What is the Mode "PDF/A?


When I open a specific PDF file, a blue bar comes up saying "you can view this document in PDF/A mode." What is the mode "PDF/A?

I use Adobe Reader 9.3.1 on Windows 7 Home Premium.

Thank you


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    For printing options without paper, what file format is convenient and more compatible option PDF or XPS? If you compare them, what are the advantages and disadvantages

    Hi Ashish,

    See the following articles with some information:

    topic PDF http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/adobepdf.html

    on XPS http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/XPS-documents-frequently-asked-questions

    I hope this helps!

  • What is the mode of staging by default when it is: (not specified)?

    Hi all

    What is staging mode by default if none is specified?

    According to the docs, there are three: stage, any stage , and external stage


    Thank you very much.

    Under Weblogic OEL.

    The default value, set in the fashion scene is different depending on the scenario.
    For example, if you are deploying to a single server domain (just the AdminServer), default time mode is 'nostage '.
    If you deploy a server managed running in PRODUCTION mode, the default mode is 'stage' {in most cases, the default time mode is 'stage'}


  • What is the merged pdf output?


    Let say, I have three files PDF 1. a flatten pdf 2. interactive PDF (where I can fill data) 3. Another flatten pdf.

    If I have these three assembler PDF documents, then I can get a pdf of ape- like 1 pdf on the first page, 2nd pdf on page 2 and 3rd pdf on page 3

    Scenario: I want to allow the user to send a perticular page/article which he asked. Other fields I wnt to freez.

    If there are three forms (say 1 details personnel form 2 detail official form 3 detailed family). The user must present all the details for the first time. Then I can merge (assemble) all three forms and give the user to fill in all the details. Then click on the button submit, all obtained details submitted via servlet calling.

    Now, next time if the request is the official retail change\edit\update, so I can create a form with personal information and family details are freezing, but detailed official form is interactive.

    My question is

    1. this PDF will be intractive pdf?  EG.pdf (flatten + intractive + flatten) = intractive pdf

    2. If the output pdf file is intractive pdf, then can it be submitted to the servlet


    Sunil Gupta

    1 - Yes.  Use the attribute baseDocument for the intermediate document (interactive) and the tag noXFA to the other two documents (non-interactive)

    2 - Yes, you can submit it.  You will get data from the intermediate document that others are now dishes (it has no fields in them).

  • What is the mode of connection (ME918LL/A) current Airport Extreme support?

    I have a setup of the airport with two airports of previous generation connected in Bridge mode. (NOTE that this is not the same thing as a network via a wifi - connection Wi - Fi). I want to upgrade one of the units. I believe I read somewhere that the current model of (ME918LL/A) does not support bridge mode but can't find information about this in the specifications of the device.

    Bridge ME918LL/a mode?

    I believe I read somewhere that the current model of (ME918LL/A) does not support bridge mode but can't find information about this in the specifications of the device.

    Your feelings are what they are, but as any airport, Bridge Mode router is available as an option in router Mode for the 802.11ac current version of AirPort Extreme.

    Here is a screenshot of the ME911LL/A 802.11ac version of an Airport Extreme on the network here.

  • What is the best PDF output for a vector that can be opened on any vector program?

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    I m a vector problem with PDFs made with Illustrator (Ai CC 17).

    When I send them to other designers or clients with an older version (CS5) that they can't open PDFs in artificial intelligence.

    I thought Universal PDF and should work with ANY version of AI, as well as any version of ANY program there vector (Inkscape, Corel, etc.) ...

    If it has to do with my output PDF Properties dialog box when save as PDF in my CC Ai?

    -What I need: I want to be able to output my vector illustrations in a PDF format that is UNIVERSAL and can be opened and edited by everyone about what vector program, they have and even Word documents.

    -Someone told me to deselect the option "preserve Illustrator editing capabilities" in the PDF output dialog box.  It will be enough?

    Please enlighten me

    This kind of work falls into a category that should be editable in many applications of vector. But maybe not all in the same easy manner. And maybe not in other software such as Word.

    More compatible file format is EPS (version 3). But this file format is a bit dated and indeed should not be used in modern workflows. So even if you enable some users, you turn off others.

    Therefore, it is best to offer multiple formats. But even in this case, you will get all of your users.

    You might want to delve deeper into other software formats and file if you want to get into this new.

  • What is the Mode of safe work and how can I turn it off?

    I am trying to display pictures on several websites and some of them are blocked with the message IMAGE NOT AFFICHABLE WORKSAFE MODE ON

    Based on a little research on the words 'IMAGE NO AFFICHABLE WORKSAFE MODE ON' I found that there is probably a toggle for this at the bottom of page alternate Mode safe work: Off | On that I found this on a model site where if it is switched on, the images in portfolios image models that were 18 + (eg nudity) were hidden.

  • What is the Mode of operation WRT54GS?


    Router mode = disabled NAT
    Gateway = NAT active mode

    This should be the main difference. Sure, it has some effects on dynamic routing (RIP) because with active NAT routes from the local network will not be published and sent to WAN.

