What is the best way to work with Word documents in The InDesign CS4?

I work in Microsoft Word 2007 and all my documents have.doc format.

What is the best way to work with Word documents in InDesign CS4?

David Blatner says to avoid copying and pasting text from Word instead of placing (Ctrl + D).

How to paste RTF or text Document?

I want to do a book layout in ID CS4 and its main feature is that there is the left page with the text and the right - with graphics.

So, if I understand correctly place the text on each page I create for example 70 Word documents and place each element on 70 pages left?

He loks like wasting time. I have supplements another way to make such provision?  What kind?


It is best to place any text.

You can have all your text in a single file and debit allows you to add text, images and pages as necessary block (hold down the SHIFT key when you click the loaded text cursor), but it is somewhat atypical for the thread on one side of the spread in the perspective of automatic flow, so you don't have to set up properly.

It is a case where a block of text that you type will work to your advantage. On your master page, add a text block to the left page, but not to the right (or at least not donned one to the right - for another project you can actually two threads of independent text). Hold the cursor of the load on a frame on the left side of a page document and auto-flux. ID will add new spreads as needed, but only to put the text on the left side.


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  • Extension to work with Word Press pages?

    Where can I get an extension that will allow me to work with Word Press pages in DW?

    Thank you.

    You mean dreamer theme?

    To do this, you will find a link in the tutorial below:

    Creating a press theme Word in Dreamweaver - part 1, the basics
    http://www.Adobe.com/devnet/Dreamweaver/articles/creating_wordpress_theme_with_dreamweaver _pt1.html

    Nancy O.
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    Hi all!

    With the continued support of this forum, I'm getting closer to have a programme of work. I can't wait to be able to help others like me once I've finished learning the ropes of AS3.

    I'll briefly explain what I want to achieve and then followed with my question.


    I created a random number of 12 x 9 grid that fills each cell with an image, based on the numeric value of each cell. I also have a random play button that makes random numbers in the grid. The problem I am running became my click event of button to erase the current images off the grid in order to allocate the new (for example by removing the objects display battery in order to place the new ones in the same places).


    My question is this: what is the best way to manage an implicit constraint from a table to a sprite? I pasted my complete code below so that you can see how the functions are supposed to work together. My sentence is apparently not being able to use a value from array with a sprite (sprite represents the real layout of the grid on the pile of display while the table starts as a number that is assigned an image that must be transmitted to the sprite).


    import flash.display.MovieClip;
    import flash.display.DisplayObject;
    import flash.events.MouseEvent;
    import flash.display.Sprite;
    import flash.text.TextField;
    import flash.text.TextFormat;
    import flash.utils.getDefinitionByName;

    SerializableAttribute public class extends MovieClip Blanko
    Contains 12 * 9 grid of cells.
    var grid: Sprite;
    Maintains the shuffle button.
    var shuffleButton:Sprite;
    Is equal to 12 columns, 9 lines.
    var cols: int = 12;
    lines of the var: int = 9;
    Equal number of grid cells (108).
    cells var: int = COL * rows;
    Sets of cell width and height to 40 pixels.
    var cellW:int = 40;
    var cellH:int = 40;
    Contains 108 images of cell.
    var imageArray:Array = [];
    Contains 108 numerical values for the cells in the grid.
    var cellNumbers:Array = [];

    Constructor calls the functions "generateGrid" and "makeShuffleButton".
    public void Blanko()

    Creates and displays the grid 12 * 9.
    private function generateGrid (): void
    grid = new Sprite;
    var i: int = 0;

    for (i = 0; i < cells; i ++)
    cellNumbers.push (i % 9 + 1);
    trace ("before shuffle:", cellNumbers);
    shuffleCells (cellNumbers);
    trace ("after shuffle:", cellNumbers);
    var _cell:Sprite;

    for (i = 0; i < cells; i ++)

