What is the level of encryption of mozilla?

Hello, Mozilla made use 128-bit encryption? I can't know what level he uses. Thank you, Ruth

NHsky01 said

The part of the browser. I'm clearly not a tech so appreciate your help. I'm looking for paperwork re file employer quarterly taxes for a small business. To do this, apparently I need 128-bit encryption to be used by the browser I use. I prefer Moxilla for everything. Thank you, Ruth

As I have said Firefox supports the same 256-bit encryption for nearly 12 years.

If the site you are using Firefox does not support same 128 - bit then it incorrectly may be looking for the obsolete U which was useragents of Firefox in the past to show sites it supported 128 bit at least. It should not since 2002 even.

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    What is the level of minimum wear acceptable to be responsible for the change of the battery under warranty?

    Thank you!

    > What is the level of acceptable minimum wear is responsible for the change of the battery under warranty?
    It is a very complicated issue and I don't think that someone here will give you an accurate answer to this question.

    Notebook hardware control is good tool but if this tool is really relevant is another question.
    What is the maximum length for computer laptop battery power?

  • My Windows XP laptop does not connect to my 2WIRE router wireless, but do my other laptops. It will only connect with the ethernet cable. What is the problem?

    What I'm doing.

    1. my laptop is a Toshiba XP

    What serial number and model of Toshiba?

    What type of encryption 2wire router uses for now? Type of WEP or WPA? If the latter do you know if your XP laptop wireless card supports WPA (some older cards only). If you find that this is the problem, you can go to the WEP encryption or buy a WPA compatible device to use instead of the current device on the XP laptop.

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    Yes that's right, although strictly that you should say server/connection security as if you use a security server, then this is endpoint of the tunnel rather than the CS.

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    Use of SSL or TLS means that your login and password, at least, are encrypted. There is no need to manually select the encryption.

    As said, some service providers Internet supported the option of password encrypted in itself; When they care to do it correctly, they offer TLS/SSL. Passwords encrypted, when used, are usually offered instead of SSL or TLS. I think a weakness is that only the password is encrypted, so only with SSL/TLS, your username, your password and potentially all of your message is encrypted.


    The key is that you can use to offer the provider ISP or mail. If they offer encryption, use it; If they do not, seek a better supplier. The server configuration governs what settings and options are in use. You cannot choose to use a feature that has not been enabled on the server of its operators.

Maybe you are looking for