What is the maximum bit rate under 5 GHz N-mode for EA6900?

I just bought an EA6900 and been happy with it so far. As we know, its wireless connection rate is the 600Mbps under 2.4 GHz mode N or 1300Mbps AC 5 GHz mode. My question is, what is "up to" N-mode speed to 5 GHz? What also 600Mbps? I couldn't find the answer after hours of searching on Google. I am not able to reach the ceiling with my devices, but I would like to know more details about my equipment. Thank you.


The devices can reach up to 450 Mbps regardless of network Mode. But standard-wise, 802.11n clients normally has a live speed of 54 Mbps to 300 Mbps w / maximum distance of 300 m or 1000 ft. For reference, you can check this link.

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  • Where can I find the maximum bit rate for the NI SHC68-C68-RDIO2 cable

    Search on the web site without success - maximum performance measured is an important specification!


    in this case, we should look at the whole system. 1082 chassis is large enough for 2 cards. What are the other maps are built into the system?

    The 7021R SMU has in the datasheet of a limit on the transfer rate of data to the SMU Backplane of the chassis, which is 500 MB/s.

    I advise you in this case through the technical sales department. You can reach me by phone or email:[email protected].

    We can discuss the whole of the project.

    Best regards


  • What is the best bit rate to use for files WMV to DVD?

    I shoot with a low point and shoot digital camera.  I take the files AVI-video from the camera, which are quite large, and edit them in Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 and then save them as WMV files that are typically much smaller.  I like to create DVDs with better videos using Windows DVD creation or another program video.  My question is what bit rate to specify when I publish the films completed as WMV files?

    My camera AVI files can be played in Windows Media Player.  They have little of rates which vary from about 3 Mbit/s to a little more than 5 Mbps.  Is STANDARD DEFINITION 640 x 480 VGA quality video.

    Movie Maker default bitrate for the option "burn to DVD" is 2.99 MB/s.  I do not notice a difference in quality between the 2 MB/s I usually use and.  (I chose 2 Mbps, because in the past, I've used Windows Media Encoder and it defines "DVD quality" like 1-2 Mbps transmission speed and quality "HD" as 5 Mbps.)  Bit rates below 1 Mbps up to 500 Kbps have been defined as "Quality VHS" and below which has been 'QVGA quality'.

    With important videos, I publish movies with a flow rate of 5 Mbps.  Default speed of movie Maker for videos "to be played on my computer" is 7.69 Mbps, but it's more than the AVI from the camera, then how is this possible?  How can save the file with a bit rate higher than the bit rate of the input file?

    Is another experiment, a good way to decide on the rate of good bit for my projects?


    Thanks for joining us out on Microsoft Community Forums. I understand that you want to know the best bitrate for video files Windows media burn on DVD.

    I suggest you check out the link to check the bit rate and resolution.

    The movie settings: frequently asked questions.


    Refer to this video file formats can I choose to publish my movie in windows movie maker? The link above.

    If you face problems more while working with Windows Mail on Microsoft Community Forums, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • Target and maximum bit rate...

    Not finding much info on target and Maximum bitrate that is under video settings during export > Media.

    At the highest quality, my camcorder records to about 24 Mbps.

    I export to Youtube. I know that all of the settings to use.

    I wonder if I should choose the bitrate at which it was recorded, for my target and maximum.

    I am aware that higher the value, the larger the file is large.

    What are your thoughts?

    On another note. My HD camcorder JVC GZ-HM300, manual stipulates that all class 4 or higher SDHC card will work.

    I see some of the higher ranked cards higher bit rate transfer.

    Do I need to get at least a transfer rate of 24 Mbit/sec SDHC to get all the benefits of the record of 24 Mbps bit depth.

    Because I have got a standard 16GB class 4 Kodak SDHC for $20 Meijer's, here in Michigan (Meijer is pretty much just like Wal-Mart)


    Said description class 2, but he of the symbol of class 4 and works with my camcorder.

    What are your thoughts?

    A larger file or a less compressed file or a file with high throughput (those that are functionally equivalent) does not necessarily mean a more beautiful once downloaded video. In practice, a video that has the best eyesight will be better once YouTube through the ringer. My additions in 1080 p YouTube typically hover in the range of 10-12 Mbps, but they tend to be low movement videos, so they provide a compression well. If you have an animated video, it may be necessary to crank the bitrate up to what you keep most or at least more of the fidelity of the image. However, you will get to a point where you will just make an unnecessarily large file, with no perceptible difference as soon as YouTube do its dance on your video. I would guess that 25Mbps is unnecessarily high; the recommendation to use 15Mbps or thereabouts is probably sufficient. Test is the only way to know, as there are has no strict rules when it comes to video coding - and YouTube accepts all the accepted general practice and pouring them on their head.

