What is the level of support is available for SEO URL in the latest version of JET? Is it limited by what can done JET standard router?

We support the following formats URLS

< Store name > /store/ / s - < the base id > -

Ex: / store/chicago-store/s-1234.

It seems that the standard router supports following

/ store/s - < the base id > -

Ex: / store/s-1234.

Please advice.

When you use the JET router, there is no limit on how many 'segment' of the URL can be supported.

Each segment is managed by a router in the child, so for a URL as /store/s -, "store name" is a child of the root (store) router, and "store" is a child of "store name" router

Regarding SEO, JET does not provide any special support because it's something that you'd install server-side.  Since there is no 'real' to the URL /store/s -resources, you need to add some server-side code to return the base URL of initial false URLS generated by the router. This can be done using a simple rule for a rewrite, as mode_rewrite module for Apache HTTP server engine or a rewrite as UrlRewriteFilter for servlets filter. For an example of a filter of rewriting, look at http://jet.us.oracle.com/1.2.0/uiComponents-router-child.htmland click on the "Demo button to launch with adapter for URL path.

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    Where can I find the "Extended Support Release" Flash Player for Windows or Macintosh?

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    Yes Thunderbird is still supported. However he is not released at the same pace it's Firefox, she follows the cycle security/stability for minor updates and Extended Support Release of emissions a major release coming out sept. The Thunderbird community doesn't have the means to have rapid versions like Firefox.

    The latest version of Thunderbird is 31.4.0

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