What is the difference between the USB modes and when to use them?

Hi everyone, I am a new user of Clip 8 GB and have read some documents here.  I am now totally confused as to what are the 3 modes various usb and when to use them.  I only move & paste books audio mp3 to my clip at the moment, but hope to soon try to download from the internet libraries.  I left my USB for auto detects and had no problem to upgrade to the new firmware, or to see one of my books.  I tried the other two modes and sees again all 3 of my books.  I don't want to complicate, while I suggest you to use it for everything?  Or is it possible?  I want to download mp3 from sites books and burn them on cd as a backup, so it doesn't go away in 2 weeks time.  This way I can put it on the clip when I'm done with my course books.  Is it possible, or can you only download directly on your clip?   Thanks from a newbie.   Aliza

Three modes are MSC, PSG and Autodetect, sometimes called AutodeFect.  But you probably know the names.

MSC, aka UMS, treats the Clip as a flash drive when it is connected to a computer.  Drag and drop.

PSG is Microsoft to 'manage' your 'rights '.  Transferred files can be limited to a number of ways and can 'end', then you will need to reauthorize them.

I suspect that the books of the library must be transferred in MTP mode, so that you can only "check them out" for a limited period of time.  If so, burn them on a CD do you no good, as they will always expire.

I've never had a need to MTP mode, but I can at some time try an audiobook from my library of the city, in which case I'll need to.

Theoretically, they work together very well.  You can see all files when using the clamp.  The computer can see files transferred in MTP mode when connected to the MTP and MSC transferred only when connected to the CSM.  AutoDetect, who knows the devil.  I would like to avoid it like the plague.

As for use, I suggest using MSC for everything, unless it won't work, what try DPW.

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