What is volumes of app with remote desktop session hosts

help please


Please find attached the document for more details

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  • Permission issues key on the remote desktop session host server

    Morning all,

    I tried to fix a few problems that we wanted on our new Office Server remotely.

    This is a new server that we have put in place a few days ago and is now on the site in a remote and ready to leave office.

    We moved a few users on the server yesterday to begin to test it, but met with some major problems that we have not seen before.

    Server 2008 R2 and is the host of the session, and server roles installed licenses, as well as services (search and file server roles) of the file.

    The problems we have are:

    • Trying to configure Outlook 2010 exchange account using the automatic configuration, we get the error code: 0 x 80070057
    • When you open MS Word, we get: "your AutoCorrect file, \MSO2057.acl, could not be saved. The file may be read-only, or you do not have permission to modify the file.
    • When Word is closed, we get: "cannot save or create this file. Make sure that the disk you want to save the file on is not full, write-protected or damaged. (C:\normal.dotm)
    • Some users have managed to get their Outlook account settings, but get the same error code in the point 1, when you try to open or to move an e-mail message
    • Windows search is also a problem, as in the start menu search returns no results, and clicking on "see more results" gives an error: Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. May not permissions to access you the item.

    First impressions, wherever the registry for AppData folders by user settings, have not been defined properly, which means that files that are trying to write, try saving in the wrong place.

    I didn't know how to check this in the registry, but all the environment variables look be ok compared to our running Server 2008 R2 RD.

    If anyone can offer suggestions or advice, that would be greatly appreciated.

    See you soon


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  • How to access Windows 8 PC on the Internet with remote desktop connection?


    Can someone tell me how to access Windows 8 PC on the Internet with remote desktop connection?

    I'm good with the software and I have used many Microsoft software since the 1980s. So I like Microsoft products, but since they have outsourced their tech support, you can't support quality even if you pay for it. I followed all the instructions in the Windows 8 will help about DRC setting screens, but I can't connect unless I'm on the same home network. Here are the details:

    I have a desktop PC with Windows 8 Pro and I have authorized the DRC. I tried two settings in system properties:

    1. Allow connections to this computer remotely.
    2. That allow the connection of computers running Office remotely with authentication NLA.

    I also turned on both private and Public Windows Firewall settings > allow an App or feature through Windows Firewall.

    I have installation then DRC to my laptop with Windows 8 (standard edition, not the Pro version). I have a DRC using the full name of the computer and other DRC using the static IP address for my ISP Desktop connection.

    I use the user account administrator Windows for connections of DRC of the laptop.

    I cannot get this to work on the Internet from a location outside my house with another ISP connection. The only way it works if I'm uncomfortable with the laptop using the same network home.

    I called Dell tech support and it is always useless and just a more aggravating waste of an hour to talk to their support of technique outsourced in India (who barely even understand English) and then they hang up the phone as it was supposed to be disconnected. I also called Microsoft support and lost more than an hour to speak to their outsourced tech support in the Philippines (and as support of the India, they hang up or 'disconnect' when they cannot answer your question and they go account learn you more about Windows while they do). U.S. tech companies use AMERICANS more for their technical support so their customers can get people who actually care about doing a good job and can actually understand English?

    So if someone who knows using Windows 8 for DRC on the Internet has some tips, then it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!

    P.S. If anyone is offended by my comments about the ugly, incompetent, stupid providing "technical support" in India or the Philippines - Nevermind! You go ahead and waste hours of your time talking to some Morón in these countries, who barely understands English and then 'disconnects' the call when they know that you realize that they are clueless and have all the answers.

    Take a look at no - IP.com or dyndns.com, and then use your host.domain:3389 of no.-ip/dynDNS or run RelaVNc SErver that is running on port 5900 by default.  Server options allow you to change the port as well if necessary.

  • How can I activate the touch screen with remote desktop

    I have an Asus ep121 windows 7 home tablet Office remotely to a desktop windows 7 Professional.

