What Pr items to the reduction of scale?

I spend all my time with the help of body/yet so I have not the pleasure of hanging out here a lot.   But my son has a HDV camcorder and wants to make regular SD 16:9 DVD (it doesn't have a burner of blur radius)

My question is; How is Pr of the elements to the content downscaling HDV to SD card?    Unfortunately the BODY isn't good at home.  There is a new option in CS4 that allows the ORGANIZATION to do a better job, but it is still not as good as some solutions third 3rd in the HD to SD scale.

Then; Love to ID to hear your experience in doing this in the elements.  I'd like to recommend for my son, who wants to just change a few home movies down to SD DVD.

Premiere Elements is not much better than Pro to the HDV downsampling. Indeed, on a less powerful computer, he can choke.

On the other hand, if you capture your HDV to DV - AVI (DV standard), you should have no problem in editing and the standard DVD release.

Just value your camcorder DV Lock and, when it captures, the camcorder will do an excellent job of downsampling your superb DV video.

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  • Broadcast legal levels during the reduction of scale

    Someone else has problems when downscaling HD to SD content before providing them to the broadcaster.

    Whenever I do my luma levels get pushed to broadcast without danger, and my place is rejected. The only solution I found is to use Resolve to any reduction of scale, this is not an ideal solution.

    I'm on a Mac Pro 5.1, using first Pro CC 2014 20141 version (Build 8.1.0 (81)).

    Workflow is the following:

    1. Change in the chronology of the HD (Apple ProRes 422 or uncompressed YUV 8 bit)
    2. Choose export-> media
    3. Export settings configuration. (Format doesn't really count. The problem has nevertheless.)
      • Format: MXF Op1a
      • Video codec: IMX 30 PAL
      • Look PAL D1/DV widescreen 16:9
      • Go to maximum depth
      • The value of the zero start timecode
      • Use the maximum Render quality

    I always double check my results in ScopeBox and internal counters first. Everything looks perfect:


    When the export is completed I check again with ScopeBox, and now the file looks like this:


    And he is dismissed because of illegal broadcasting values.

    Everyone sees the same thing?



    Thanks to Mariusz Wawa for the following solution.

    Disable "restore maximum quality" and do not use acceleration GPU Mercury engine.

    This seems to solve the problem.

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    Select your objects and as Mike said, uncheck aligner to align on the pixel grid, but also uncheck options.

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    Hello, I spent much of my time to combing threw 8 hours of sequences in drone of my vacation. Images of the drone located be in 4 k: /, I'd like to add 1080 p images to this project but I do not know how. Is it possible to reduce my project to 1080 so that my shots of drone and all my other images would be the same thing?

    You have placed the 4 shots on a timeline k 4 k?

    Reproduce the sequence. then, working on the copied sequence:

    By changing the settings of the sequence to change the sequence up to 1920 x 1080.

    If your 4 k clips now all expect extended, and then click anywhere in the timeline panel and type the command (command) + A to select all clips.

    Right-click on one of the selected clips and in the menu select "Set to Frame Size".

    You should now have a 1080 p to your sequence of k 4 previous version and should be able to drop 1080 p images in the timeline without scaling.


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  • With audio slideshow created in PSE 9 plays well in edit.  When brought to burn items from the Prime Minister for the dvd, the audio does not play.  He appears in the edition, but no sound is played.  It happens regularly.  What setting could be wrong?

    With audio slideshow created in PSE 9 plays well in edit.  When brought to burn items from the Prime Minister for the dvd, the audio does not play.  He appears in the edition, but no sound is played.  It happens regularly.  What setting could be wrong?

    Thank you very much!   At your suggestion, I've selected out, burn to disc, DVD.  A window shows requiring Save have *.wmv.  OK, reluctantly saves.  Automatically opens first.  Preview has no audio.

    Instead of burning to disc, I chose Edit in first.  The preview has the video and audio.  Engraving option asked under wmv.  BUT by selecting the tab burn, then disc, dvd, part took place smoothly and dvd resulting contains actually the audio and the video.  Yes!

    She should not be incompatible and hard, but I could never have succeeded without help.

    Thanks again.

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    Thank you Debbie

    go directly to Microsoft update, you have all updates to sp3 and day.

    An analysis of the express and install all high-priority, then do a custom scan and install the RootKit updates.

  • What plan? Payment in the drop-down list contains items named the same.


    I run a business and I want to upgrade 1 license Adobe Muse to 1 CC of Adobe License (without Adobe Stock). Note that I do not need a solution 'team', I only need 1 person to be able to use the software. Obviously that the license allows me to use the software commercially.

    The web interface is in my mother tongue, but I'll translate the options menu as accurate as possible.

    So, if I'm going:

    "Plans and products"-> as 'Plans' are my license of Muse and below it a 'Manage Plan', I click on the button-> "change the regime".

    I am taken to a "change of-your-plan interface. Inside, I see Creative Cloud-subscription (per year), which is the license that I want. Now, here's the thing. There is a drop-down list that has 4 elements:

    • Annual plan with monthly payment. (Costs X.)
    • Annual plan with monthly payment. (Costs roughty 2 * X.)
    • Annual plan with payment in advance.
    • Annual plan with payment in advance.

    What is the difference between the first and the second element?

    The two let me use the software commercially?

    What will happen on the site that I hosted on Adobe Business Catalyst by Muse when I change my package?

    Thank you in advance.

    Any subscription you pay for can be used commercially.

    I also have a lot of trouble that you understand the differences in prices like you showed.  There is no way to determine what the differences are in two plans monthly, is - it possible one is be produced a single plan and the other being the complete plan?

