What is the best way to manage applications so that they do not fill a space of memory?

I have an iPad Air Os9, 64 g

However, I am already up to 39 g mem.

What is the best way to manage applications if tat I can use them, but no pork then my mem space?

y at - it an app that manages the apps?  should I delete and re-download a few apps later?

I would like to take advantage of many more applications that I believe I have space for.


You can see how much storage resumes via the settings app > general > Manage Storage - this screen lists each app space (the application and its content), total by selecting an app on this screen should tell you how much space the application content (files, documents, etc.) resumes.

y at - it an app that manages the apps?

No, iOS is a sandbox environment, apps can control or manage other applications.

should I delete and re-download a few apps later?

Depends on the app. deletion of an app will also delete its content, if it is an application where its content is important (such as documents), and that content is not stored elsewhere (e.g.)  Dropbox or cloud server), you may lose this content by deleting the app.

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    You should not cut the image to make your application more efficient.  If it is intended for large format, you can reduce the resolution of the image of what is appropriate for the output device.  If it is a project of offset press, a picture that size is still manageable.  13 MB, I have a feeling that something is causing the slowdown.  You have a disk of assigned preference work?

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    In General, having too many managers slows down things. It is generally recommended to have as little as possible nesting Manager.

    That being said, your friend is too complicate things. Managers are there for a reason and you use them for good reasons (to quickly, glancing at your description, this can be done via a single Manager custom without using a lot of nesting of the optimization of the resources/HFM).

    Managers will take care of the tune-up, scrolling, etc.. Fact all through painting is stupid for this use case.

    With the help of de facto managers save time, makes it easily manageable code, reduced the number of errors and makes things simpler to support/extend in the future.

    There are cases where the surrogate object and made everything yourself is preferable, is not. For this particular case, your friend is wrong.

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    You can do it like that. And use a particulate filter after this operation. I feel give you coherence because the broken here part means that the rectangle will not be completed. Please see the attached image that shows the treatment for the bad image.

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    * original title - my Windows XP storage... *.


    "I use a lot of disk space" - remove all the files that you do not need, does not store things that you don't use often. Delete unwanted files, i.e. run diskcleanup for example.

    "burn the DVD for storage of backup" - If you have USB2 then consider getting an external USB2 hard drive. Its easy to set up as and when necessary and is easy to copy/backup information to.

    Indeed, consider laying a HD internal or (easier) a USB2 external hard drive for storage from day to day, not just a backup.

    "I am a heavy user of CPU too" - its sometimes possible to upgrade your processor one installed initially, but it will depend on your type/brand/model of PC. Sometimes possible, sometimes it isn't. But it is usually at best a stop gap.

    If you have any free ram slots, additional ram stick in (get the right type for your PC) that can help speed up actions for certain tasks. If you play games and you have a "graphics card", level it as well.

    Best of all, is to consider a replacement PC. If you are really short on HD and have a very slow motherboard or CPU, long term on a new PC is probably going to be the best.

    Not sure if this is the type of information you were after? If it is not coming back.

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    It's a matter of taste, but you could do a separate B & W adjustment layer to manage the lower left Tulip, but it is close enough to black and gray. The small amount of magenta in there can be lit and then hidden from the rest of the image.

    The maybe a B & W beneral adjustment layer.

    Finally, a layer of curves to adjust black and gray.

  • What is the best way to manage the result variable? (IF THEN GOTO)

    I want to ask a question and then use the response on the position of my result, in a very old language and is no longer used, it would be IF a = 1 THEN GOTO 20, SO a = 2 THEN GOTO 30

    I did experiment with switch, case

    but its not really give me the results that I'm at the end, the conclusion is i do not use the syntax correctly or I use the right method.

    var docRef = app.activeDocument;

    var items = docRef.selection;

    var abRef = docRef.artboards;

    var swatchBoxX =-71.5

    var swatchBoxY = 372.518

    var swatchBoxSize = 22.04

    var totalSelected = items.length;

    newGroup var = docRef.groupItems.add ();

    newGroup.name = "ArtworkGroup";

    app.coordinateSystem = CoordinateSystem.ARTBOARDCOORDINATESYSTEM;

    abRef.setActiveArtboardIndex (0);

    position var prompt = ("Please enter the Position (1) front, (2) = back, (3) = left channel, (4)" = right channel ', '1', 'Print Position' ");

    switch (position) {}

    case 1: swatchBoxX =-71.5.


