What microsoft software is locked/hidden registry entry "DbgagD" used with?

My antivirus software informed me that I have a locked/hidden registry entry, which is not common. What microsoft software is this registry entry with that dbgagd used? I use vista 32 bit. My computer works without any problem, but I'll try to find the reason to make him not: -.


"I ask this as I was told that its an important file or an entry of key infection may not even be reviewed or edited, when I click on '1' folder in the registry I get immediately ' an error prevents this key in the opening: the system cannot find the file specified." The registry would be corrupted? I need to know what this key is for as this is the only file which is detected in avira as requiring special attention, as its hidden without a valid reason. It is perhaps more technical that most general users are used to, but I thought I'd ask about it here, if any staff of Ms actually uses this site, and is not just for users. My antivirus software and firewalls have not detected anything other suspect outside this hidden file. I can't ignore it, and I do not want to reinstall, because it can easily happen again. Kaspersky tdsskiller with its default settings does not detect anything problematic. Detection of GMER rootkit (and microsofts own F8 at startup to repair vista) both give me a blue screen, with "lack of kxdlipoc.sys" > page in the box of nonpages "' on the errorlog for Gmer. The error with microsoft vista F8 repair is too fast to read however on the blue screen, even if I set automatic restart flaws in the vista start menu. The blue screen for F8 does not show in the newspaper.

Thanks for any help


I suggest you to check the following Microsoft Technet link and check if it helps.


Hope the information is useful.

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    Preferred to the operating system registry and related to use with Microsoft Security Essentials?

    Preferred to the operating system registry and related to use with Microsoft Security Essentials?

    The registry does not have the operating system. Product who claims that they can boost the performance of a PC by cleaning or optimization of the registry's vapour ware, as any test with a stopwatch would confirm. In fact, some ruin Windows installations.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials re: Avanquest registry Utilities Professional

    In February 2010, I installed registry Utilities Professional of Avanquest ("ORS").  I used it every week since that time without difficulty.

    In June 2010, I installed Microsoft Security Essentials ("MMS") and in the initial round, the only recommendation was uninstall PRU which I agreed to.

    He did uninstall the desktop icon that I previously used to manually run the ORS; However, in programs and features, the outermost Regions and a "Compatibility Patch" ORS are still reported.

    Issues related to the:

    1. Why does want MSE uninstall ORS?
    2. Are there known issues with RUP?
    3. If RUP is a registry self cleaner, how I now access and reinstall the desktop icon?

    My OS is Windows Vista Edition Home Premium, version 6.0.6002.

    Thank you.

    Saturday, June 19, 2010 16:41:12 + 0000, sky33 wrote:
    > 3. If RUP is a registry self cleaner, how I now access and reinstall the desktop icon?
    This is * not * a legitimate registry cleaner, because there isn't * n *.
    legitimate registry cleaners.
    Registry cleaning programs are * all * snake oil. Cleaning of the
    registration is not necessary and is dangerous. Let alone register and
    do not use any registry cleaner. Despite what many people think, and
    What software record cleaning suppliers are trying to convince you,
    have unused registry entries is not really make you hurt.
    The risk of a serious problem caused by a registry cleaner by mistake
    delete an entry you need is much greater than any potential benefit
    It can have.
    Read http://www.edbott.com/weblog/archives/000643.html
    And also
    Let me stress that neither me nor anyone else who warns the
    use of registry cleaners never said that they always cause
    problems. If they have always caused problems, they would disappear from
    the market almost immediately. Many people have used a registry
    cleaner and never had a problem with it.
    The problem with a registry cleaner is that it carries with it
    important * risk * to have a problem. And since there is no
    benefits of using a registry cleaner, running that risk is a very bad
    good deal.
    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows desktop experience) since 2003

    Ken Blake

  • Problem with DirectX 11, the registry entries does not

    I know there has been a response to a similar problem, but I tried the solution and it didn't work.

    I deleted the registry entry for Dx11 by error files and now I can't reinstall a new copy of Directx. I tried to use the alternative with

    "InstalledVersion" = hex: 00, 00, 00, 09, 00, 00, 00, 00
    'Version' = ' '.


    See the attatched screenshot link and it did not work please could someone help me and tell me what I did wrong.

    My dear dissed

    Thanks for your help and even if it does not solve the solution I am grateful that you answered.

    in any case I realized what the problem was, so the problem has been resolved.

    Thanks again

  • List of Possible registry entries

    The other day, I tried to do something that I felt should be possible, but that I couldn't easily understand.  Since I wasn't getting any type of error, I really wasn't sure what to search on.  In the end, I found that it was possible that I wanted to do and that the solution was to add a registry entry - which does not even exist in the registry by default.  I could have easily solved the problem myself if I had known that the particular registry entry was even possible.  I was wondering if there is a list somewhere of all the * possible * entries to Windows registry and various Microsoft products.

    I realize that such a list would be huge.  Also, I realize that applications must have a way of adding their own registry entries and the operating system to say that means each.  So I don't think there was ever a master list.

