What is the mode of connection (ME918LL/A) current Airport Extreme support?

I have a setup of the airport with two airports of previous generation connected in Bridge mode. (NOTE that this is not the same thing as a network via a wifi - connection Wi - Fi). I want to upgrade one of the units. I believe I read somewhere that the current model of (ME918LL/A) does not support bridge mode but can't find information about this in the specifications of the device.

Bridge ME918LL/a mode?


I believe I read somewhere that the current model of (ME918LL/A) does not support bridge mode but can't find information about this in the specifications of the device.

Your feelings are what they are, but as any airport, Bridge Mode router is available as an option in router Mode for the 802.11ac current version of AirPort Extreme.

Here is a screenshot of the ME911LL/A 802.11ac version of an Airport Extreme on the network here.

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    I am worried that I have will lose speed because of this and wondered if I can implement all the features four Airport express way so they all connect directly to the base station and not by the other?

    Apple "extend a wireless network" feature works on the strength of the signal, so the ideal situation would be to have AirPort Extreme, located within your home with each Airport Express located approximately the same distance from the AirPort Extreme around the perimeter of the House.

    Think of a 4-spoke wheel. AirPort Extreme would be the "hub" in the center of the wheel and located at the end of a ray separated from each AirPort Express Terminal. In this way, each AirPort Express connects directly to the 'hub' and expand properly.

    The question I have is that two of the expresses correctly connects directly to the Airport extreme, but the two other go via the two expresses first and not directly to the airport extreme base station.

    The two airport expresses which connect to other expresses 'extension' of the network are not all. They 'join' the network... so they could be used for AirPlay or a printer USB remote... but the Express do not 'extends' the network when he "joined".

    You will need to experiment with different places until you see all four expresses connect directly to the main AirPort Extreme.

    As loss of speed in the network is... whenever you try to extend wireless network, nearly half of the potential speed on the network will be lost in the process. It's just a character of the beast to the extension of a wireless network.

    You can avoid the loss of speed in the network by configuring each AirPort Express Terminal to connect to the main router using a wired Ethernet cable connection. There is no loss of speed at all through the connection Ethernet cable up to 300 + feet, so full power is stored on the network when you do it this way.

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  • OfficeJet Pro 8000 Wireless does not connect to my new Airport Extreme router

    I've owned my Officejet 8000 Wireless printer for about a year and had no problems with it.  However, my old wireless router wasn't fully compatible Mac so I couldn't fix it with a password.  I now need a secure network, so I bought an Apple Airport Extreme router in December.

    Last night, I installed the router and it works fine on my iMac, my laptop and my iPhone.

    However, tonight, I'm trying to implement Officejet Pro 8000 with no luck.  I searched the posts here for 3 hours and am not finding the help I need.  Based on the other posts, I read, I describe my situation below.

    I am trying to set up the printer in my iMac Intel with Mac OS 10.6.4

    I'm trying to set up the printer with the installation wizard HP I just install the printer software.

    On the first screen of the wizard, it tells me that my device is not configured (I agree)

    Then I ask him to set up a wireless network.

    When I get to the network selection page, both my network AND my network of comments (that I let my neighbor use) are on the list with the full signal strength.

    When I click on my network and then continue, the HP installation wizard hangs and I have to stop, he.

    When I click on my guest and then network continue, I get the message that my network is not within reach.  (FYI, the printer is 10 feet from the router).

    I tried to power on/off the printer, the router and the computer at all different stages of the process with no luck.

    For my Airport:

    My radio is set to the most compatible choice

    MAC access control is not enabled

    Everything is WPA2 security

    'Use wide channels' and "Create a closed network" is unchecked

    The channel is set to 11

    I'm happy to try the "Add client in the network" thing I've seen on other posts, but I don't think that I have a front panel of the printer where I can start the "WPS" (don't know what it is) process.   If I do, it is not obvious and not in the HP manual.

    My ISP is Comcast (cable internet).

    I'd really, really grateful for the help!  Please let me know what I forgot to include information, and I will be happy to provide it.

    Thank you!

    OK to reset the printing system again, he may be blocked.

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    Thanks for your quick response.  I tried the procedure suggested you, but to no avail.   I then started to grope in the different sources of information and stumbled on this after having plugged the computer in Airport Extreme and cycling the unit you have recommended:

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    Once I did that, the HP C5580 will appear as connected via usb to an Airport Extreme and it prints like a champ!

    So, you support led me in the right direction - thanks again!

    Bob Fort

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    Hello andrew8blue,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I saw your picture and read your thread. The cable is not a replaceable part. You might have to replace the whole motherboard if the HARD drive does not work.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you!


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    As long as you have your installation gateway mode should work fine, regardless of the BEF. But it is impossible to say without knowing the exact configuration you are trying.

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    N ° since it is offline, there is absolutely nothing you can do with him.

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    Hello! I just got myself an olympus F pen-

    and of course there is no raw support yet.

    So when is the next ACR update come?

    Thank you!

    Hi torgeirh,

    Added support for PEN - F raw files in camera raw update today; Installer Camera Raw Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6

    Kind regards


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    Currently I am working as a Pl/sql developer, I would like to improve my technical skills... I need your valuable suggestions. I am thinking to learn informatica, congnos... is useful for a pl/sql developer? This will help my career? I get a few suggestions to get the BPEL and Oracle BI tools. I'm in a turmoil of a decision. I don't want to make a mistake to say my career. Please help me.

    All for $0.00

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  • Airport Extreme in Bridge Mode?  What did I want?

    I'm AT & T Uverse with Gigapower.  Until today I had 2 networks in my home, the AT & T router then the one I created on my Apple Airport Extreme.

    The tech told me that I can implement the airport just mirror or fill the AT & T network.  In this way all devices in the House are on the same network.  In the past, there are times where someone has been connected on the AT & T network, but wanted to print to the printer WiFi, which stood on the Airport network.  We must also be on the Airport network in order to access the iTunes account via the Remote App.  Only, it would be easier if everything was on the same network, and we did not have to worry about switching.

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    Yes. Plug your Airport Extreme in a spare Ethernet port on the router AT & T. open Airport utility, click on the Airport Extreme, select Edit, select network and the router Mode value: Off (Bridge Mode) and update. Your Airport Extreme is now part of the AT & T network.

    p.s. You need to connect a cable Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet of the AT & T to the Airport Extreme router since they are in different places in the House.

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