What is the best way to get wireless on the Satellite 2410-504?

Hi guys,.

I hope someone can help... I have a Satellite 2410-504 which is almost 4 years old pretty good spec for the moment. I thought it had wireless built in... There on / off switch and seeing, but I can't find it in the Device Manager... by removing undercover for the wireless, it is empty... I bought a Belkin cable NTL cable router... what would be the best option to make it wireless or is it already... someone could advise.


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As far as I know that the wireless card is optional on this unit. This means that you can upgrade your laptop computer with the Mini-PCI Wireless card that you can put in the slot wireless.

You can use these maps:
Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card (2, 4 GHz, 802. 11a / b) PA3273U-1MPC
Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card (2, 4 GHz, 802 11 b) PA3212U-1MPC

Good bye

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  • How to enable the WLAN on Satellite 2410-504?


    Please could you help me I am a little confused. I want to wifi turn on my laptop. It's a Toshiba Satellite s2410-504. If you know that this short name for portable, it is who would really help me. I n he's a centrino chip so I think I need a wi - fi connection will allow it. I did some research on the web, but I'm confused by terms like cardbus. My laptop has a cardbus? If not, how can I WiFi turn on my laptop?

    Suggestions for a product at a competitive price (what a chip or what?)
    Thank you.

    You display this is Satellite S2410-504. There is no short name for this device.
    Please check the bottom of the unit. Should be a label with Wifi info if the device has installed the wireless network card. You can also check in the device under network adapters Manager.
    If the laptop pre-installed wireless network adapter so that you can him resulted with the switch on the side of the laptop and the FN + F8 key combination

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