What is the problem with this URL

Can someone tell me what is the problem with this url
owa_util.redirect_url(apex_util.prepare_url('f?p='||:APP_ID||':25:'||:APP_SESSION||'::'||:DEBUG||':25,28'||':P25_JOBID,P25_PG:&P3_JOBID.,3, null,||:APP_SESSION'));
It gives me a value for P25_PG, that is to say 3 but always sets P25_JOBID to 0


Hello Gus,

It looks like point P3_JOBID has no value for the rendering of the page.
If the value is set subsequently, you can try the following change

owa_util.redirect_url(apex_util.prepare_url('f?p='||:APP_ID||':25:'||:APP_SESSION||'::'||:DEBUG||':25,28'||':P25_JOBID,P25_PG:'||:P3_JOBID||',3, null,||:APP_SESSION'));

But the part at the end

||',3, null,||:APP_SESSION'

Wil do nothing because you give only 2 items in the list separated by commas of the page elements you want to submit. Everything after the second comma in the comma separated value list is of no use for the url of the apex.

As additional info, the URL of the Apex is built like this:
1 - application ID or alias
2 - page ID or Alias
3 - session & SESSION. : APP_SESSION
4. application (for example, PRINT_REPORT = REPORT_1) & ASK. : REQUEST
5 - debug (YES or NO) & DEBUG. : DEBUG
6 - cache framework

APP - clear the cache for the entire application
SESSION - clear the current user session cache
PR - Reset pagination
x - clear the page cache x
-empty the cache for the element y

7 - separated by a comma list of items on the page
8 - the list of values separated by commas
9 - mode printer friendly (YES or blank)

f? p = & APP_ID.: 1010: & APP_SESSION. : & DEBUG. : RP, 1010:P1010_ITEM1, P1010_ITEM2, P1010_ITEM3:A, B, C

Kind regards
Kees Vlek
Company: http://www.orcado.nl
Blog: http://www.orcado.nl/blog/blogger/listings/69-kvlek
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/skier66
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    Thanks for your help guys. I found the problem. Some of the shifts in the xref table were incorrect.

    Apparently, Adobe Reader corrects the xref table. When you close the player he manages this fix as a change in the document, thus showing the dialog box "do you want to save.

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  • What is the problem with this dynamic query? help

    with the following code, I get the correct answer.
    I just want to know maxempno current (and care for the 3rd, 4th tank only)

    Temp varchar2 (2);

    Select substr (A1.empno, 3, 2) in the emp A1 temp where A1.empno = (select (max (A2.empno) of emp A2) and rownum = 1;)
    HTP.p ('temp' is |) Temp)

    Temp is 34

    Now I need to make a call to the procedure and pass the name of a table and column

    ('emp' = > p_table,)
    ('empno' = > p_column)

    create or replace procedure 'P_CHECK_MAX '.
    (p_table in VARCHAR2,
    p_column in varchar2)

    Temp varcahr2 (2);
    d_select varchar2 (500);

    d_select: ='SELECT substr (A1.'| p_column | 3: 2) IN ' | "temp" | 'FROM ' | p_table | "A1 WHERE A1.' | p_column | "= (SELECT max (A2.' | p_column |')) OF ' | p_table | ("A2) AND rownum = 1';
    immediately run d_select;


    I'm getting ORA - 00905 missing keywords. Can you help me what is the missing word here? I am stomped for hours on it.

    Published by: wanwan63 on September 29, 2009 06:23
    Sorry I reverse the setting in the call. must be p_table = > 'emp', p_column = > 'empno '.

    ("emp"-online p_table,
    'empno'-online p_column)

    It must be

    p_check_max(p_table=>'emp', p_column=> 'empno)

    d_select: ='SELECT substr (A1.'| p_column | 3: 2) IN ' | "temp" | 'FROM ' | p_table | "A1 WHERE A1.' | p_column | "= (SELECT max (A2.' | p_column |')) OF ' | p_table | ("A2) AND rownum = 1';
    immediately run d_select;

    IN is not part of the SQL syntax. Its syntax PL. If you can not use dynamic SQL. It should be like this

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    Thanks in advance,


    Please see this thread.

