What is the main difference between using using Windows 7 backup & using Acronis True Image backup?

If I remember, Acronis backup can actually make a real clone (of everything, or the details of my choice) of my entire disk/Partition, and Windows 7 backup will be only some backup (Microsoft?) Programs, including the OS Windows 7, right?


  • The Windows backup tool will save user files. It will not support the system files (unless you choose them explicitly, which is not a good idea).
  • Windows Image tool will create an image of the system partition. It is a very basic tool that is sometimes capricious.
  • Acronis image backup option is similar to the Windows backup tool, but with more options.
  • The image of Acronis image option is a tool for creating image full maturity with a much better functionality and flexibility of the Windows image tool.
  • Acronis image costs money.

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