What is the latest version of the NOR-DAQmx driver? 9.7.0 vs 9.6.2

Hi all... I'm puzzled. I found the version of NOR-DAQmx 9.7.0 released February 25, 2013 and NOR-DAQmx version 9.6.2 released March 4, 2013.

Read the "readme" files does not lighten.

What is going on? Two teams who does not speak with them?

DAQmx 9.7 is always the latest version with the most recent device and the support of the API. The 'Release Date' refers to the post to date of web and it can not match the schema version.

We'll push DAQmx 9.6.2 Update Service with the DVD of LabVIEW Driver 2012 SP1. DAQmx 9.7 will be available only for download web or included as a DVD with the hardware which requires for the purposes of support.

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  • What are the causes of error - OR-XNET: the NOR-XNET driver is no longer can communicate with the device.


    I use X-NET-PCI8512, OS: Windows 7, C++ (middle of the QT interval).

    I'm pooling of card data (StreamIn member function) to ~ 100 Hz. card reading time (ReadStatus) to ~ 100 Hz.

    After about 40 min (depends on the amount of data in) I get this error:

    (Hex 0xBFF630B2) The NOR-XNET driver cannot communicate with the device. Solution: Make sure that the device was not removed from the computer.

    What are the causes of this error?

    Thanks in advance,


    Hello aviadCielo,

    When you get this error, what does do to make it work again? If you restart your program, start all this work?

    Secondly, what version of NOR-XNET do you use? It's maybe a software problem that could be resolved by upgrading to NOR-XNET 1.6.

    Finally, can you reproduce this problem with a simple program? If so, you can join the program you use?

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    FYI............ 2 UPDATES since I posted this question:

    "1. Drobo has updated their FIRMWARE to allow now to 'beyond' 64 power to RAID".  Thus, their original 16 TB limit has now been replaced by their new limit of 64 to.  Also note that when you use a Drobo, Apple Mac OS does correctly shows space 'Drive' and the 'free space', if the Drobo 16TB exceeds the size; but the Application DashBoard of Drobo displays the correct numbers.  For example, my Drobo 5 d contains 5, 8 TB disks, for a total size beyond 40 to RAID (theoretically, since most of us should know, now, that the ACTUAL SIZE IS SLIGHTLY SMALLER than THE THEORETICAL SIZE).  AVAILABLE FOR USE ACTUAL SIZE IS ONLY 28.9 TB.  Thus, 40-28, 9 = 11.1 TB gets used in place for the PROTECTION of RAID beyond and the difference between REAL SPACE and SPACE THEORY.  It IS NORMAL because any RAID 5 device always uses about 1 size of hard drive for its Protection.  So, knowing this, the DeskTop icon showing 28.9 TB disk space and free space as everything that is not yet used.  However, instead, the Mac OS shows 70,37 TB disk space and free space like 68,37 TB, which are both incorrect.  Although I'd love it if Mac OS has been magically increase my disk space, in fact, these two numbers are false.  Drobo knows this, and Apple has not, in my discussions with both.  So I hope, between the two companies, that this problem can be corrected.

    2. after many hours on the phone with Apple Support, through no less than 6 people including 2 senior advisers, NONE OF THEM COULD ANSWER MY QUESTION ON CE WHO IS MAXIMUM ALLOWED HARD DRIVE or RAID SPACE AUTHORIZED BY Yosemite and El Capitan.  For me, THIS IMPORTANT FACT SHOULD SIMPLY BE LISTED IN THE OS SPECIFICATION TECHNIQUE, it's quick and easy to read on the Support Site.  But Apple is the new bureaucracy, they are, I don't see what is happening any time soon.  So, be aware that, for now, HE IS No. LIMIT ON SIZE, as an Apple adviser said; but could not confirm in writing; and, IT IS AN INCORRECT DISPLAY SIZE AND FREE SPACE, if your drive is greater than an unknown 16 + TB in size.  Note that I have 3 other RAIDs that are properly in place showing that 9 TB, TB 12 and 18 to size; but I do not know how the SIZE IS IMPORTANT to ensure that the operating system display it correctly, except for my Drobo TB 40.  So, the bottom line, somewhere between to 18 and 40 to is where he goes wrong, in its display of sizes.

  • What is the largest hard drive that will work in dv6324us laptop computer?

    What is the largest hard drive that will work in a HP Pavilion dv6324us laptop?


    Here is the link to the service manual for your laptop.


    Support for HARD drives and capacities are listed in Chapter 3, page 3-25.

    Personally, I think you could install a SATA II 320 GB to your laptop.  Maybe even a 500 GB.

    You could also probably install a drive of 7 200 rpm for better performance or if the battery life between charges is more important for you, then stick with a disk of 5 400 rpm.


  • A previous version of Firefox points to the latest version installed on a separate drive, missing Favorites

    Could Hello, please I have some assistance with the following?

    I had installed on the same partition as the windows that I started from firefox. Due to an error, that this partition would no longer boot and I had to install clean windows and firefox on a separate disk.