    / / This line is where the implicit constraint occurs. '_cell' is a leprechaun trying

    on a temporary basis equal to a value from array.
    _cell = drawCells (cellNumbers [i]);
    _cell.x = (I % cols) * cellW;
    _cell.y = (I / COL) * cellH;

    grid.addChild (_cell);

    Creates a "shuffle" button and adds a mouse click event.
    private function makeShuffleButton (): void
    var _label:TextField = new TextField();
    _label. AutoSize = 'center ';
    TextField (_label) .multiline = TextField (_label) .wordWrap = false;
    TextField (_label) .defaultTextFormat is new TextFormat ("Arial", 11, 0xFFFFFF, "bold");.
    _label. Text = "SHUFFLE";
    _label.x = 4;
    _label.y = 2;
    shuffleButton = new Sprite();
    shuffleButton.graphics.beginFill (0 x 484848);
    shuffleButton.graphics.drawRoundRect (0, 0, _label.width + _label.x * 2, _label.height +)
    _label.y * 2, 10);
    shuffleButton.addChild (_label);
    shuffleButton.buttonMode = shuffleButton.useHandCursor = true;
    shuffleButton.mouseChildren = false;
    shuffleButton.x = grid.x + 30 + grid.width - shuffleButton.width;
    shuffleButton.y = grid.y + grid.height + 10;
    this.addChild (shuffleButton);
    shuffleButton.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onShuffleButtonClick);

    Erase the images of the cell, mix of their numbers and then assigned these new images.
    private function onShuffleButtonClick (): void
    shuffleCells (cellNumbers);
    trace ("after shuffle:", cellNumbers);

    for (var i: int = 0; i < cells; i ++)
    drawCells (cellNumbers [i]);

    Deletes any existing cells in the battery of the display image.
    private void eraseCells(): void
    While (imageArray.numChildren > 0)
    imageArray.removeChildAt (0);

    Changes cell phones numbers (makes random table).
    private void shuffleCells(_array:Array):void
    var _number:int = 0;
    var _a:int = 0;
    var _b:int = 0;
    var _rand:int = 0;

    for (var i: int = _array.length - 1; i > 0; i-)
    _rand = Math.Random () * (i - 1);
    _A = _array [i];
    _B = _array [_rand];
    _ARRAY [i] = _b;
    [_Rand] _ARRAY = _a;

    Retrieves and sets a custom image to a cell based on its numerical value.
    private void drawCells(_numeral:int):Array
    var _classRef: Class = Class (getDefinitionByName ("skin" + _numeral));
    _classRef.x = 30;
    imageArray.push (_classRef);
    imageArray.addChild (_classRef);
    return of demonstration;


    Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    If you want to have an array of Sprites that you later clear that is fine. But this does not mean that your function should return to it.

    You need your function to return the sprite so that you can add it to the display list and everything what you need.

    So just have the function get Sprite, push it in the "toBeClearedInTheFutureArray" and then return a reference to the currently acquired sprite.

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    Should I delete the page and then add URL redirect via the module to redirect BC a relevant page.


    I have to keep the page alive but 301 redirect using the property of the redirection page 301 in addition to Options?

    One is better than the other?

    Redirect via the page is there if you want to keep the page for any reason content wise, etc. in the admin. Web site wise is no different. A 301 redirect is a redirect 301 Grant, there is no difference.

  • What is the best way to work! Local or remote...

    I work with Dreamweaver for about 4 months now, but I'm hard-pressed to find how the more preductive to work.

    You work in the local or remote view.

    With local all links with all images need to be changed when goes live, but it's a lot of work to have to go through all the pictures again.

    What do guys do?

    If your link paths work locally at the premiere, but doesn't work on the remote site, there is definitely something wrong with your site definition.

    The site root directory should not appear in your local files Panel.  It must be set in your settings of remote server only.  See screenshot:

    Nancy O.

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    can read contacts in javaScript?

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    Please let me know if there is any info I could give you that could be useful in order to understand this one.



    PS: for the temporary folder, I use a name like to-do Images

    Remember once the keywords are used is not just the manipulation/image adjustments which are important metadata but also robust observation with integrity

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