What is the secret shared key when connecting to a VPN, and where can I find/do.

I'm hosting a VPN server on my windows computer. But when I try of is there to connect, I can't understand what the "secret shared key" what he wants is, and where I can find. I tried for this search in many places. Please tell me where I can find and where I can create. Thank you!

The shared secret is a sort of password. It is defined by the VPN server, then this would be the place to start looking. Personally, I have no experience in running Windows Server VPN service, so I can't be more specific, but I hope that puts you in the right direction.

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    Response: A WEP key is a security code used on some Wi - Fi networks. The WEP keys allows a group of devices on a local network (for example, a home network) to exchange messages encoded with others while hiding the content of the messages to facilitate visualization by foreigners.

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    Microsoft Office applications are not included in the DVD of the operating system. You must install it separately. You can contact Microsoft Customer support to buy the same.
    See the link below which will help you achieve Microsoft technical support where you can find purchasing information in your area.
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    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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    Have you actually installed an antivirus application?

    Look at the system of Notification area (next to the time display).  Place the cursor of the mouse on each of the icons (make sure to click the chevron pointing to the left if it is present to display all icons).  Each icon should have a pop up balloon, explaining that it is.

    If one of the icons associated with your antivirus application, right-click and you should get a menu that includes an option to turn it off temporarily.  If a right click does not work, [to the left] double click it.

    If none of the icons seem to be an antivirus application, follow these steps:

    1. open a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK)
    2. type the following lines in the black command prompt window and press ENTER after each line

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