What is the difference between WHEN-TREE-NODE-ACTIVATED and


Pls tell me, what is the difference between:


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The difference is the number of clicks. one click = selected, double-click on = active.

You would find that information for yourself, just read the documentation online.


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    What is the difference between a version of MAR and the software win7 INKL?


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    • What exactly you're talking about when you say, 'Version INKL of Windows 7?

    I'll be happy to answer your query, however, please explain more about abbreviation INKL. There is a version called Office of ink that is used in the Tablet PC.

    Here's the other version of Windows, you can make reference to:

    MAR - Microsoft Authorized Reacondicionador

    A new PC requires a version of windows with a new key license installed if purchased from a manufacturer.

    A refurbished PC is allowed to use an existing product key (2nd hand if you like) as long as it is always delivered with a certificate of authenticity (COA). This is referred to as MAR (Microsoft authorized Reacondicionador) which means that Microsoft allows to use existing keys/licenses products.

    Buy a version of windows means MAR technically you buy a second hand copy - being however, software, so it comes with COST, will make absolutely no difference at all.

    N and KN editions

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    Please let us know what exactly are you referring to when you say version INKL of Windows 7, so we can further research and answer.

    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • Can someone tell me what is the difference between a default playback device and a default communication device?

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    In fact, I use the recording software to record songs instead of downloading. Some recorders record their own drivers and they work fine. But sometimes, they do not respond. The DD Realtek Audio Manager is sick with something. People suffer a lot using this. My questions are endless. Some of them are:

    • What is "Realtek Digital Output?
    • Save devices-part of sound cards?
    • What are animals like 'Audio CD' and 'Stereo Mix' displayed on the DD Realtek Audio Manager?
    I'm sorry for not being specific, but I need a very good idea of how to deal with the settings of the sound in windows 7. And one thing, I have no microphone plugged but always Realtek HD Audio Manager detects? Why?

    Hi SandiKollol,

    A communication device can mean different things, but mostly it is used to allow voice communications on the internet.

    A playback device plays his return, such as your speakers or headphones.

    I hope this helps.

  • What are the differences between pga memory max session and pga session in memory?

    Hi all

    What are the differences between pga memory max session and pga session in memory?

    SELECT s.sid, n.name, s.value FROM v$ sesstat s, v$ statname n

    WHERE s.statistic # = n.statistic #.

    AND n.name = 'pga session in memory. "

    SELECT s.sid, n.name, s.value FROM v$ sesstat s, v$ statname n

    WHERE s.statistic # = n.statistic #.

    AND n.name = 'pga memory max session ";

    Note that I have read the documentation. However, it is not clearly explained.

    Thank you

    John Stegeman wrote:

    I agree with the comments of the Ed, NightWing.

    You do not have a story to ask questions that are clearly answered in the documentation.

    Mind your own business. If you answer the question, so answer! Otherwise, please stop the thread engrossing.

  • What is the difference between a virtual machine cloning and v2v conversion to a virtual machine

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    Cloning process is to duplicate a VM. V2V is deploy vm on vsphere environment to another virtual machine format (example: the workstation, hyper-v).

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    Acrobat Reader is just a viewer/reader PDF; It cannot modify or create PDFs.

    You will need Acrobat Standard or Pro to extract pages from a PDF.

  • What is the difference between "vShpere SDK ro Perl"and "vSphere Web Services SDK (for Java or c#)"?

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    -What are the different programming language? Is there another difference?

    I'm looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you!

    If you are new on the VMware API/SDK, highly recommend you take a look at the following: Getting Started with vSphere SDK - Update for SDK 4.1 release

    vSphere SDK for Perl is just one of the many client SDK for vSphere API that is flush with vcenter times and ESX (i) as a standard Web service.

    vSphere SDK for Java - SDK Java to vSphere API for Java developers

    vSphere SDK for Perl - Perl SDK for vSphere API for Perl developers

    vSphere SDK for c# - c# SDK for vSphere API for c# developers

    PowerCLI - PowerShell SDK for vSphere API for developers of Powershell

    I hope that makes a bit more sense


    William Lam

    VMware vExpert 2009,2010

    VMware VCP3, 4

    VMware VCAP4-DCA

    VMware scripts and resources at: http://www.virtuallyghetto.com/

    Twitter: @lamw

    repository scripts vGhetto

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    VMware developer community

    If you find this information useful, please give points to "correct" or "useful".

  • What is the difference between and

    What is the difference between and is the basic version of Oracle installed on the system. is the version of the PSU (set of updated patches) applied to the basic version.

    Take a look at this http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/server.111/b28310/dba004.htm

  • What is the difference between buying creative cloud membership and subscription purchase?

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    If I'm not allowed to buy creative cloud in my country, can I still purchase subscription?