    Currently, to solve problems where there no error message, but when I want to know that if something is possible, I do a search, fiddling with my search terms of refining, possbily read through a number of lengthy discussions, which most are not the solution, just to find hidden in a thread dark that my problems will be solved if I put a certain value of register 1.  It can be a very time consuming effort.  Is there a way for me to become aware of the possible values of registry that can be set, then I could find this resource and most likely find the answer much faster.

    Is there such a resource that one can use for possible registry values for search?  If this is not the case, how other people discover the registry values that are not defined by default, or may not even exist without be added manually by the user?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


    The Windows registry is largely undocumented.  There are a few books (you know, those things you hold in your hands, but can't click on), but they are usually both incomplete and almost instantly out of date.

    A search engine is really the best way to learn things.  Or ask a lot of questions in the MSDN or TechNet forums.

    It is fun, a Google search for "Windows Registry Documentation" shot to the top of this site which seems to be exactly what you want - Documentation Project for the Windows registry - until you discover that despite his record on SourceForge almost exactly ten years ago, there is no file, no notice, no support, no wiki, and the 'list of skills' admin 'project' is empty.

  • TrueSuite Fingerprint Software me lock out of my files!


    I use the TrueSuite Access Manager very happy five months for some of my files important protect from prying eyes. Suddenly, today, when I try to "unprotect" them, I get a message saying "Invalid"File Protection Key"". The fingerprint reader works fine and TrueSuite Access Manager accepts my footprint quite happy.

    I am using Windows XP Pro. The only things that have happened since I last accessed files successfully was a download Microsoft Tuesday last week and my Norton Internet Security 2008 installation.

    I really hope you guys can help ' cos I need to access these files.


    PS, I tried to restore to a previous system restore point, but they all fail...

    Well, here is where I have to this day...

    The TrueSuite Access Manager is provided by AuthenTec, but is actually just a rebadged version of the Password of ABIG software. The site Web of TrueSuite disappeared off the internet (although you can find one or two references to the fact that there were once). AuthenTec or ABIG offer any support whatsoever. So the only source of help is Toshiba...

    I traced the beginning of my woes to an application error logged in the log of the events of Win XP - fingerprint software didn't. The description of the error says only: "prints notifier Application digital Suite has encountered a problem and needs to close." Large. The application error has somehow broken the link between fingerprints recorded and the key used to 'protect' all my files. Even having a back-up fingerprints was useless, because that was the link between the fingerprint identification system and the file system of Windows that was broken, not fingerprint information...

    I rang the Toshiba help line, who recommended to download and install the latest drivers. What I've done. It made no difference.

    I managed to roll back to Windows to a date earlier than the application error (the problem I had before which prevented me to restore the system to an earlier date was caused by Norton internet Security, a "known" feature). But even once it made no difference.

    So where am I today? TrueSuite has lost the connection between my fingerprints and the key that he used with the file system Windows to protect my files, I was in turn locked out of all files. I can't access, copy, move them or delete them, BACK or Win XP. Toshiba recommendation is to use the provided with the laptop recovery disks and to reinstall Windows XP from scratch. Of course this will not return me my information, but at least it will remove all unnecessary files and free up the space occupied by them!

    Lessons to be learned - if you use TrueSuite to protect your files, think twice. If you want to continue to do so, back up all your files before protecting them. Of course, the backup version of the file will not be protected fingerprint (bat rather the object of the exercise, is not...)

    Good luck.

  • Connection Manager profile registry entry


    On my WIN XP SP3, I found a Profile Manager HKCR\Connection registry entry. Its subkeys Shell\Open\Command points to a file CMMGR32. EXE in the System32 folder, but the file does not exist there.

    My questions are:

    What is the use of this article?

    What happens if I delete this entry?

    This key is tied to a Windows component that is not installed on my system?

    How can we determine the validity of these keys?

    Thank you best regards &,.


    What is the use of this article?

    It seems that the connection manager has been a feature of people into their custom in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP applications:

    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc778989 (WS.10) .aspx

    More that likely the exe is installed with custom applications.

    Note: This key is not in Windows 7.

    What happens if I delete this entry?

    I tested in a Virtual Machine and that you are having problems. You wouldn't see Remove me these keys on my main box, as if this was not necessary it would not included by default in the operating system.

    This key is tied to a Windows component that is not installed on my system?

    Nope, it comes standard with every installation of Windows XP.

    How can we determine the validity of these keys?

    I don't know of any database that contains a list of all the keys in registry and their validity. Given the magnitude of such a basis, I doubt there are (but if we don't I'm sure someone in the community probably knows him).

    I briefly mentioned above, but I want to reiterate that I do not recommend 'house cleaning' in the registry. Do such causes far more problems than it solves. It is important to keep in mind that several registry keys are in place that for compatibility reasons (this key is a perfect example). Deleting these keys does not cause immediate problems now but could hurt you later on the road.