    Custom application implemented in E-bussiness Suite
    Re: Custom application is implemented in E-bussiness Suite

    Kind regards

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    Select rec_no, rec_name from mytable where rec_no = upper(:P16_rec_no);

    Why? The same query works under the sql command.

    what I'm trying to accompolish here, it is because he has given huge if I want to display hide also multiples, regions and allow users to update each region as a result. Help, please. It kills me that I just can't understand what is causing the problem to the query. Thank you.


    The list is set to the field EMPLOYEE_ID itself? What is the primary key of the table? In my example, DEPTNO is the primary key and I used the element generated by the wizard page to display the list. The parameters of the Source of the item itself or the column DEPTNO and database so that the process "process line...". "to identify the updated row.


  • What is the problem with this query?


    I need some advice on how to change the following query (with perhaps some analytical function) to speed it up. Currently, it takes 6 + minutes. This query is executed in response to a request from the front-end application and 6 + min is certainly unacceptable.

    I am trying to provide as much information I can think, but if more information is needed, please let me know.

    I have a table called "wave_result". It contains millions of rows. PK is Wave_Id, Version_nbr, node_nbr and prod_nbr. For each 'wave_id + node_NBR + prod_nbr' there are several versions (version_nbr). In the following query, I try to extract a line with MAX version_nbr for combination of ' wave_id + node_NBR + prod_nbr.

    H3. Request:
    SELECT ip1.fnln_cat,
                NVL (SUM (ip1.lsu), 0) val
        FROM ideal_prod ip1, ideal_store s, wave_result wr
       WHERE  wr.wave_id = 51
             AND wr.prod_nbr = ip1.prod_nbr
             AND wr.wave_id = ip1.wave_id
             AND wr.version_nbr =
                    (SELECT MAX (wr1.version_nbr)
                       FROM wave_result wr1
                      WHERE   wr1.wave_id = wr.wave_id
                            AND wr1.node_nbr = wr.node_nbr
                            AND wr1.prod_nbr = wr.prod_nbr)
             AND NVL (wr.ovrd_dcsn_nm, wr.dcsn_nm) = 'Add'
             AND s.wave_id = wr.wave_id
             AND s.node_nbr = wr.node_nbr 
    GROUP BY ip1.fnln_cat, ip1.sub_cat, ip1.bus_cat
    H3. Rank of charges:
    "wave_result" is the largest table with millions of rows.
    Table                Total Rows       Rows for wave_id = 51
    Ideal_prod           188K             38K
    Ideal_store          3K               574
    Wave_result          90M              19M
    H3. Stats
    are updated almost daily by the DBA (not sure if that's a good or bad).

    H3. Explain the Plan:
    SELECT STATEMENT ALL_ROWS Cost: 330,737 Bytes: 401,787 Cardinality: 14,881 
         12 HASH GROUP BY Cost: 330,737 Bytes: 401,787 Cardinality: 14,881 
              11 VIEW VIEW SYS.VM_NWVW_2 Cost: 330,737 Bytes: 401,787 Cardinality: 14,881 
                   10 FILTER 
                        9 HASH GROUP BY Cost: 330,737 Bytes: 2,425,603 Cardinality: 14,881 
                             8 HASH JOIN Cost: 327,183 Bytes: 41,233,784 Cardinality: 252,968 
                                  1 INDEX RANGE SCAN INDEX (UNIQUE) APAPOPR.XPKIDEAL_STORE Cost: 4 Bytes: 13,202 Cardinality: 574 
                                  7 HASH JOIN Cost: 327,178 Bytes: 35,415,520 Cardinality: 252,968 
                                       5 HASH JOIN Cost: 198,619 Bytes: 18,764,328 Cardinality: 183,964 
                                            3 TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID TABLE APAPOPR.IDEAL_PROD Cost: 939 Bytes: 2,272,380 Cardinality: 37,873 
                                            4 TABLE ACCESS FULL TABLE APAPOPR.WAVE_RESULT Cost: 197,063 Bytes: 7,974,414 Cardinality: 189,867 
                                       6 INDEX RANGE SCAN INDEX (UNIQUE) APAPOPR.XPKWAVE_RESULT Cost: 82,467 Bytes: 721,495,854 Cardinality: 18,986,733 
    H3. Sample data:
       For wave_id = 51
                     there are 28466854 rows in "wave_result" table
       For wave_id = 51 and node_nbr = '0201' and  prod_nbr = '0226960'
                     there are 3 rows in "wave_result" table
    H3. Version of database information are below to:
    Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE                          Production
    TNS for IBM/AIX RISC System/6000: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production
    Thank you very much!!

