What is the difference between Fdisk and Chkdsk programs?


I don't think I have a common question of OS knowledge and I worked a lot with both, however for years so I forgot everything I used to know.  I was talking to someone Executibles MS-DOS command line and this person I know told me in email and I did not at the moment, but he said the following:

"Fdisk and chkdsk are pretty much the same.

Being an old Microsoft OS Engineer I knew it was wrong, however I've been retired since almost 20 years and I have not worked with either for a while.  I looked in the KB for articles explaining the difference between fdisk and chkdsk or define at least the two against each other, but there is no specific article I could find.  I remember the days when the scariest user had a problem, but they ran all third party software on their computer and have installed BETA version software etc so I'm sure you know the drill and this type of person.

The person who said this about fdisk and chkdsk is one of those people.  It is a really nice guy, but a nightmare to Microsoft when you talk to a convenience store to the BONE for assistance.  Is there someone out there who could you, please, help me and summarize an irrefutable definition or description indicating the differences between fdisk and chkdisk?  I don't remember the basic functions both I widely used both, but too many years have passed and I don't want to sound like a fool trying to write about the differences.

I'd appreciate any help I want to educate my friend and the intention is to not make this person feel like a stupid either.

Thank you, and I expect your response.


The two are completely different, one is a format utility the other is a utility disk check


Fdisk was used in earlier versions of victory


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