    case 2: swatchBoxX =-490;


    box 3: swatchBoxY = 840 & & swatchBoxX =-490;



    If (totalSelected > 0) / / check selected objects


    for (var j = 0; j < totalSelected; j ++) //loop through selection


    var tpBox = swatchBoxX +-34.2

    var currentObject = items [j];

    var color = currentObject.fillColor.spot;

    myText = docRef.textFrames.add ();

    myText.contents = color;

    myText.position = [401, swatchBoxX];

    Rect = docRef.pathItems.rectangle (swatchBoxX, swatchBoxY, swatchBoxSize, swatchBoxSize) var;

    swatchBoxX = tpBox

    rect.fillColor = colour.color;

    Rect.stroked = true

    items [j] .duplicate (newGroup, ElementPlacement.PLACEATEND);

    } //end for

    } //end if

    else {}

    Alert ("Please select at least one object");


    newGroup.resize (20,20,true,true,true,true,20,Transformation.CENTER)

    newGroup.position = [160, -130];

    I just need some advice please

    Yep, put your more likely to use the first option, and more add an option 'default' in the end, in the case where a person enters a key out of reach

         swatchBoxX='whatever you want';
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    My work computer works under IE, and I want to instead use Firefox for my web browsing. However, there is a block admin on my computer that won't allow downloads of executable files. Is there a way to get Firefox on my work computer by downloading the file at home, put on a USB and then by running the file on my work computer? Any help would be appreciated.

    In fact, you may want to complete installation and not the installer of heel that is normally bound to on mozilla.org for Windows has been linked above in the first post. http://www.Mozilla.org/en-us/Firefox/all/

    However, the two will install Firefox and not just launch Firefox.

    You can opt for portable Firefox as it can even work with profile completely on the USB nothing is installed. It is not made by Mozilla however they've been a reliable option for several years now with the portable version of Firefox. http://PortableApps.com/apps/Internet/firefox_portable

    Also be careful because some workplaces cannot be authorized by running software that is not approved for example.

  • What is the best way to deal with a 'Implicit coercion' in a table to a sprite?

    Hi all!

    With the continued support of this forum, I'm getting closer to have a programme of work. I can't wait to be able to help others like me once I've finished learning the ropes of AS3.

    I'll briefly explain what I want to achieve and then followed with my question.


    I created a random number of 12 x 9 grid that fills each cell with an image, based on the numeric value of each cell. I also have a random play button that makes random numbers in the grid. The problem I am running became my click event of button to erase the current images off the grid in order to allocate the new (for example by removing the objects display battery in order to place the new ones in the same places).


    My question is this: what is the best way to manage an implicit constraint from a table to a sprite? I pasted my complete code below so that you can see how the functions are supposed to work together. My sentence is apparently not being able to use a value from array with a sprite (sprite represents the real layout of the grid on the pile of display while the table starts as a number that is assigned an image that must be transmitted to the sprite).


    import flash.display.MovieClip;
    import flash.display.DisplayObject;
    import flash.events.MouseEvent;
    import flash.display.Sprite;
    import flash.text.TextField;
    import flash.text.TextFormat;
    import flash.utils.getDefinitionByName;

    SerializableAttribute public class extends MovieClip Blanko
    Contains 12 * 9 grid of cells.
    var grid: Sprite;
    Maintains the shuffle button.
    var shuffleButton:Sprite;
    Is equal to 12 columns, 9 lines.
    var cols: int = 12;
    lines of the var: int = 9;
    Equal number of grid cells (108).
    cells var: int = COL * rows;
    Sets of cell width and height to 40 pixels.
    var cellW:int = 40;
    var cellH:int = 40;
    Contains 108 images of cell.
    var imageArray:Array = [];
    Contains 108 numerical values for the cells in the grid.
    var cellNumbers:Array = [];

    Constructor calls the functions "generateGrid" and "makeShuffleButton".
    public void Blanko()