    Re: target and the maximum flow: these come into play when using coders who use encoding variable bit rate (VBR). Rate target - as its name suggests - is the rate you want the encoder to pull to and use as an average relative. Flow binary maximum - no points for guessing - is the largest flow you'll let the encoder use in segments (usually in divisions called GOP or groups of images) where there is movement or a visual complexity (very detailed models, or fog, for example). If the encoder were to run full tilt boogie, the maximum bit rate would determine the size of the file; It is roughly equivalent to the use of the CBR or constant bit rate encoding. However, because you have selected a target bit rate (in general, a minimum below the maximum bit rate), the encoder will try to maintain this bitrate or lower throughout the video. For example, my 1080 h.264 encode for YouTube usually have a maximum rate of 15Mbps all about, but I put the target at 10 Mbps or less. Using 2-pass VBR, and given the nature of the videos I encode more often, my files usually average around 6 Mbps. That's what I have to deal with each separate code as its own entity - you can apply some principles, but in practice, anything goes.

    These Wikipedia articles could offer interesting ideas in different encoding, at least from a perspective of bitrate methods:

    Variable flow

    Constant flow

    Average throughput

    PS: No WAY is Meijer as Wal - Mart The Mitt, reprazent!

  • What is the maximum size of HARD drive, I use in my dc7600 CMT

    I use a HP dc7600 CMT, which works well after the upgrade to a Samsung 128 GB SSD Intel Pentium D 3.4 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and an AMD Radeon HD 6450. I'm under Win 8.1 Pro x 64, with the most recent upgrade and have absolutely no problem. Now, I want to add a second internal HDD and I wonder what is the maximum size that I can go to. I can't go up to 2 TB, or am I limited to a lower number? 1 TB? 500 GB? 250 GB?

    Will be happy to help here, especially if he actually tried to apply in practice.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards


    In theory, you'd be limited to 2 TB.

    The biggest HARD drive I have ever installed in my dc7600 CMT was a 1 TB of HDD, so I can't confirm that a 2 TB drive will absolutely work.

  • HP dv7t-7300 ENVY: what is the maximum memory capacity dv7t-7300?

    I am trying to upgrade RAM on my PC HP ENVY dv7t-7300 CTO Quad Edition laptop. What is the maximum memory capacity for this model?

    Thank you!


    Supports the following memory system configurations:

    16384 MB (8192 MB × 2; not the supportedon computer models, equipped with 32-bit operating system)

    12288 MB (8192 MB × 1 + 4096 MB × 1; not supported on the computer modelsequipped with a 32-bit operating system)

    8192 MB (8192 MB × 1 or 4096 MB × 2; not supported on the computer modelsequipped with a 32-bit operating system)

    Your manual here.



  • Portege M200 - what is the maximum HARD disk?


    I need to know what is the maximum capacity of the hard drive that is supported by Portege M200.


    I guess that the Portege M200 is equipped with an IDE HDD interface. This means that the laptop has a limitation of LBA 28 bits and so it can only manage s HDD up to 128 GB. If you can use a 120 GB HARD drive in this notebook.
    If you want to learn more about the limitation of the LBA you can look on Wikipedia or here: [www.48bitlba.com].

    I have good experiences with Seagate drive HARD Hitachi s, but you can also buy another HARD drive. ;)

    I hope I could help you.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M70 258: HDD upgrade question - what is the maximum size supported

    I need to upgrade the hard drive from my Toshiba Satellite M70-258.
    I would like to know what is the maximum size of the disk that I can install it.
    I would like to know if it is suportts Sata drives.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards

    Fernando Silva

    The problem is that there is no official information on the maximum size of HARD drive on laptop series different. If we can only speculate on the supported formats.

    But I found it here in the forum:

    The user has updated the own M70 with the 160 GB drive HARD Toshiba MK1637GSX and it works.
    So maybe this info helps a bit.

    Good bye

  • What is the maximum RAM for each location dimm can support for desktop computers Compaq Presario CQ3541L?