    If you want to experiment with the familiar registry keys deleting, I highly recommend the creation of a virtual machine with Virtual PC and allowing disks of cancellations.

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • SQL Server Express of 2014 will not remove registry entries when uninstalling


    I am responsible for the routine installation of our products in our society. We used to install SQL Server 2008 Express with our facility. We also checked the registry entries to detect if the SQL Server 2008 Express to a specific instance has been installed. When we run the uninstall for our program, we have also uninstalled auf instance. If it was the only forum wihtin SQL Server SQL Server hole has been uninstalled. This works as expected.

    Now, we want to implement the 2014 of SQL Server Express. The installation is successful and everything is working properly. But when we uninstall SQL Server 2014 leaves a large number of entries in the registry. In particular, the entry for the version number:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node\\Microsoft\\Microsoft SQL Server\\120\\SQLServer2014\\CurrentVersion\Version

    This makes it difficult to detect if SQL Server 2014 is installed on the system, because SQL Server 2008 uninstall these entries when deleted as expected. OK I can check some folders and files, if they are available, but this does not seem the right way.

    Is this a bug, or are there reasons why the registry entries are not removed after uninstalling?

    Kind regards


    This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)

  • Qosmio X 870: Toshiba Bluetooth installed but Microsoft software stops

    I am a Norwegian really sad Panda.

    my very annoying problem is that I have some time after the release of windows 7 normally lost the toshiba bluetooth stack and the user interface for it and just used start anymoore...

    First there is when I bought the machine mount: a qosmio x 870 everything worked perfectly with the stack of toshiba drivers toshiba bluetooth and the user interface of software toshiba...

    I've only used a mouse Razer Orochi bluetooth mouse and it worked flawlessly. However, I went and bought a Bluetooth Rapoo h6020 headset and it worked also very pleasantly with the mouse, even at the same time to my surprise, at that time I was a happy Panda...

    But after a few days, I discovered the mouse wasn't autoconnecting and his picture was generic in the menu devices and printers...
    I never thought much of the change to the wrong microsoft bluetooth settings...

    But I also haven't had no driver for the headset of all installed more... and the compatible device HID mousedrivers thingy is annoyingly insensitive and rubberbands the mouspointer and is far from being good and I really isn't happy with cables in 2012...

    I tried to reinstall the new stack for windows toshiba bluetooth and new drivers proset to 2230 n and tried to uninstall the toshiba vap and bt filter thingyes and registry cleaned and reinstalled in the filters-toshiba bluetooth stack order Floreal-realtek atheros vap with several reboots inbetween and so on.

    To make a long story shorter I did all the stuff around the net people have tried and succeeded with... but only to get me more distressed...

    I HAV so far is 3 total recoverys system and each time I have the same result, that my bluetooth (centrino n2230) device is recognized as a generic device and microsoft drivers is installed automatically.

    I once once dussin unable with installing the newest toshiba bluetooth stack and ultimately made it the last 2 times I picked up the system only to discover that even if I get rid of the microsoft drivers not are still able to have the toshiba drivers, as they do not recognize the device...

    The original Toshiba Bluetooth Manager starts normally but its icon is red and rightclick the only choice to start the machine, * which is already started and running with microsoft software * at the same time, which is useless to me because it is only usable for the most basic usage...

    I would really like to have the solution to get the toshiba drivers and software again by default and do not have an another full recovery of the system, its really annoying and I have so much other software I need each day for work and private use.

    But if you can come up with a solution that works I would no allmost... even buy 3 third-party software if it can solve its problem with microsofts drivers that automaticly returned if I uninstall the...

    That happen to me... I really love my PC...

    > I once once dussin unable with installing the newest toshiba bluetooth stack and ultimately made it the last 2 times I picked up the system only to discover that even if I get rid of the microsoft drivers not are still able to have the toshiba drivers, as they do not recognize the device...

    I have carefully read your message and I m confused
    You said that you got the system several times and set to factory settings.
    From my point of view that the Bluetooth must be preinstalled by the factory settings and in this case, no additional installation is required
    I m wondering if you have enabled the Bluetooth using the Fn + F12 keys?

    For the Toshiba notebooks the FN + F8 combination has enabled the WiFi and BT but X 870 Fn + F12 is the right combination

    Then, activate Bluetooth would force other BT shares finished with BT work permit

  • Are pre-existing registry entries overwritten by the installer?

    I was wondering what happens when creating a distribution installer that creates registry keys, but keys already exist on the target computer when the Setup program is run.  Change the keys to existing registry or the installer will skip them?

    Thank you.

    I think that they get too wrote.

    You do not get file or revision based on components with the CVI distribution Publisher: If the version of the installation is more recent than what was last used to install the application, it will overwrite everything in the distribution, even if later versions of the separate elements are present on the target.

    Distribution tools more efficient (for example InstllShield) can you give the desired probably behavior.

    I don't think the individual registry entries to wear a version on them: common practice is to use a different set of registry values for a more recent demand, not revised version of the keys and values.


Maybe you are looking for

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