    Creates and displays the grid 12 * 9.
    private function generateGrid (): void
    grid = new Sprite;
    var i: int = 0;

    for (i = 0; i < cells; i ++)
    cellNumbers.push (i % 9 + 1);
    trace ("before shuffle:", cellNumbers);
    shuffleCells (cellNumbers);
    trace ("after shuffle:", cellNumbers);
    var _cell:Sprite;

    for (i = 0; i < cells; i ++)

    / / This line is where the implicit constraint occurs. '_cell' is a leprechaun trying

    on a temporary basis equal to a value from array.
    _cell = drawCells (cellNumbers [i]);
    _cell.x = (I % cols) * cellW;
    _cell.y = (I / COL) * cellH;

    grid.addChild (_cell);

    Creates a "shuffle" button and adds a mouse click event.
    private function makeShuffleButton (): void
    var _label:TextField = new TextField();
    _label. AutoSize = 'center ';
    TextField (_label) .multiline = TextField (_label) .wordWrap = false;
    TextField (_label) .defaultTextFormat is new TextFormat ("Arial", 11, 0xFFFFFF, "bold");.
    _label. Text = "SHUFFLE";
    _label.x = 4;
    _label.y = 2;
    shuffleButton = new Sprite();
    shuffleButton.graphics.beginFill (0 x 484848);
    shuffleButton.graphics.drawRoundRect (0, 0, _label.width + _label.x * 2, _label.height +)
    _label.y * 2, 10);
    shuffleButton.addChild (_label);
    shuffleButton.buttonMode = shuffleButton.useHandCursor = true;
    shuffleButton.mouseChildren = false;
    shuffleButton.x = grid.x + 30 + grid.width - shuffleButton.width;
    shuffleButton.y = grid.y + grid.height + 10;
    this.addChild (shuffleButton);
    shuffleButton.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onShuffleButtonClick);

    Erase the images of the cell, mix of their numbers and then assigned these new images.
    private function onShuffleButtonClick (): void
    shuffleCells (cellNumbers);
    trace ("after shuffle:", cellNumbers);

    for (var i: int = 0; i < cells; i ++)
    drawCells (cellNumbers [i]);

    Deletes any existing cells in the battery of the display image.
    private void eraseCells(): void
    While (imageArray.numChildren > 0)
    imageArray.removeChildAt (0);

    Changes cell phones numbers (makes random table).
    private void shuffleCells(_array:Array):void
    var _number:int = 0;
    var _a:int = 0;
    var _b:int = 0;
    var _rand:int = 0;

    for (var i: int = _array.length - 1; i > 0; i-)
    _rand = Math.Random () * (i - 1);
    _A = _array [i];
    _B = _array [_rand];
    _ARRAY [i] = _b;
    [_Rand] _ARRAY = _a;

    Retrieves and sets a custom image to a cell based on its numerical value.
    private void drawCells(_numeral:int):Array
    var _classRef: Class = Class (getDefinitionByName ("skin" + _numeral));
    _classRef.x = 30;
    imageArray.push (_classRef);
    imageArray.addChild (_classRef);
    return of demonstration;


    Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    If you want to have an array of Sprites that you later clear that is fine. But this does not mean that your function should return to it.

    You need your function to return the sprite so that you can add it to the display list and everything what you need.

    So just have the function get Sprite, push it in the "toBeClearedInTheFutureArray" and then return a reference to the currently acquired sprite.

  • What is the best way to test connection keys?

    I created several key connection for different rolse on a new site. When I select the key, it asks if I want to replace the existing connection, which I really don't want to do.

    What is the best way to manage this sort the administration login isn't affected?

    Also create a connection for you key Administrator role, so you can quickly return.

  • Have a rocket w / 8 gb 8 GB; What is the best way to remove the mp3s in double...

    I looked through some 50 pages and did not find the answer.

    I have a 8 GB Fuze w / additional removable 8 GB.  By mistake I put a few same songs on both discs.  What is the best way to remove these and if I do not remove them, she also ruin added playlists?

    Thank you

    Connect it to your computer, set up 2 separate workstation boxes, one to an intern to exteranal and scroll down... delete the dupes of one of the disks and problem solved

    Edit: I forgot you questions about playlists of pesky things I barely use. Those that you might have to re-do.

Maybe you are looking for

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