What is windows to the file $NtUninstallKB885835$

I have a WINDOWS folder in my C: drive that has lots of files with names like $NtUninstallKB885835$

Nobody knows what they are, how they are generated, and if it is safe to delete?

Here are the files used if you uninstall security patches installed via Windows Update.  Uninstallation of these patches is generally a bad idea.

Some people want to delete these files, because they are running out of hard drive space.  This is similar to bail out a boat sinking with a cup of tea.  However, if you want to do anyway, see http://windowsxp.mvps.org/Hotfix_backup.htm

Be sure to read and follow the advice in the gray box.

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    Note that your computer is under domain, you must contact the TechNet forum, where we are the support technicians who are well equipped with knowledge on the issues of domain, do please visit the link provided below.


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    The content property is not available on the upper level, less than, or other symbols comparative.  You can only search for characters.    And if you try to find the real character > itself, which does not work well.  The only non-alphanumeric characters that are available are ____, /, and -(I have tested the symbols on the keyboard).

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    If your on simple click to open, what you have to do is (dot) in the file.

    Click to open, tap Select.

    If you want to change this setting go to your libraries you are interested in, click on organize in the upper left corner, and select the folders and search options, general tab, change to double click, save.

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    Don't know what else to talk...

    Fixed! It was the MPE. Took me a while to remember there was a problem, I had some time like this.
    Edit > Preferences > playback > video and reading
    The default value is the value Open CL changed software only.

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    Don't worry about this. You are today, ask questions.
    Someday, you'll be the one who gives the answers.

    Once you are sure that the problem has disappeared, please report
    your last post as solved problem.

    Good luck.

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    You could try my ConsolidateByMovingscript. What is the path to your new media folder? Ideally, it would be something like X:\iTunes\iTunes media short where X: is the letter to an external drive. See also make a library of portable split.


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    I tried to delete all the files temporary/offline, I tried windows Explorer and go to tools > Synchronize and then unchecking the file that does not exist. I tried to go to the configuration of the synchronization and UN-checking the folder to synchronize when connected to the LAN. Nothing seems to prevent synchronization attempt. There are also other folders that exist that I want to keep the synchronization with, so I don't want to completely disable synchronization. Does anyone know how to make so that he can stop sync with just this file?


    You can try the troubleshooting steps provided in the link below in case you haven't tried them already.

    How to use offline files in Windows XP

    For more assistance, you can publish the isuse on the link below.


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    This link indicates the file is in the format of a compressed file and as such, the extension must be renamed

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    Any ideas why this happens?

    Thank you

    Problem solved:


    Thank you!

  • 4.0EA3: cannot access the mapped drives (Windows) in the file browser dialog boxes

    All windows files Explorer allows access to local (hard drive) C: and D: (DVD) drives. It is not possible nor access readers mapped (that refer to our server of UNC file paths) - i.e. the network drives.

    I tried the following access to the file Explorer:

    File-> open: does not work

    File Data-> shape-> open: does not work

    Tools-> Preferences-> environment-> Logs-> Browse-> Log Directory: does not work

    It worked / works great in SqlDev 3.2.2

    I tried to dismiss the problems of connection and authentication to our SAN (network drives are fully accessible from Windows Explorer and same JDeveloper) - I created a drive mapping on my hard drive. Can't see this mapping within the SqlDev either

    Problem on Win7 64-bit

    Looking forward to feedback from the Oracle, or to see if other users to find the same question


    I checked this in the Production version (build 13.80) and my drive letters are back!


  • When you open a Photoshop file with Bridge, how can I control what version of Photoshop, the file wil

    At the opening of a bridge of fthrough Photoshop file, how can I check which version of Photoshop, the file will open in?

    I store my PSD files that is adjacent to the original RAW file which it originates.

    If I open the folder and double-click this PSD file, it opens to the CS6. But, if I use the bridge (CS6) for access to and open the same file, it starts by is Photoshop CS5 and then opens this file PSD in CS5.

    How can I control which Photoshop will open a file then choose to open it through Bridge?

    Interesting, but it does not give any idea what I'm supposed to do. No Photoshop ducuments listed.

    Look at the PSD file on the location of Curt and Photoshop Document research. Beside him ideally should show Adobe Photoshop CS6 if you have Bridge open CS6. Click to provide the fly on the menu and choose the correct Photoshop from the list.

    But probably something went wrong with your installation. By default, Bridge chooses the latest version of PS to open its plug in.

    Maybe reset preferences may also help you. Can you provide more details about the version of the OS etc.

    And you have a good reason to keep your Raw and finalized in the same place files. Personally I put them aside and use a convention of appropriate filename (YYYYMMDD and details) so I can easily search the DNG files in my archives if I needed, but I don't make mistake by opening a bad

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    You can check the setting for this MIME type in "tools > Options > Applications" and change the setting to 'always ask '.

    You may need to reset all the actions download by removing the file mimeTypes.rdf manually.

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