What is the best way to consolidate e-mail messages in the e-mail program, before deleting?

I have an iMac with a capacity to 1.11 - 679,49 GB available. With the software updated.

Model name: I

I have emails out of my different accounts in a "random" folder, but is not free up space. If I move an email in "Archives" and then it always remains in the e-mail account, apparently duplicate email in two places. "

ERGO: the question is...

What is the best way to consolidate e-mail messages in the e-mail program, before deleting?

(I hope I've inserted which may be useful, but I'm not sure about that.)

Thank you



Archive messages or move them to some other local mailboxes or mailboxes on the server. Don't know what you are trying to do because it appears that you have 2/3 of your hard disk.

Why do you think archiving emails in 2 places? Where are you trying to save space to?

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    Internet Security 2010 is a fake anti-spyware that is installed through the use of malicious software. Once installed, Internet Security will be configured to start automatically when you log in to Windows. It will then scan your computer and display many infections, but will not remove anything until you purchase the program. These infections, however, are all fake and are only to demonstrate that they trick you into thinking you are infected so that you then purchase the program. It goes without saying that you should definitely not buy this program.

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      Do not restart your computer after running rkill as malware programs will start again.


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    If necessary, do all the work Safe Mode with network.


    To get into Safe Mode with network, press F8 at the Power On / boot and use key arrow upward to get into SafeMode with networking from the list of options, and then press ENTER.



    Read all the information below before you start:


    Malwarebytes is as its name suggests, a Malware Remover!

    Download the free Version from the link above.

    Download, install, upgrade and scan once a fortnight.

    How to use Malwarebytes after installation:

    1. open Malwarebytes > click the update tab at the top > get the latest updates.

    2. on the Scanner tab, make sure that the Perform quick scan option is selected and then click on the Scan button to start scanning your computer

    3 MBAM will now start to scan your computer for malware. This process can take some time.

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    I have 20 files on my c: drive that contain the hotfixinstaller.exe and many different folders to the breast.  What do these and I can delete them?


    I suggest to run a virus scan or malware and search for the issue.

    Follow the link below to start the free online scan:

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    I read a lot of posts from people having problems with Creative cloud after using the mac migration assistant.

    After what I saw and more a manual migration, it looks like disabling and, possibly, an uninstall of creative cloud on my old mac and then downloading CC for the new mac is the thing to do? Looks like a counterintuitive thing to do especially when I have a site that is held with the Muse...

    I just bought a new mac and would appreciate any idea. Kirk


    Creative cloud apps cannot be migrated as a return to the top, you will need to download and install apps as a new on the new machine

    You can have the creative cloud installed and signed in on two computers as long as you don't use it on one at a time. Download and install as you did on the first computer, sign in to your Adobe account on the Adobe using your Adobe ID website, download the desktop app from clouds, then download the software. Sign on a computer that should not be used: log in and log out of the desktop Adobe Creative Cloud application

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    Playback is terrible compared to the CC 2014 to a lot of people.

    DynamicLink between Premiere Pro and After Effects fails regularly.

    How does it go unnoticed?

    PS: if I commit to stop being a jerk, I'll be a part of the beta test team? It seems that you need a lot more eyes on this stuff before he became... How to become a beta tester?

    If you only wanting to be a beta tester fill out this form.

    Adobe - Prerelease programs

  • What is the best way to remove copies of files, such as images duplicate?

    I can't afford expensive programs, what is the easiest and program I hope free to use, clear files copied to my hard drive.


    Microsoft has no any tool to remove files or folders from the computer, you must manually select and then delete.

    If you want a tool, then I suggest you to use your favorite search engine and check the tool.

    Important note: this response contains a reference to third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft provides this information as a convenience to you. Microsoft does not control these sites and no has not tested any software or information found on these sites; Therefore, Microsoft cannot make any approach to quality, security or the ability of a software or information that are there. There are the dangers inherent in the use of any software found on the Internet, and Microsoft cautions you to make sure that you completely understand the risk before retrieving any software Internet.

    It will be useful.

  • Best way to build the same ESX hosts

    Hi, I need to build 4-6 ESX hosts are configured identically. (Same groups of ports, NTP settings etc..) All hosts will use the same brand/model/hardware configuration)

    I think kickstart server and a load of scripts PowerCLI would be the best way to do this, but I don't him did not before.

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