What is the best way to create a bright neon effect / composite (3d image of science fiction)

Hi all

I want to create a few areas/nice glowing lights in my image 3d below. I made with some bright polygons that help to light the scene with realism. I have the image in color and also a rendered image with just the bright polygons which I guess / hope I would be able to use as a mask to help me create the glow in Photoshop. Anyone have guidance to help me get started with regard to how to set up the mask and create the glow?

Here are 2 example images below are to illustrate what I mean.

Thank you, Steve




Hi Steve,.

Glow is very easy to use, but here is a video tutorial how to use it. The tutorial is done for version 1 and version 2 has the ability to paint on a mask of in the plugin, which is what I did with your image. It is a new feature and is not covered in the video but very obvious use.

Introduction to "Topaz" Glow - YouTube

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    Thank you

    Published by: Srini VIEREN on May 1, 2013 16:18

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    Try this overview, see if it helps...

    Enter a reference to the map as you enter, then save to the database when you exit.

    You want something that will give you the equivalent of a page number - if you have 7 cards hung the setting, and the user is in the 6th plan when it stops, you want to save the number 6.

    There are dozens of ways to do it, but probably the easiest way is just to attach a calc to each card that has this code

    (I do not have Authorwar very convenient to check the syntax, then you should check out!)

    BookMarkPage = ChildIDtoNum (IconParent (IconID), IconID)<-- tells="" authorware="" to="" return="" the="" "page="" number"="" of="" the="" current="">

    Save BookMarkPage in your Access database to the exit.

    In return, read the bookmark in BookMarkPage, ask the user if he wants to go back to the bookmark. If so, use a calculated navigation that uses

    ChildNumToID (@the of your frame name or its ID, BookMarkPage)

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    Thanks in advance.


    Welcome to the forum.

    I assume that you saved it as a complete movement?

    He did not go full out, but it might be an idea:

    • bring a drawing object (rectangle or polygon) on the blade with a duration for the rest of the slide
    • Add a click box, score, in addition to this oppose but it time to be there for the duration of the appearance of "white rabbit." be sure to not have suspended

    If the user clicks on the "drawing" when the click box is not there, nothing will be added to the score. When you click on it during the short life of the click box, the score will be added.


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    To make the code look like at bottom
    CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE client_xml( p_client_id IN            NUMBER
                                           ,p_clob      IN OUT NOCOPY CLOB   ) AS
       v_rc         SYS_REFCURSOR;
       v_queryCtx   dbms_xmlquery.ctxType;
       OPEN c_rc FOR
          SELECT col1
            FROM clients
           WHERE client_id = p_client_id;
       v_queryCtx := dbms_xmlgen.newContext(v_rc);
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       v_client_id  NUMBER;
       v_client_id := 123456;
       dbms_lob.createTemporary(v_clob, TRUE, dbms_lob.CALL);
       client_xml( p_client_id => v_client_id
                  ,p_clob      => v_clob);
    However, I just learned the hard way that IN OUT NOCOPY is a hint and Oracle sometimes creates a local variable for the CLOB in any case.
    One solution is to change the procedure of client_xml above
    CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE client_xml( p_client_id IN            NUMBER
                                           ,p_clob      IN OUT NOCOPY CLOB   ) AS
       v_rc         SYS_REFCURSOR;
       v_queryCtx   dbms_xmlquery.ctxType;
       IF NOT NVL(dbms_lob.istemporary(p_clob),0) = 1 THEN
          dbms_lob.createTemporary(p_clob, TRUE, dbms_lob.CALL);
       END IF;
       OPEN c_rc FOR
          SELECT col1
            FROM clients
           WHERE client_id = p_client_id;
       v_queryCtx := dbms_xmlgen.newContext(p_refcursor);
       p_clob     := dbms_xmlgen.getXML(v_queryCtx, 0);
    My concern is that in the case of Oracle creates a local variable, 2 temporary will be created, but there will be only 1 freeTemporary.
    This led to a memory could flee?
    Or should I be secure with the above solution because I am using dbms_lob. CALL?

    Thank you


    Published by: Arnold vK on January 24, 2012 11:52

    Why don't you:

    1 use a function instead of a procedure
    2. have the function create the temporary CLOB and fill
    3. what return them temp

    This way a copy of the CLOB object is created.

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    Thank you!


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