    I have managed to get the partition works again and you can access all the files on it again. Unfortunately when I load firefox on the partition previously failed it seems to load up to the same version I have installed recently. None of my old bookmarks are in the menu which is what I'm trying to access. I looked here for help and the following does not apply to me...

    -There is no record of profiles in the old partition so I can't find Places.sqlite.
    -Troubleshooting > folder show advanced towards the application data on the new installation drive
    -It seems to be backup.json on the old partition files

    So my question is are there any where on the old partition you can think of where my old favorites can be kept?

    Any suggestion would be appreciated
    Thank you very much

    The "Application Data" in XP/Win2K folder and the folder "AppData" in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows 7 + are hidden folders.

    The old profile folder must be in one of these places.


    • C:\Documents and Settings\ < user > < profile > \Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\.

    Vista/Windows 7:

    • C:\Users\ < user > < profile > \AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\.

    Windows: %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ < profile >.

  • What is the largest HARD drive compatible with my 2008 Macbook soon?

    What is the largest capacity disk HARD compatible with my 2008 MacBook internal early?

    I believe that the largest capacity 2.5 "drives are 2 TB https://eshop.macsales.com/shop/hard-drives/2.5-Notebook/

  • What is the function of drive D with respect to the C drive with regard to performing backups of disk?

    I noticed that when I back up the drive 'local disk' C drive D "recovery" appears as a choice of backup also.

    If I look at the contents of D drive, it reflect to some extent the contents of the C drive.  However, it also seems to be very comprehensive, showing only 2 GB free of possible 12 GB.

    First of all, what is the purpose of the D drive?  I don't remember when I put anything in there manually.

    Secondly, I should back up disk and drive C clear D?  Not that it would take long or take a lot of place, but it's too redundant to do?

    Thanks for any comments on the ground!


    I noticed that when I back up the drive 'local disk' C drive D "recovery" appears as a choice of backup also.

    If I look at the contents of D drive, it reflect to some extent the contents of the C drive.  However, it also seems to be very comprehensive, showing only 2 GB free of possible 12 GB.

    First of all, what is the purpose of the D drive?  I don't remember when I put anything in there manually.

    Secondly, I should back up disk and drive C clear D?  Not that it would take long or take a lot of place, but it's too redundant to do?

    Thanks for any comments on the ground!


    D is something your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer - the company that brought the computer in a package deal for you like HP, Dell, Gateway, Lenovo, etc) put it there in case you need to restore the default values.

    I would like to backup everything.  The worst of the method chosen, it's that you probably do not have CD/DVD to restore the system in the event of a failure of hard drive... so, this hard drive dies and * poof *-you have nothing.

  • HP p6 2317 c: what is the largest hard drive size allowed in Hp PC 2317c?


    I recently discovered that my Hp p6 2317 c has the apparent limits of only have space for a hard drive!

    If this is the case, then what is the size of the largest hard dive that I can add to this computer?

    Is it possible to add another hard drive, for a total of two drives? Y at - it a 3rd party

    MOD chassis that would, with out having to remove the dvd drive?

    I'm afraid that I have to add a new hd and transfer all the data on the originals to the new!

    Thanks for your replies!


    Your machine has no place to add more HARD drive


    1 existing TB is huge, but if you wish you can use 2 TB or move data files on external hard drive.

    Kind regards.

  • HP ProBook 5330 m: what is the biggest hard drive I can install it in a 5330 m ProBook?

    I'm looking to upgrade the hard drive on my lap top and I only see a 500 GB offered in this model.  I saw the 1 TB disk listed as "Compatible", I was wondering if someone went to a 1 to and if yes, there was questions?


    You can use 1 TB HDD, in theory, any brand should work but please use the SAME brand with the existing HARD drive.

    Kind regards.

  • Dv9008nr what is the largest hard drive internal, it will support? Including the two Bay drive.

    I have a laptop model Hp Pavilion Dv9008nr I have buy a new sata model Reader 2.5 500 GB seagate momentus.  I installed the player NDDN hard drive Bay, but the computer will not recognize and does not start in windows.  so I used Acronis to clone an image of the original disc with bootable operating systems so it clone for the Seagate 500 GB drive I reinstalled to drive Bay 1, but it still won't start. I have a vontacted HP support level 1 level 2 they say this computer supports a maximum of 200 GB of disc or 100 GB in each Bay.  I find it hard to believe when I search on the net and see the same model with 250 GB drives and 320 GB can someone explain or help thanks.

    I just let everyone know that I understood how to do this job. NO thanks to HP CUSTOMER SUPPORT level 1, level 2 or CAT.  They all told me that it was a problem of motherboard and BIOS and software was not the problem.  They stated that this series to DV9000 motherboard only can support a total of 200 GB of total disk space. It is 100 GB in drive Bay 1 and 100 GB of disk bay2, or 120 GB bay1 and 80 GB in bay 2.  I found that hard to believe. But still, they sent me the manual and showed me to page 123 this is everything that is supported.  They suggest to buy a new computer or use the external drive.