    Remote Desktop is not recognized any touch gesture. Windows 7 has a touchscreen native, is backing anyway to force the remote computer to accept the touch input of the Tablet?


    Windows 7 has a native touch screen probably support in that. Affect the gesture is unfortunately not possible on desktop connection remotely.

    When a remote desktop session is established between two computers (one with the ability to touch and others with no possibility of touch) as in your case. It may not be a chance to access a computer able to touch with your desktop capable of non-contact, although Windows 7 is touch wiz compatible.

    In order to use the touch features or programs, both computers must be installed with equipment able to touch. For example a touch screen, Touch pad, etc.

    Without compatible hardware on both computers by touch, touch capable desktop connection between two computers remotely maybe isn't possible.

    The only way to create an able to touch Remote Desktop connection is by installing equipment to touch interface on your desktop.

    Provide us additional information. So that we can help solve you the problem on your computer.

    Hope this information helps you.

  • Remote Desktop sessions fail with the error of data encryption

    All my remote desktop sessions attempts fail with an error of bull data encryption *. It seems that half of the world has this error and no one can provide an answer. Before binding you to an answer without value, it is all my clients servers with Windows Server 2003-2011 everything, cannot RDP to any of them.

    Most suggested answers a problem of router or server specific problem or suggest disabling large unloading on the network card.  Well, this problem hooked 30 + servers I've tried lately.  I tried with unloading defined on deactivate and activate.  I tried ethernet and wifi.  I tried to do different internet connect, work, home to various customer sites.

    In other words, I can no longer use RDP to connect to servers on ANY connection.  It simply doesn't work anymore.

    I run Windows 7 32 bit and this couple suddenly some days ago.  Before you start, no virus, no updated drivers... blah blah blah.

    The first day, he started, he wouldn't let me RDP via VPN but if I went through the external IP (mapped ports).  Then, it only works if I was on ethernet, not the wireless.  Then he just decided it wouldn't work at all.  Today, that I even tried to get back into the work remotely via RWW and the RDP ActiveX... did not work.  Tried both servers a SBS 2003 to 2008.  Nope.

    XP has a ten years more of life.  Win7 has done roughly three years, now it starts to fall apart.

    If you can fix this before moving on to Windows 8, and without having to wipe my whole PC, it would be much appreciated.


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  • Remote Desktop Session Authentication connects to Active Directory


    I would like to know when a Remote Desktop session is happening between two workstations in an AD domain, is an event recorded in the ad servers and if so, what is the category and event code.

    Thank you very much


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    See you soon.

  • How can I put an end to a remote desktop session?

    Original title: "Incoming connections"

    My Vista 32 bit Pro is configured to accept incoming connections.  How to break the connection to the client computer?  For example, if I plugged in to my box from a remote site, returned to the Vista Pro machine and realized I forgot to unplug then on the remote site?


    Look at this page under How can I disconnect from a remote desktop session?


    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • Losing keyboard focus when the remote desktop session


    I have several computers Win7 it remote to the server of a hosting company. Our users will register in the servers of the hosting via remote desktop. The question that arises is that the keyboard stops working after a locking of the user, the computer, then returns after a short period of time to continue working. The remote desktop session will remain functional when the computer is locked. After unlocking the computer, the keyboard does not work in the remote session. The mouse is not affected by this and minimizing the session, the keyboard works fine on the local session. Sometimes, you need to restore down and then restore back or minimize the RDP session several times to get the keyboard works within the remote session. A few times, close the RDP session will cause the keyboard work again. Someone at - he lived it and have a resolution of this problem? This issue seems to occur more frequently and we have already created on the remote server user profiles, but nothing helped. Thank you for your help.
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  • Shutdown options of Windows 8 Remote Desktop session are maddening

    Hi, for windows 8.1 pro via a remote desktop session

    Press 'windows key' + 'X '.

