What is the best wireless printer, I have an ipad and the mac pro with the lions

What is the best wireless printer, I have an ipad & mac pro with the lions


According to your budget, any printer in this list may very well do the job:


Kind regards.

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    I have need help to understand why and if there will be soon new photoshop upgrade for the Mac pro 2013.

    Thanks Marco

    All right, you're a Mac user and cannot bother to do what people ask.  I hope that Adobe solves your problem for you.


  • I have an iPad and I try to download, I need help!

    I have an ipad and I am trying to download the google toolbar and why I have Firefox and when I try I get a Safari cannot download the answer. Help, please! I'm not that swavy with ipad, as you can tell and she also don't will not download to my MacBook Pro either. I use a basic windows and need serious help.
    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Tammy Lyne, NREMT-P

    Apple does not allow applications like Firefox in their app store. There is therefore no Firefox for iPad iOS devices. I don't think that either, there is a Google toolbar for the iPad.

    For your Mac Book Pro should work the following link, http://download.mozilla.org/?product=firefox-4.0.1 & os = osx & lang = en-US the instructions to complete the installation can be found at https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Installing%20Firefox%20on%20Mac

  • I buy a new 2015 mac mini with El Capitan.  I currently have a 2013 mac mini with Mountain Lion.  It would benefit me to upgrade my 2013 to El Capitan, before migrating my information to my mac mini to 2015?  Thanks in advance!

    I buy a new 2015 mac mini with El Capitan.  I currently have a 2013 mac mini with Mountain Lion.  It would benefit me to upgrade my 2013 to El Capitan, before migrating my information to my mac mini to 2015?  Thanks in advance!

    Yes, it is better to update the old Mac EC.

    Make sure that you back up the old Mac before the upgrade.

    Note the application of some may require updated to work with CBS. To check see it:


    Also, some devices may require updated drivers and for some devices such drivers do not exist.

  • I TRY to INSTALL MY CEATIVE SUITE 2 FOR MAC PRO WITH OSX.9, I don't really know why I keep answering the same questiion

    I TRY to INSTALL MY CEATIVE SUITE 2 FOR MAC PRO WITH OSX.9, I don't really know why I keep answering the same questiion

    CS2 and MacOSX10.9 are not compatible. CS2 works on the old Mac with a PowerPC processor. Current Mac have an Intel processor and CS2 does not work.

  • I have Creative Suite and web Design 6 - with a serial number. I reinstalled my computer

    I have Creative Suite and web Design 6 - with a serial number. I reinstalled my computer after installing the CS6 direct download of my Adobe, even once, it will not accept my serial code and the information are: "the series you provided is valid, but a qualifying product is not found on this computer."

    It seems that you need to choose the product that you upgraded.

  • DeskJet 2546 b: Wireless print job stays in queue and poster printer offline after the upgrade to Windows 10

    I write a fix I found for a pretty annoying problem involving 10 Windows and HP wireless printers.

    My Deskjet 2546-b printer was printing OK wireless to the point 8.1 of Windows until that I upgraded my computer to Windows 10. Immediately after I upgraded to Windows 10, I could not scan, so I reinstalled the printer software and has worked for a day or two and then the printer would print not unless I restarted the printer or the computer - sometimes 2 or 3 times. This went on for a few weeks, sometimes it would be nice, sometimes, usually after the computer restarts, he would simply go offline. Once, he went offline 3 times when I was printing about 20 postage labels, recently he went 1 week without any problems.

    Long story short, after a lot of troubleshooting and to help a friend to HP, I found the problem to be associated with the WSD/service Port in Windows 10. My printer still maintains a stable connection with my Netgear router (wireless to the printer light stays on blue) and I was able to scan from the HP software and I could ping the printer... but printing would be just stuck in the print queue (the spooler service) and the printer showed offline in the queue, hardware and windows devices , or when printing from a program like Windows.

    I learned that if I went in devices and printers, until I sent a print job, if the printer showed offline, I could save time by restarting the printer simply and he would come every time (less painful) online.

    But it's just a solution and not a solution.

    Nothing worked... not even print and scan doctor. The final fix that worked was to define an IP address manually for the printer, and then I put the print driver to use a standard TCP/IP port.

    Here is the step by step. Your printer must already be connected to your network (solid blue on printer).

