What is the display screen color recommended for fine arts

I need to send pictures of my works so, what color recommended for my screen?


Each monitor will interpret according to local settings of RGB. LCD monitor displays colors in this way, by combination of red, green and blue LEDS (light emitting diodes). It is an additive color model in which Red, green and blue are added together in various ways to reproduce a wide range of colors.

You have no control over other peoples screens settings

Make it look good on your is the best you can do.

If you want to print CMYK is a subtractive color model, used in color printing, which you have control of the finished product.

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    We had settled on 800 x 600, but since we use a Table of contents on projects, this means that people using 1024 x 768 on their office do scroll to the right to see the entire slide.  If we use 720 x 540, everything seems to be fine.

    On some web pages, I've seen 1024 x 768 recommended as the minimum resolution to develop for, but that seems to be a little dated now that more people are getting wide screens. What minimum aim for you (especially if you add a Table of contents)?

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    In my company, we use 980 x 560 px because it fits perfectly into our LMS framework and corresponds to a screen of 1024 x 768. We do not use the table of contents so the 980px wide is the actual content area.

    Most of our users run 1280 x 1024 resolutions, but we have some more using the old trust 1024 x 768 while we always aim the smallest resolution as scrollbars ongoing e-Learning will kill your course.

    / Michael

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    For technical purposes, I recommend you only keep utilities all programs that you install on the startup disk. This is recommended if you plan to upgrade to future releases of Windows such as Windows 8 because you will experience problems with the installation program.

    I recommend however, you can keep accumulated data such as Documents, Photos, music, videos on a separate partition to ensure custody.

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    Thank you

    I always use default color settings, and I'm happy with it.
    You have some problems with the display of colors?

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    What is recommended for the cleaning of the display screen?


    You can use Microfiber cleaning chiffonette and can clear the LCD screen of the camera. This will remove dust, dirt and fingerprints on the LCD without scratches or scratches and without the use of harmful chemicals. Don't use solvents or liquid-based cleaners.

    NOTE: A cleaning cloth can be purchased at any specialty camera store or order directly from the Web site of Sony parts and accessories sales or by calling (800) 488-7669.

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    Its state of the Rhapsody subscription.  Full point means a lot of time, until you have to connect to the computer.

    1/4 full means only a few days left.

    empty circle means securities subscription have expired and will not play until you connect to Rhapsody.

  • What are the definitions of colors that are triangles of histogram in Lightroom?

    What are the definitions of colors that are triangles of histogram in Lightroom?

    I just got working with the histogram in Lightroom.
    I understand the basic principles and how to apply the settings to eliminate the white triangle and get it to gray when the triangle lights up.

    I notice that the Triangle will both light up in different colors such as:
    Yellow, white, red.
    What do the colours mean?
    Finally, I get to have the gray triangle Tower.
    However: I do the right setting to get to the gray color where one white color other then lights?

    In other words:
    If I change the whites/highlights is that the correct change or should it be exhibition based on a color then other white indicating in the triangle.

    I hope I explained my question properly, ask any follow-up questions if I failed to make the case for the question.
    Thank you


    Triangles indicate that one or more channel was cut in the shade (left) or (right) highlights.

    When a channel has been cut, there is no color of this channel - i.e. the value is 0 or 255.

    Edit: Lightroom uses % instead of levels for color values, so are the number 0 or 100%

    red = red channel cut

    Green = green channel cut

    Blue = Blue channel cut

    cyan = green, and blue channels cut

    Magenta = red and blue channels cut

    yellow = the red and green channels cuts

    Gray = all clipped channels

    dark gray only = no Cup channel

    Unless you are working with images for scientific use, I had put the dark and light tones for the most part looking at the picture itself, rather than using the histogram. The histogram tells you a lot about the image in the blink of an eye, but there is no such thing as a histogram "perfect."

    What I usually do is hold the ALT key while dragging the cursor highlights and blacks, which show the cutting in the image itself. I'd rather not have reflections clipped (except for specular highlights) and usually have a little black clipping som real black in the picture.

    How the shadows and highlights of an image depend a lot on the nature of the image and your personal preferences.

    Some images look better without blacks or whites, like the one below.

  • Photoshop C6, "curves" what are the default settings of pipette for "shadow & highlight" RGB?

    Using Photoshop C6, in CURVES, what are the default NUMBERS of PIPETTE for the shadow & highlight Eyedropper to RGB?

    For the target colors and cutting in the Options of automatic Color Correction

    ALT/Option click the Auto button in the curves dialog box

    Shadows RGB 0,0,0

    RGB 128,128,128 midtones

    RGB 255,255,255 highlights

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    What is the latest version of Safari for OX 10.8.5 I Safari 6.0.5 and it does not work well, but I DO NOT update my OS for good reasons. When updated with the latest system all going nuts with the software. Apple always wants us to be updated, but it messes things and then we have all the new software. Is Safari 6.0.5 later that I can run with my 10.8.5 OX? My Firefox works very well and I prefer it to Google Chrome, but what other browsers could I use better than the Safai I if I can't get a later version of Safari? Thank YOU if you reply

    Safari 6.2.8. Open the Mac App Store, click the updates tab and install Safari or security updates that appear.


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    What is the latest version of Safari for OS Lion

    Version 6.

    Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan using version 9.

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    Do you mean IE8? Windows 8 was not released.

    You can use the latest version, Firefox 5.0.1. Look at the system requirements carefully to be sure that only what is necessary, especially the Pentium 4 processor and enough RAM since many XP systems came with only 256 MB. Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop and select properties for the basic information about your system in the 'General tab '.

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  • What is the latest version of safari for mac 10.7.5?

    What is the latest version of safari for mac 10.7.5?

    The latest version of Safari would be available since last year, he took charge.

    As upgrades of the Safari browser are usually attached to the version of OS X itself, only

    Some OS X systems have seen than Safari upgrades without a new OS X too.

    • Safari version history, Mac compatibility:


    • Safari (web browser)


    Which version you see in your OS X applications? It should be (maybe) Safari 6.1.6

    If the software update cannot show you something more recent (for Lion 10.7.5) then you're there.

  • What is the latest version of Safari for PC?  I need an update

    What is the latest version of Safari for PC?  I need an update.  I'm running on 5.1.7!


    One you have. Apple has continued to develop.


  • What resistance the Thermocouple VI convert use for thermistor CYC?

    What resistance the Thermocouple VI convert use for thermistor CYC?

    No, I do not claim that. I was just trying to interpret what you said.

    You indicated that you were using the Thermocouple convert VI. VI has a 'Sensor CSF' entry, and it can a value "Sensor IC" or "thermistor". So, I assumed you were talking about using this VI with "Sensor of CYC" = "thermistor". In this case the VI calls the convert thermistor reading VI to convert the voltage to temperature. It uses the default values for the resistance, and I guess that's what you were asking about. If you open the Panel before convert thermistor reading, you can see what resistance values it uses.

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    Service guide says like that

    Two clients-available/expandable
    memory module slots
    Support for DDR3L (1600 MHz)
    dual channel
    Support for 16834-MB of RAM
    in the following configurations:
    ● 16834-MB (8192 MB × 2)
    ● 12288 MB (8192 MB + 4096 MB)
    ● (8192 MB × 1, 4096 - 8192 MB
    MB × 2)
    ● 6144 MB (4096 MB + 2048 MB)
    ● 4096 MB (4096 MB × 1, 2048-
    MB × 2)

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