    I have a 32-bit ubuntu 12.04 OS installed on Compaq Presario CQ3541L desktop PC. Now, I want to update higher along 64-bit ubuntu 12.04 OS memory RAM. I want to know what is the maximum size of the main memory that each DIMM DDR3 slot can support. I need at least 8 GB of RAM since the apps I run will consume as much as 6.5 GB and probably more.

    Thank you.

    Yes, that's the conclusion I came to.  You can always try to see what is actually happening.  I had a different motherboard (again a HP) which had similar limitations except his max was total 2 GB, and he saw 4 GB very well.   They make a slightly different version of this Board with 4 memory locations, instead of both yours has, then who knows until you experimant.

  • What is the maximum size of hard drive, which can be installed in a pavilion d4790y desktop computer?

    What is the maximum size of hard drive, which can be installed in a desktop pavilion d4790y?

    It would be a secondary drive, not the boot drive.

    The operating system is Vista Home Premium, 32-bit.  The version of the BIOS is 5.08.

    Are there any changes or upgrades that would allow an internal hard drive 3 TB to install?

    Here are the specifications and configurable options for your desktop HP Pavilion d4790y and here are the specifications of its card mother P5BW - THE (Basswood2). Based on the specifications and the age of the computer, I would expect you to use a hard drive 3 TB as a secondary drive on Windows Vista (DISPLACEMENT SP1 or SP2) and Windows 7. Formatted as MBR would require the drive to use with a minimum of two partitions. Formatted as GPT would require only a single partition. In no case will you be able to use the 3 TB as a boot device drive because your computer does not support a UEFI BIOS that allows booting from a GPT formatted disk. No changes or updated should be held.

  • BlackBerry smartphones, what is the maximum size MicroSD card that can be used in a 8310?

    I have browsed the positions and don't see it asked or answered.  What is the maximum size MicroSD card that can be used in a 8310?

    According to what your BlackBerry OS is tells you what size microSD card you can buy. You can check under Options | Topic (will appear as v4.xx.xxx). Look at the table on the following link to see what size you can get - http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB05461

  • What is the maximum memory limit for windows 7 ultimate?

    How GB Windows 7 Ultimate take on your drive hard when you perform a new installation?

    In addition, what is the maximum memory limit for windows 7 ultimate?


    Average size of a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit is around 20-30 concerts.

    Win 7 ultimate can handle as much as your motherboard can support.

  • What is the maximum power for the hp pavilion a6650f food?


    I have a HP Pavilion a6650f running Windows 7 64 bit os. I want to uprade the power. What is the maximum size for my machine?

    Thank you.

    The largest PSU that you can install is a power supply that fits in your case. Is that you can install a 500w unit, unit of 700w. No matter what the power of the PSU is... What matters and is that the limiting factor is the size of the PSU pyshical. Measure the size of your existing plant of PSU and notice the space between it and optical drives... If you get a power supply which, for many, optics and PSU players bump into one another.


  • Adobe tell me the necessary minimum spec but I'd like know what is the Maximum useful specification.

    I need new computers. Adobe tell me the necessary minimum spec but I want know what is the Maximum useful spec. (such as if I bought a higher spec it Wouln't improve the perfomance and Id waste my money.)

    I'm a keen photograper who likes to do some Compostes and video DSLR (Nikon D4) I used Lightroom, Photoshop + first elements for 10 years

    I probably need a desktop computer with laptop / notebook for travel

    I'm currntly using Windows and with screen 10 bits of Eizo CG 246

    What are the points of view out there?

    Thank you

    James Hogg

    For Premiere Elements, ask http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere_elements/content

    I use Premiere Pro, which has higher requirements, but some GENERAL comments about video editing...

    On my personal page at Adobe Notes

  • What is the maximum number of characters that a 2D barcode can have with the symbology PDF417 Matrix? How to solve the problem of code bar having too much data?

    What is the maximum number of characters that a 2D barcode can have with the symbology PDF417 Matrix? How to solve the problem of code bar having too much data? I'm incorporating data of the bar code under a button field. But when the data is large, the problem occurs.

    Apparently the theoretical capacity of the PDF417 barcode is 1850 characters or numbers in 2710. Of course, the actual capacity depends on the size - more square inches, more data. But before the theoretical limit, that you can reach practical limits in scanning technology so test carefully with all models of planned barcode scanner.

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