What is the best way to use the Y50-70 battery please?

I bought the laptop y50-70

but I want to know what is the best method to use the battery.

and the best way to recharge.


IAM always use the cable and I gave the battery except a few times.

Thank you very much..


Best way to use the battery, if your laptop should ALWAYS be connected in-

Go to eat energy Lenovo - should be a RED icon in the system tray - and choose the mode for a better health of the battery (or battery Protection or health of battery optimized mode).

I don't know what the energy Manager version you have, but the option must seem similar. What it does is, it will keep your battery charged ONLY up to 60 percent and will increase its service life.

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  • Satellite U200: What's the best way to use a battery?

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    Well, the new generation of portable and battery allows to use the battery and the power adapter at the same time.
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    Best regards

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    Mikeporter says:
    1. get rid of all the structures of the sequence. None of them are nothing but apply a work order which would have been the same without them.

    So even if you delete the sequence structure, there will be a fixed & defined order and it is because LabVIEW follows the MODEL of FLOW OF DATA.

    Data flow model (more precisely in the context of LabVIEW): a block diagram node runs when it receives the required inputs. When a node is running, it produces output data and transmits data to the next node in the path of the data stream. The flow of data on the nodes determines the order of execution of the VIs and functions on the block diagram (click here for reference).

    Now in your code, just remove the sequence structure will not make you order will be going to stay the same, but you need to do some very minor changes (as thread of the error in loop, before that he go to the node "Élément Dequeue").

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    The model you are using (and qualifying as consumer/pmodel) is much too deviated from the original consumer/pmodel which model.

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    For the second, Yes, it's my fault for delete, though. I'm actually the example of model of producer/consumer design pattern, but I do not pay attention to the while loop in the part of the consumer.

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    NOTE for Windows Customer Service to transmit to one who can do something about it - Windows Update is one of the most AGGRAVATING on Windows things.  I have never run on any computer or OS, I had, but keep the faith that one day that will change.

    Hello Jenna.

    Please keep us updated on the status of the issue.

    Please do not hesitate to answer, in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

    Have a great day!

  • Re: Satellite L750-1LU - what is the standby time battery 'common '.


    I'm Rom of the Greece...
    I am a new owner of Toshiba (a few days ago) and my question is the BATTERY LIFE.
    I have a Sattelite L750-1LU and I wonna know what is the 'common' stand-by time for this laptop battery...

    When I bought the laptop (with all these countless TOSHIBA utility pre-assembled), my laptop did not stay... more... 1 HR!

    I already have a Greek contact with the technical team of Toshiba, but since they told me... the battery throughout the night the first 3 - 5 times (was... Lithium-ion battery didn't need such thing!), I wonna contacted a person non - Greek Tech.

    I already spend a few days and found a lot of interesting tips to increase the battery life, I did it, I removed the pre-installed Windows 7 with all Toshiba Utilities and I installed one pure "fresh" Win7 WITHOUT ANYTHING else (except all the drivers, I took half day... to collect) and now I think that the battery life is quite better (about 3 hours and some)...

    But I wonna know exactly what is the 'common' battery standby time, for this model, I bought.

    Please, answer me back.
    Kind regards.


    The laptop is supported by a battery of 6 cells 4400mAh
    It is a common battery that is built in series of laptops different, and it should be possible to extend the battery up to 3,5-4 hours work.

    But be aware that the battery working time depends on notebook use.

    Various factors may change the time of working of dough: brightness of the display, for example, use of CD/DVD and HARD disk drive, the CPU and cooling performance module all of these parts would drain the battery more slowly or faster depending on the settings.

    Working with the applications Office could slower battery as a game or watch movies on DVD.

    The formula is: t = Q / I
    t = time
    Q = electric charge (Ah)
    I have = amperage (A)

    So if you want to use Notepad for example 4 hours then all laptop computer s devices should not use more than 1000mA - 1100mA in an hour.

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    Keywords are hierarchical. You can have a keyword of the bird, then a keyword under Carouge to epaulettes (right click on the bird, select 'create one inside the Keyword tag...) (''), another subsidiary keyword under the bird (not under Red winged blackbird) 'in flight' and so on.

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    Who would have thought that the red winged Blackbirds could do?

    As a general rule, don't get too specific not in keywords. Use several keywords rather than a keyword that is full of details, as I described above.

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    A site in HTML with Flash plugins would hurt my ranking much?

    Could I solve my problem better by having a based HTML landing page which gives access to the 2 sites, only strictly HTML and Flash or Flash CMS based? Assuming that the landing page and the HTML parts are optimized properly, is the content that is on the page of launch of HTML and HTML site going to give me good SEO results, although one of the options to choose is a Flash site?

    Here are some resources that you may find useful...

    SEO Flash




    and the O'Reilly book: Search Engine Optimization for Flash by Todd Perkins, ISBN: 978-0-596-52252-0

  • OMEN of HP for computer laptop 15-ax006no: best way to use the battery


    I bought a HP OMEN for computer laptop 15-ax006no (http://store.hp.com/SwedenStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=X9Z44EA & opt = UUW & salt = NTB) earlier this week and I wonder how is best to use and to keep the battery?

    -Should I disconnect the battery when I have access to outlet?

    - Or should I fully charge and then use remove the charger and only work on battery?

    Thanks in advance!


    Batteries and Chargers for modern laptops are now smarter than we thought. They stop to load when 100% full

    1. Should I disconnect the battery when I have access to outlet? You, the risk is down, you have no backup power supply and it can kill your machine, speciall if she had a normal HARD drive.
    2. Or should I fully charge and then use remove the charger and only work on battery? This isn't a good idea because the battery will run out and you will need to recharge which means increase in cycles and the charge battery will die earlier.

    My option: maintain the battery even when plugin

    Kind regards.

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    Good evening everyone,

    I'm working on an application that retrieves the XML data and uses a DataGrid to display their (the very standard way).
    When a user selects a row in the DataGrid, I want to show more information in another panel - but not in a Datagrid (regarding only ONE item), but in simple controls such as labels or text boxes.
    This information is also stored in the XML data source, but it is not displayed in the DataGrid control.

    I think I'm pretty confused at this point, I think there must be a way easy and smart to do that, but I have not tried.
    I rly want to avoid to "manually" using SOMETHING like "label.text = xmlSource. ....'

    Is anyone an idea? :)

    Best regards


    Suppose you have 3 columns {id, firstName, LastName}
    Set the visible attribute for the column you want to hide to false.
    Add the click event to your DataGrid
    in the click handler function:
    private void clickHandler(e:Event):void
    firstNameText.text. = selectedItem.firstName (e.currentTarget as DataGrid);

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