    Step 1: Make sure your printer uses a manual IP address

    (1) to obtain the IP address of your printer:

    • If your printer has a control panel with a menu, it's easy... Just look in the settings menu without wire/report and write your printer IPv4 address.
    • If your printer is not a menu of fancy and repower the computer and printer HP Print and Scan Doctor network menu display use (wireless), or you can connect to your router from a web browser (usually and look at attached IPs (like me). Some printers can also print a report of the network when you hold down some buttons everything back up and running, but you will need to search the web site of the Internet or HP to find the process for your printer model - the report displays the IP Address of the printer.

    (2) once you have the IP address of the printer number, type this information in a web browser... like 192.168.1.x (where x is the last number of your printer)

    Web page of the printer should find - otherwise, use another browser (you can use a tablet or iPad if you want). HP has several different forms of printing of web pages (embedded web servers) depending on your printer model, but they all have a large number of parameters.

    (3) since the network tab or section, look for a manual IP address configuration.

    (4) suggest an IP address or type in a new.  I've personally used suggest and then replaced by the last number 241. You want to use a high number, something in the order of 240 to 250 to reduce the risk of problems caused by your router assign this number to something else on your network. Note the 4 digits for the new IP address manual, you will use them later.

    5) click apply and close the web page of the printer.

    Step 2: Make the print driver using the manual IP address of the printer

    Open the devices and printers in Windows, right click on your printing device and select printer properties. Follow the prompts to get the WSD port and on a new local port...

    1) click on the ports tab.

    (2) add the Port.

    (3) click on after the first screen, and then click new port type.

    (4) enter the IP address of the printer.

    (5) next.

    (6) select the new port.

    7) click OK.

    You have now two pilots displayed in the printers and devices window, you can now print... but you might not be able to scan and the HP printing software may not work as he might want to lets you add a new printer when you open it... If Yes, proceed to step 3.

    Step 3: Remove print devices and install a new one.

    Need to do this to get the software back HP synchronized so you can scan.

    (1) right click 2 print devices listed in the window of your printer and remove them by clicking on remove device.

    (2) open the HP printer Assistant software (from the icon on the desktop or you can search Windows by using the name of your printer).

    (3) installation/add a new printer... go fast and a new device icon is added to the printers and devices window.

    4) return to the printers and devices window and open the properties of the printer again for your printer icon.

    5) go to the ports tab (yet) and you'll see a new selected WSD port, select Port Standard, you created earlier in step 2.

    (6) you have now two print devices in the window (again), but now everything should work.

    These two devices alone from here on out. Do not remove one and everything should work fine. At least it worked for me. I hope it works for you. I'm hoping a Windows update resolves this problem soon, I see many people who cannot print or scan wireless after they upgraded - not just the stuff of HP.

  • my wireless printer appear on my iphone and ipad, but does not print when prompted

    My ipad and iphone shows my printer wireless hp and said it sends to the printer, but nothing prints.

    Let's start by rebooting the router.  If this does not work, change the encryption from WEP to WPA (as appropriate).

  • Cannot print files have since Indesign and Illustrator


    I tried to find my answer on other posts here, but couldn't.

    Background: we have CS4 and place a variety of vector maps directly from HERE into our InDesign documents that they are related. We use the similar card formats in other files and have not had any problems in past years, or until this InDesign file. This particular ID file is 290 pages and 12 492 kb, which is not much different then our other documents) they are long text documents, our 8 cards are the only graphics.

    It's only the cards in this file will not print from InDesign, Illustrator or Adobe Acrobat (9 Pro). our copier or our regular printer. Everything prints then when our map section rises, the printer stops. (All cards fine print for our other InDesign documents that were created using the same templates) We have had no problems printing to date.

    We tried without success:

    Export to PDF (cards still wont ' print from the PDF file)

    Export the Indesign document as in the Exchange and re-registration.

    Re-create the Illustrator file

    Copy and paste the file in a new document Illustrator.

    Are there preferences of the user or memory problems that could be the cause? Another way to check the file do to possible corruption?

    We do not get the message error from illustrator or InDesign guests.  The programs aren't break not just the printer does not print the cards. I wonder if split this 290 page Indesign file can help, but the strange thing is that our other files like this all very well.

    I'm puzzled. Thanks for your help!

    creusche wrote:

    will not print from InDesign, Illustrator

    That tells me a lot and narrow your problem down to be in the illustrator file. When you recreated it, did you copy and paste elements from the original?