    In the context menu, click "Shut down or signout.

    In the submenu, click on "stop" or "restart" or "sleep"...

    Hi, for windows 8.1 pro via a remote desktop session

    Press 'windows key' + 'X '.

    In the context menu, click "Shut down or signout.

    In the submenu, click on "stop" or "restart" or "sleep"...

    I use Pro 8.1 and I'm sorry but stopping and restarting do NOT appear when connected via a RDP session and you click on the key Windows + X (or right click on Start).  The options you get are (ironically) "stop or d├⌐connexion" > "Disconnect" or "disconnect".

  • Unable to connect to a remote server with remote desktop, another machine works

    Windows XP Professional Remote Desktop connection


    I recently bought a computer with Windows XP preinstalled Mac Professional and running Office remote version 2.1.0. I can't connect to my work server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. The most frustrating is that I also have an Air of Mac Book that has remote desktop version 2.0.1 which is able to connect. I checked I think all the security and the network settings between machines and am still unable to remedy the situation. Hoping that you may be able to guide me in the right direction.

    Thank you

    Hello lovers of Lorne.

    Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums as it is related to connect to the server with workstation. Appropriate in instances of Windows Server.

    Please post your question in the Windows Server forums.

  • Connection problems with remote desktop connection

    Good somehow I try to connect to my remote friends computer and it has a windows 7 and I already configured on his computer. I already forwarded Ports on his computer, his static IP, added exception to the firewall, including Norton Internet Security Firewall 2013, so his remote desktop connection is good. But my computer is a Windows Vista Home Premium, but somehow, it wont let me connect it keeps telling in a dialog box with this error:

    Say this 'Remote Desktop disconnected"
    "Try to connect again. If the problem persists, contact your network administrator or the owner of the remote computer.

    But it's is not my friends computer problem, its my computer, I would have never been able to use Remote Desktop on my computer, I have no idea why. I also configured with my router Embarq EQ 660 - R in the NAT rule SUA Port 3389 with my routers IP. But somewhere in my firewall, it doesn't let me use the same TCP 3389 port, it won't let me enter any number of his strange. Well, I have the screen shot a photo so I'll attach the image so you can see what I mean. But I already have my friends computer sent a static router IP configured on him and on his router port everything worked fine, but the problem is mine, don't let me not the port before my router only if I use the NAT option and entering into the rule of SUA, in which I made with port 3389 , and my default gateway static IP.  I also added an exception to my Windows Firewall and also my Norton Internet Security firewall, 2013 including the application, but still somehow, it does not work. On my router, if I try to put the port range: 3389 to 3389. Added the name of Service like RDP, Type of Service: TCP. Also, I made my public computer static IP a little go. A how's my friends computer it works

    Thanks I would really appreciate it

    Hello Cristian,

    I understand that you can not connect to connect to the computer Windows Vista Home premium to Windows 7 computer using remote desktop.

    I wish to inform you that you can not use Remote Desktop connection to connect to the remote computer (host) running the following editions of Windows Vista:

    ·         Windows Vista Starter

    ·         Windows Vista Home Basic

    ·         Windows Vista Home Basic N

    ·         Windows Vista Edition Home Premium

    You can also view the below article for more information.

    Remote Desktop connection: frequently asked questions


    Connect to another computer using Remote Desktop connection


    I hope this helps. If you have problems of Windows in the future, let us know and we would be happy to help you.

  • What I'm missing to allow Remote Desktop connection?

    What has changed in Windows 7 that is so complicated to get remote desktop connect to run on remote computers?  I have my wife's computer and my home theater computer, but also a 'home' server I managed with the DRC compression or at least I did.  Since the upgrade to windows 7, the only link of DRC, I can do now is my "home" Server (which is based windows2003 I think).