    For wave_id = 51
                     there are 28466854 rows in "wave_result" table
       For wave_id = 51 and node_nbr = '0201' and  prod_nbr = '0226960'
                     there are 3 rows in "wave_result" table

    As you mentioned that this particular request is called by a front screen, how different search criteria you get it to show on the front end?
    Assuming that if the user is searching just of wave_id = 51 which lines returns to 28466854, it is certainly not a good approach to go look up many records to put end Front end is very light and can not hold many records and will be finally the web server will throw off out of memory exception. Always a limit on the number of records that you retrieve from the database and display it on the front plane.
    The second case where the user makes a search by wave_id, node_nbr and prod_nbr, even if she returns to 3 lines, behind the scens, he still made a full scan on the wave_result table. If we go with analytical function, we can reduce a sweep of extra table on the wave_result table. Also the table has millions of lines and the max (version_nbr) seems to be a frequently used on this table sub query. While inserting a record into the table wave_result, you must probably have a calculated value that will tell you its value max and you will choose just the rank of this value, instead of at each time max(). something like below...

    SELECT ip1.fnln_cat,
                NVL (SUM (ip1.lsu), 0) val
        FROM ideal_prod ip1, ideal_store s, wave_result wr
       WHERE ipl.wave_id = 51
             AND wr.prod_nbr = ip1.prod_nbr
             AND wr.wave_id = ip1.wave_id
             AND wr.wave_id = s.wave_id
             AND wr.node_nbr = s.node_nbr
             AND wr.precomputed_max_value = 'MAX'
             AND NVL (wr.ovrd_dcsn_nm, wr.dcsn_nm) = 'Add'
    GROUP BY ip1.fnln_cat, ip1.sub_cat, ip1.bus_cat;
  • What is the problem with this piece of code?

    Security.allowDomain("you/tube.com"); var my_player:Object;

    var my_loader:Loader = new Loader();

    my_loader. Load (new URLRequest("yout/ube.com/v/xe95yC_nsDI?version=3"));

    my_loader. = contentLoaderInfo.adfunction (Event.INIT, onLoaderInit);

    function onLoaderInit(e:Event):void {addChild (my_loader);

    my_player = my_loader.content; my_player.addEventListener ("onReady", onPlayerReady);


    function onPlayerReady(e:Event):void {my_player.setSize (520,290);}


    If you want to help troubleshooting code you should present correctly implemented with withdrawal form and separate lines for different actions.

    I see a number of errors in these two lines only...

    my_loader. Load (new URLRequest("yout/ube.com/v/xe95yC_nsDI?version=3"));

    my_loader. = contentLoaderInfo.adfunction (Event.INIT, onLoaderInit);

    (1) who cannot be a valid address of youtube with the slash in there

    (2) who dot leading contentLoaderInfo is a mistake

    (3) I don't know of a method called adfunction, and if I paste this line it turns into something with a dash in the name of this method

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