    Your file could not be printing because:

    • You have a corrupt font, you use
    • A very large amount of vector point and you are overflowing limitcheck
    • Some points are confusing interpreting postscript (for example: 10 points of vector not connected directly on top of the other)

    Try to select > object > stray points and remove them, if they are not needed.

    Otherewise, I recommend the ILLUSTRATOR CHOP SHOP TECHNIQUE

    1. In illustrator, save a copy of the file
    2. Select items in half
    3. Remove them and try to print
    4. Keep doing this until the document print
    5. Once it prints undo your last deletion and try to find the exact faulty component.
    6. If you deleted everything and the document does not print, your problem would have probably been set by selecting all and paste into a fresh illustrator document.

    The chop shop has set several files for me over the years, hope it solves your problem unprintable.

  • Have a Mac mini end of 2012 OSX elcapitan cannot use airdrop with my iPad air2 and mini iPad and iPhone 5, while the iPad and iPhone work fine with airdrop.  Can anyone help?


    I have a mac mini end of 2012, air2 Ipad, mini iPad and iPhone 5.  I have a problem: while I can use airdrop between iPad and iPhone, I can't use airdrop

    between mini mac and other devices that I own and vice versa.  Can someone help me?

    Thanks Vincenzo

    Mini PS mac is updated with OSX El Capitan

    The Mac sees the iOS devices in AirDrop?

    IOS devices see the mac in AirDrop?

    It worked before?

    Have you put off, then back on your router?

  • I have an iPad and you'd like to raise my list of bookmarks of Firefox for MAC to my iPad Safari.app; is it possible automatically?

    I have a MacBook Pro under OS X 10.5.7 and an iPad running iOS 6.1.3 2.
    On MAC, I have Firefox for MAC v 19.0.2 and Safari 6.0.3
    The iPad, I have only Safari for iPad. I always use Firefox as my browser for the MacBook, but there is no Firefox app for the iPad.

    My Safari bookmarks automatically updated the MacBook to the iPad, but not Firefox for iPad. Is it possible for the auto update from Firefox instead of Safari to the Safari.app iPad? If not, is there an easy way on the MacBook to hold Safari bookmarks up-to-date with bookmarks in Firefox, so that the iPad share my Firefox bookmarks?

    If this is not possible now, you count that is possible for MAC users who also have an iPad?


  • Impossible to share the internet connection on the mac pro with the 5s iPhone book

    Hi, I use Internet on my mac pro book using ethernet

    I try to connect to internet on my iPhone 5 s using internet sharing. When I try to connect my iPhone using wifi it shows that there is an authentication failure

    Please help me solve the problem

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Hima8,

    If you are unable to get your iPhone to connect to a network Wi - Fi, the article below the link Details a number of troubleshooting steps that may help restore his ability to do.

    If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connects to a Wi - Fi network

    All my best.

  • Cannot find printing software for hp6510 for yosemite bk mac pro.

    I'm unable to locate printing to my hp b211a software for my mac pro 6510 using yosemite bk.  Appreciate any help.  Thank you!

    Hi @Esspee

    I found the full feature software and driver for you to download and install on Yosemite;

    Exit the: 2014-10-22
    File name: HP-inkjet ink-SW-OSX - Mavericks_v12.34.39.dmg [1/1, 126.83 M]
    Version: 12.34
    Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.9 & Mac OS X 10.10

    If this resolve your request, please let me know by marking this message as "accept as a Solution. Thanks.If you need help, I'm here to help

    -In support of Movember

  • How can I place Sarfari if I have a desk top 2006 mac Pro?

    I have a Mac Pro to 2006 bureau. It cannot be upgraded to higher then 10.7.5. I received many Web sites I visit to upgrade or my Safari or websites may not work properly. I really like the Safari and want to continue using it. Do I have to buy a new computer? Is this way Apple force me to do?


    After an undetermined number of years Apple constantly updating software for older systems. Everyone does this, but at different times.  Thinking back on it with Apple, it was usually after a version of the system is about 6 years old and a whole lot of support recently made the break with the systems of pre - OSX 10.7.  If you want a browser supported for 10.6, you will have to look in other browsers that for now at least, still support 10.7.  I think that Firefox still doesn't work and I don't know if the branch of TenFourFox of Firefox will adopt now 10.6 users. They still make a version of Firefox for computers PPC owners.

    I think I've seen others mention Opera.

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