    I've done the basics, I go to properties on my check for distance, computer, the box that says allow remote.  I looked at the firewall level, and he checked as enabled remote assistance.  I went up to build my own port 3389 to rule that it did not help.  I even looked through the services and on each service that is set to manual but not started with the word "remote" in there and started at all, still did not help.

    DRC does everything just not in 7 Home premium?

    You can run Remote Desktop [DRC] in client mode on any version of Windows 7. If you want to use to access remote Windows 7 PC then you need to run Windows 7 ultimate or professional. Home editions of Windows 7 may not act as a host DRC.

    It is the same with Vista Home Edition or XP Home Edition. Nor can serve as hosts for DRC.

    Remember that, although Remote Assistance uses the same port in remote desktop, they are completely different programs.



    You could try TeamViewer as an alternative to control a PC Windows 7 Home. It's free for personal use and you can set it up, if you wish, use a local LAN IP address.


    As an accompaniment, notes his best to administer the WHS Console against the DRC. Here's a WHS Advanced Admin very nice add-in that enhances this feature. I use this on my WHS...

    http://mswhs.com/2008/01/22/Add-in-advanced-admin-console/ MS - MVP Windows Desktop Experience, "when everything has failed, read the operating instructions.

  • Windows 7 computers not compatible Nap (for use with remote desktop gateway)

    I'm looking to implement gateway desktop remotely with NAP to enforce the integrity of the customer.

    I have gateway Remote Desktop works fine, the clients connect without problem. My problems started as soon as I implemented the NAP of the puzzle portion.

    I tried three different Windows 7 machines (two off the field) but I can't get an any of them to sign in, instead, I encounter the message "your computer cannot connect to the remote computer because your computer or device did not pass the network access Protection requirements defined by your network administrator." It seems that all the three machines are in fact considered non-compliant nap because they connect very well once I change to Non-compliant NAP network policy to allow full access. I even turned off all the policy settings in the Windows security SHV, but I still can connect, so it allows to confirm that my problem is with the machines showing non-compliant nap.

    Here are the steps that I took on the client:

    • Napclcfg.msc to enable the customer to RD gateway quarantine enforcement.
    • Services.msc to start the Network Access Protection Agent of service
    • Installed the certificate for Local computer > trusted root certification authorities

    I have read a number of results of research on this topic but nothing helped me to this day. Anyone know what could be my problem at hand?

    Thank you


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  • I can build in-store app with remote includes?

    Before that we buy our license, I just want to confirm that we can build our app library and store pages (for the Apple App Store) as an index page very basic with a bunch of hosted remotely understands that build page? I understand the documentation? is this possible? is it advisable?

    (we try to avoid making the app updates for the changes we make to store page/s)

    any input appreciated.

    Thanks, V

    Yes, your custom store/library can be just an index.html that has references for all your code.js on your remote server. Whatever changes you make will be automatically updated in the store/library every time that it re-load, and that's what DPS also recommends

    DPS - library and store SDK 2.29: http://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/digitalpublishingsuite/LibraryAndStoreSDK-2.29/docs/index .html

  • Weired problem with Remote desktop and WLan on Tecra M7


    I regularly use Microsoft Office remote to connect to my work PC to my laptop (TOSHIBA TECRA M7 Tablet) home.
    However, since buying (not had long), the remote desktop connection drops and I can't reconnect to the Toshiba laptop.

    It seems that when I connect to the start via Remote Desktop and the connection start screen appears after a short time 10-25mins laptop Toshiba Wifi connection drops.
    When I try to reconnect it does not allow me to do.
    I have to physically come back home and logon to windows XP and then re - activate the wifi.

    I did the following to here.

    1 UPDATE the latest BIOS



    Do you use the Intel Proset utility to configure the WiFi connection?
    Try to configure the WiFi network using this tool and check if the WiFi network would disconnect again.

    I m also interesting this driver Wlan did you use?
    Did you use one page of Intel?
    If this is not the case, check the Intel page for the new WLan driver version.

Maybe you are looking for