    Forward to your response.

    Thank you


    Those are two separate monthly subscriptions for individual applications allowing you to cancel at any time. It is the most expensive but the most flexible way of the subscription.

    Creative cloud is a collective term for a subscription to the Master Collection of apps all most all of the additional products and services that come with all members of the cloud. http://www.Adobe.com/UK/products/creativecloud/tools.html

    If you want only a soft then a stand-alone subscription is the way to go.

    If you want at least two applications, then an annual membership of cloud is cheaper overall.

    Which country are you? Cloud memberships are not available in all countries.

    http://www.Adobe.com/UK/products/creativecloud/FAQ.html#availability (In which countries can I buy a subscription to Creative cloud?)

  • What is the difference between making a site inactive and end provider, provider dating site?


    There are 3 ways to make a provider site unavailable for use in R12?

    Accounts payable Manager > search provider, and then click address book

    (1) click the button remove

    2) click on "Update" and change the status to "inactive."

    3) click on 'Manage the Sites' and fixed the date passed in 'inactive Date '.

    What is the difference between them and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

    Kind regards


    Pros to delete: If there were human errors while accessing a supplier Site and if they are to be discarded then you can use this option. By example, bad provider Siite imported sources via interfaces or data conversion.

    Cons to delete: Auditors will be unhappy because the record is no more.

    Pros from inactive: Consider a scenario in which a provider of on-site audit has arrived and the audit found non-compliance with the operations of the Site to a specific provider. In such a case, that your company has decided to not not to create one more (or business) transactions with the Site Supplier up to what the provider meets the policies agreed contractual and accounts gives a green signal. And this is where you use 'inactive' for simply inactivate the vendor Site and then reactivate after passing a second check.

    Cons of idle: You not save the date to which it has been inactivated. However the database captures the "last_update_date" column (which is not useful unless you have activated the check feature).

    Pros inactive Date: Consider a scenario in which your provider had a warehouse in Auckland. But now they have closed the warehouse and moved to China. In this case, you always want to maintain previous transactions in the system, as well as from the point of view of the audit after inactivating you add some comments here. This is where the functionality of 'inactive date' will be very convenient in which you show clearly in the system when the site became inactive (and the reason for this action).

    I hope this helps.


    Kamal Khan


  • What is the difference between Windows 7 starter edition and the complete software of Windows 7?

    I am considering buying my daughter a netbook, but the operating system is Windows 7 starter 32 bit SP1. What is the difference between that and the complete software of Windows 7?

    Have a look here...


    There are fewer features because the machines that installed Starter tend to be low power devices...

  • What is the difference between asus enrich your life and enrich your life rt

    I'm not sure

    Hi Mitchellburke,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.
    Since you want to know the difference between Asus enrich your life and enrich your life RT, you can contact Asus for additional assistance.
    ASUS supports:
    If you need help to resolve any issues related to Windows, please reply and we will be happy to help you.
  • What is the difference between CC 64 bit Photoshop and Photoshop CC 2014?  I think I have them both on my machine

    When I'm in Lighroom and click on change in and Photoshop select the option I get is Photoshop CC 2014.  However, the program that I have pinned to my taskbar is CC 64-bit Photoshop. What is the difference?  I guess that CC 64 bit is the most up-to-date or is it.  How can I change that Lightroom allows you to edit photos?

    Thank you


    Usually the last 6/2015 Lightroom edits by default in the CC 2014 module development > Photo > edit in...

    However, in Lr preferences, you can choose another editor.

  • What is the difference between Tecra M11-h-13 and M11 - 10F?


    Looking at the web page of Toshiba, I can't tell the difference between the Tecras M11-h-13 and M11 - 10F (besides the ~ 200 euros of cost difference).
    Can someone please enlight me? I see that there is a difference in the wireless card intel, but this difference is too small to allow an increase of 200 euros in the price.

    Thanks in advance,
    Nuno Lopes

    As I see the only difference is probably available 3G antenna. Tecra M11-h-13 has 3G antenna inside and Tecra M11 - 10F comes without 3G.

  • What is the difference between upgrade repair on-site and anytime upgrade to Windows 7?

    What is the diffenence between repair in-Place Upgrade to Windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 7?

    An upgrade of the repair is the simple process to install a new version over the existing installation of Windows 7 using your installation DVD. What it does is to replace the files of operating system broken while preserving your personal files, settings and installed applications.


    Upgrade upgrades an existing edition of Windows 7 to a higher edition, for example, Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Ultimate. An Anytime Upgrade can't upgrade from earlier versions of Windows such as Windows XP or Windows Vista.

    Windows 7 - Anytime Upgrade - frequently asked Questions:


    Windows 7 - upgrade Express features:


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