    As long as you have your installation gateway mode should work fine, regardless of the BEF. But it is impossible to say without knowing the exact configuration you are trying.

  • What is the best way to make a PDF file several Photoshop images, while maintaining editable layers?

    What is the best way to make a PDF file several Photoshop images, while retaining the layers in editable for later use mode? I tried to do in Acrobat, but it does not keep separate layers. I also tried to automate the PDF presentation in Photoshop, but it combines the layers as well. I need to enable layers from photoshop retain their ability to be edited.

    It is not possible at this time, Photoshop is not a page layout program and pdf is hardly a format suitable to hold several files psd layered or editable page layouts.

    Why would you do that anyway?

  • Cannot open a pdf Pages, I made by those who that I sent. Another file is a pdf from Adobe that they handled without problem. What is the problem?

    Cannot open a pdf Pages, I made by those who that I sent. Another file is a pdf from Adobe that they handled without problem.

    What is the problem?

    The pdf of the Pages is limited to Mac users?

    You export a Pages document in PDF format, or you choose File menu: print... and choose the PDF button and then save as PDF... Fix?

    And now, others say that they cannot open this PDF on Mac? On PC? On Linux? Using this PDF reader?

  • What cases are compatible with the mods?

    Anyone know of cases that I can get to the United Kingdom that are compatible with the mods?

    Jakeno wrote:
    Yes that's exactly what I mean


  • What is the difference between files? examples; PDF, http, wps. Why is there a manyand then why do you need different programs to open?

    Original title: files

    What is the difference between files? examples; PDF, http, wps. Why is there a manyand then why do you need different programs to open?

    On Tuesday, February 7, 2012 16:28:19 + 0000, RonaldMatte wrote:

    What is the difference between files? examples; PDF, http, wps. Why is there a manyand then why do you need different programs to open?

    Each file type is in a different format.  The formats are different
    essentially for two reasons:

    1. the files contain any other type of information. For
    example, an mp3 file contains a music and a xls file contains a
    worksheet. The music and spreadsheets are very different things and one
    a unique type of guy would not work for both.

    2. There is also the example of the types of files that are very different, even
    Although basically they both contain the same type of data. For example,.
    a doc file is a file created by Microsoft Word processor (or
    some compatible programs) and a wpd file is a text file
    created by WordPerfect. This is because Word and WordPerfect are two
    very different programs, with very different characteristics. Designers
    and authors of each of the programs designed for a type of file that would be
    works very well with their program.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows desktop experience) since 2003
    Please reply to the newsgroup

  • What is the exact difference between secure mode and diagnosis

    I am repairing a pc and have done everything I can do in terms of diagnosing the problem. The only thing she shrinks down is to start in safe mode but not in diagnosis or vga mode. It is the same even when you use another defective hard drive. It must be a hardware component on the motherboard. I deleted and all the other components. I disabled designed in bios and Device Manager. What is the difference between secure mode and diagnosis?

    Thanks in advance for any help

    It was the capacitors on the motherboard that needed to change. It works fine now.

  • What is the difference between the USB modes and when to use them?

    Hi everyone, I am a new user of Clip 8 GB and have read some documents here.  I am now totally confused as to what are the 3 modes various usb and when to use them.  I only move & paste books audio mp3 to my clip at the moment, but hope to soon try to download from the internet libraries.  I left my USB for auto detects and had no problem to upgrade to the new firmware, or to see one of my books.  I tried the other two modes and sees again all 3 of my books.  I don't want to complicate, while I suggest you to use it for everything?  Or is it possible?  I want to download mp3 from sites books and burn them on cd as a backup, so it doesn't go away in 2 weeks time.  This way I can put it on the clip when I'm done with my course books.  Is it possible, or can you only download directly on your clip?   Thanks from a newbie.   Aliza

    Three modes are MSC, PSG and Autodetect, sometimes called AutodeFect.  But you probably know the names.

    MSC, aka UMS, treats the Clip as a flash drive when it is connected to a computer.  Drag and drop.

    PSG is Microsoft to 'manage' your 'rights '.  Transferred files can be limited to a number of ways and can 'end', then you will need to reauthorize them.

    I suspect that the books of the library must be transferred in MTP mode, so that you can only "check them out" for a limited period of time.  If so, burn them on a CD do you no good, as they will always expire.

    I've never had a need to MTP mode, but I can at some time try an audiobook from my library of the city, in which case I'll need to.

    Theoretically, they work together very well.  You can see all files when using the clamp.  The computer can see files transferred in MTP mode when connected to the MTP and MSC transferred only when connected to the CSM.  AutoDetect, who knows the devil.  I would like to avoid it like the plague.

    As for use, I suggest using MSC for everything, unless it won't work, what try DPW.

  • What is the difference between Windows XP Mode and Windows XP Mode "N".

    It's confusing. Why are there two downloads of Windows XP Mode? And what is the difference between XP normal Mode and XP Mode "N"?

    Thank you for your response.

    The "n" of Windows versions contain no Windows Media Player. It is the result of an agreement with the European Commission to settle the dispute of the competition.

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