, but this can be reduced if the installation occurs after installation 'by date '.  I have a Photosmart 3210 here and all the cartridges have been installed before the expiration of the warranty, so I can't say my dates how would affect the expiry of the ink.  I have a few cartridges installed with expiration date approximately one year after the date of warranty.


    I have a unused HP15 cartridge, but had to change my printer and it no longer matches. but do not know if of any use to anyone as its got a date on package IRELAND JULY 2013. When is the expiration date? Thank you.

    The warranty expired in July 2013, but there is no "expiration" of the HP 15 cartridge, which could cause it to be released into a printer simply due to age.  It should be good to use for years, but it is no longer covered by warranty.

    I suggest you store the packaging post such that it could be hung on a screen to store for a better life.

  • What is the best way to clean the individual video frames without degrading the quality?

    I have a video that I need to remove several species of birds that were flying by during a video scene.

    Video is a Video HD 422 1920 x 1080 / 23.97 P.

    Is the best to make files from Premiere Pro and open these files in Photoshop, then work on each image; and then make the file again from Photoshop?  If Yes, is not which reduces video quality a little?

    The next part may require a separate post in Photoshop forum.

    I tried to import my mpg and mpeg files made in Photoshop, but I keep getting an error message "the video file could not be opened."  I made some other formats; .avi and .mov., and these 2 files types to open in Photoshop V13 x 64 correct.

    CS 6

    Windows 7 x 64



    While you can adjust each image in Photoshop to remove items, a better way is to use the Clone Stamp tool in After Effects to remove items in a scene.

    Here's an excellent video tutorial: http://www.video2brain.com/en/lessons/removing-an-object-with-clone-stamp

    Here's the article for help: http://adobe.ly/Yte2cf

  • Current best way to clean and speed up the Mac Pro?

    I have owned my end of 2013 Mac Pro for about 2 years and updated RAM 64 GB. I learned to not install any 3rd party software to clean up/speed up the Mac. They just make things worse. I don't even install any antivirus software. However, I've been seeing a lot of Rainbow wheels lately. So I would ask the same question again and see if anything has changed.

    I say on my Mac Pro.

    1. the SSD has more than 50% unused space.

    2. I use disk utility to check the SSD and it is good. What happened to the authorization checking?

    3. we execute the lately of OS X.

    4. the most common used software on the Mac Pro is Adobe Lightroom for photo editing.

    So where should I go from here? Thank you.

    When you see a beachball cursor or the slowness is particularly bad, note the exact time: hour, minute, second.

    These must be run as administrator. If you have only one user account, you are the administrator.

    Run the Console application in one of the following ways:

    ☞ Enter the first letters of his name in a Spotlight search. Select from the results (it should be at the top).

    ☞ In the Finder, select go utilities ▹ of menu bar or press the combination of keys shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.

    ☞ Open LaunchPad and start typing the name.

    The title of the Console window should be all Messages. If it isn't, select

    SYSTEM LOG QUERIES ▹ all Messages

    in the list of logs on the left. If you don't see this list, select

    List of newspapers seen ▹ display

    in the menu at the top of the screen bar.

    Each message in the journal begins with the date and time when it was entered. Highlight date back to the time you noted above.

    Select the messages entered since then until the end of the episode, or until they begin to repeat, whichever comes first.

    Copy messages to the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination. Paste into a reply to this message by pressing command + V.

    The journal contains a large amount of information, almost all this is useless to solve any particular problem. When you post a journal excerpt, be selective. A few dozen lines are almost always more than enough.

    Please don't dump blindly thousands of lines in the journal in this discussion.

    Please do not post screenshots of log messages - text poster.

    Some private information, such as your name, may appear in the log. Anonymize before posting.

    When you post the journal excerpt, an error message may appear on the web page: "you include content in your post that is not allowed", or "the message contains invalid characters." It's a bug in the forum software. Thanks for posting the text on Pastebin, then post here a link to the page you created.

    If you have an account on Pastebin, please do not select private in exposure menu to paste on the page, because no one else that you will be able to see it.

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