    HERE IS THE SOLUTION > I bought Acronis True Image 2009.  I remembered that a friend said that I must have the largest disk in drive Bay 1 and the same size or more small disk in drive Bay 2.  So, I took the 100 GB original out of the drive Bay 1 and installed in the 2 Bay drive. I then installed a new Western Digital 320 GB drive to bay1.  I rebooted the computer using the Acronis boot disk I had done.  Then, I used Acronis to create a disk image of my 100 GB drive Clone original with OS to the new 320 GB drive Bay 1.  After that the clone was complete I took out the boot disk and restatred windows and wow it worked fine.  I now have primary disk of 320 GB with the full image in reader1 and old 100 GB in drive 2.  That's a total of 420 GB on the motherboard which supposedly does not support.  I then decided to try this again then I removed the original 100 GB drive and then the clone bootable from 320 to drive Bay 2.  I then installed a new 500 GB Seagate Maximus drive dirve Bay 1. I then started with the Acronis boot idisk and cloned the 320 GB drive in the drive Bay 2 the new 500 GB drive Bay 1.  I have restart after taking the Acronis boot disk and, once again, I am now running windows with a disk of 500 GB primary with OS and all programs as well as 320 GB drive in Bay 2.  The two will appear in my computer as well as in managing and disk management. I then reformat the drive of 320 GB to free up more storage space.  You can do the same thing or set up in the raid disk.  I hope that this helps eveyone, because now I have 820 GB of hard drive space internally, despite any erroneous information that I received from HP.  I wil gladly help someone through the steps if necessary.  Thanks for all the support out there!

  • What is the largest hard drive that you can hold in a Pavilion a1618 running Windows XP 32 bit

    I want an a1619 Pavilion and I would like to know the size of the biggest hard drive I can adapt.

    I would also like confirmation that 4 GB is the more memory it will take.


    • Based on this, you can use the material more important on the market today, BUT first check the BIOS and won't spend 2 TB.
    • This machine Yes, max RAM: 4 GB

    Kind regards.

  • What is the large hard drive Satellite A30 supports

    Satellite A30-514 P4 2.8 GHz/WXP HE/512 MB / 30 GB/15TFT/DVD-CD-RW. I have the latest bios update and only I can see downloads for this machine. I have a 30 GB drive. I look at the model 100 GB or 80 GB. This model supports these formats. Some of these new hitachi drives have also a ata supplys data cable and power. Someone know if this laptop supports this connection or are these two cables. As I have yet a glance. Any advice on what type of player to use will be much appreciated.

    Hi Mike,.

    I have a 80 GB hard drive in my A30 at the moment. You will need a player with similar physical dimensions as your drive existing. Cables are not a problem because the drive on the A30 is connected directly to a connector under the optical drive (this should be removed first to access the hard drive.

    An appropriate drive would be the MK8025GAS but you could also take the option to use a car with a higher rotation speed. The original drive is 4200 RPM and I am currently using a version of 5400 RPM in my A30. There is a little extra heat, but this is really noticeable during heavy disk activity (anti-virus, Defrag, backup, etc.).

    Kind regards

  • The NOR-488 driver. 2 1.7 works with PCI-e cards

    Impossible to update driver and must use the 1.7 version as the version of the driver that we tested and the ship with the instruments.  the web page http://joule.ni.com/nidu/cds/view/p/id/532/lang/en has not be updated to include PCI-e cards because it's an older driver.

    Thank you


    You did not test in 8 years or upgrades? This driver was written before that the PCIe bus even existed.

    What do you ship? I never heard shipping instrument vendors a GPIB card and the driver for it. If your instrument is in accordance with IEEE - 488.2, it will work with a GPIB of any provider.

  • What is the security processor driver win7 loader?

    In under the plug and no Device Manager (hidden devices), there is a yellow exclamation point, but properties shows no problem.  Is something worrying?  Because my HP laptop works great.  Its unresponsive and very slow, works perfectly in safe mode most of the time.  I wonder that McAfee might have something to do with these questions is that it was the last program installed.  The problems occur in Win7 and Firefox... the activity indicator just runs and runs.  Closure is another problem is time consuming.

    Dear David,
    Thanks a lot for writing this down. I was at a total loss and didn't know what to do. My laptop froze and would only start in safe mode after a recent windows update.  The system does not recognize that I was working with a legit MS software and kept close all applications.
    Now is 03:40, and after following your process of clean boot, I managed to recover my system in normal mode and the software key is recognized!
    I hope that it stays that way. I will turn off automatically updates to windows for now.
    Thank you once again.

  • What makes the Intel Graphic Driver Update?

    I just got an update which reads: graphics Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1.

    WDDM1.2, WDDM1.3 graphics - Intel(r) HD Graphics Family. I had no problem with installation of this update, I just want to know what I've done. I mainly use my windows laptop 8.1 for games and video editing software, so the update would improve game performance (and if so, how)? Thank you in advance for your response if one is on the left.

    It corrects code that can cause the pilot to crash. It should not lead to changes in performance.

Maybe you are looking for