  • Flattening, save money, levels: a very different output than what I see on the screen

    Photoshop wizards! I'm stumped on this problem and it's driving me bananas! It's a simple photoshop file, thus creating a background star field using noise and great basic tools. However, when I try somehow to save or flatten the image, the results look different way from what I see on the screen! This problem just started today and I don't know why, and nothing I've tried has fixed it. I am literally unable to create anything because whenever I try to save, I get a very different picture.

    In this screenshot, I use the save for web window to show what is happening, but it's the same, if I Flatten all layers, merged copy or try to save it as that - of course the results are not what my original document shows. It's like levels and layers are completely ignored. The same thing also happens when I try to apply levels to any similar image, it seems to go in the preview, and then totally different after the application.

    There is no transparency, layer styles or something tricky going. The document has the color management and RGB 8-bit/channel, test colors is disabled. I restarted my computer restarted the document from scratch twice, reset my preferences, off hardware acceleration, updated for the last CC 2015.5 and have been Googling for the last hour... no luck.

    I forget something really stupid, or I don't know what. I remember running on this problem before with my old laptop, but I do not remember what was the solution if I ever found a. If anyone wants to check out the document, it will be temporarily here:

    Stats: Mac OS X MacBook Pro 10.11.4, (2015)
    Appreciate any help!

    Glimpses of adjustment are calculated on the basis of the ratio of the screen zoom. This is done for performance reasons.

    In other words: If you view at 50%, the preview adjustment is calculated from this version sous-échantillonnées. Now look at this reduction of scale means causing the pixel details - it becomes blurry and fuzzy. So now you get a series of intermediate values that do not exist in the original, and you see adjusted values that do not exist. I can give you a false idea. But when you post adjustment (Flattening), the complete original data are used.

    Always keep in mind that the beach tonal adjustments have no effect on each of the pixels that are pure black or pure white. They only work on the medium gray.

    This consideration applies to all images with high acutance (sharp pixel-level transitions). It is not normally a problem for a normal picture with smooth transitions.

  • Scaling of image directly by selecting the item in the Assembly?

    Hi all

    I want to put a video/image that is on my calendar, I want to know is, is it possible to simply select the item in the timeline and resize it in the program with the mouse (click and drag) monitor?  Currently, what I have to do is,

    a. Select the item in the timeline

    b. Select again the request in the control effects

    c. the scale with the mouse in the program monitor

    pls help,

    I'm working on first pro 2015.

    Kind regards

    Make sure the clip is visible in the program monitor

    Double-click on the screen and a bounding box will appear.

  • Place the items in the table next to each other on stage

    Hey guys,.

    I know I have to do something wrong that is easy and simple to fix, but I can't fix.

    I have a table called a frame of a movieclip and I want to place each image as a 'menu' on the stage.

    The problem I have is that I want to put each item in menu next to each other, but the only code I could find work is the 3D carousel.

    So I try to adapt this code to my needs.

    Where I'm going wrong? Any help would be great.

    Code below:

    package classes


    import flash.display.MovieClip;

    com.greensock.*;//for interpolation ability to import

    import com.greensock.TweenLite;

    com.greensock.easing import. *;

    import flash.filters.BlurFilter;

    import flash.events.Event;

    import flash.utils.Timer;

    import flash.events.TimerEvent;

    import flash.display. *;

    import flash.events. *;

    import flash.sampler.StackFrame;

    SerializableAttribute public class extends MovieClip MenuSystem


    private var blur: BlurFilter = new BlurFilter (0,0,1);

    private var holderMc:MovieClip = new MovieClip();

    private var radiusX:uint = 1200; / / width of the carousel

    private var rayonY: uint = 400; / / height of the carousel

    private var centerX:Number = 100; / / x position of the center of the carousel

    private var centerY: Number = 350; / / the position there from the center of the carousel

    private var speed: Number = 0.01; / / initial rotation of the carousel speed

    private var itemArray:Array = new Array(); / / store the items to sort them according to their 'depth' - see the sortBySize() function.

    public var navigationPopupInfo:NavigationPopupInfo = new NavigationPopupInfo();

    public void MenuSystem()


    the constructor code

    We do support for the menu system serve

    addChild (holderMc);

    holderMc.y = - 200;

    Also add a listener to control the rotation of the speed menu

    / * addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, OnMouseMoveHandler);

    */                    }

    public function initNavigationPop (): void


    TweenMax.to (navigationPopupInfo, 0, {alpha: 0, 40-y:, blurFilter: {blurX:3, blurY:10}});}})

    holderMc.addChild (navigationPopupInfo);

    navigationPopupInfo.x = (-navigationPopupInfo.width / 2);

    TweenMax.to (navigationPopupInfo, 2, {delay: 1, alpha: 1, y: 10, ease:Elastic.easeOut});})

    TweenMax.to (navigationPopupInfo, 1, {delay: 1, blurFilter: {blurX:0, blurY:0}});}})


    Place the vital elements on stage

    public void initRange(numOfMenuItems:Number):void


    for (var i: uint = 0; i < numOfMenuItems; i ++)


    var arrayBoxItem:String = ('model' + (i + 1) + '_');

    var itemMc:ItemMc = new ItemMc();

    public var angl:Number; belongs to the class of the element.

    Item class extends ItemInner in the library FLA.

    itemMc.angl = i * (400 / numOfHomeRangeItems);

    itemMc.alpha = 0.8;

    itemMc.name = (arrayBoxItem);

    trace (itemMc.Name);

    holderMc.addChild (itemMc);

    itemArray.push (itemMc);

    itemMc.itemHitter.buttonMode = true;

    itemMc.addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, enterFrameHandler);

    Listen MouseEvents only on the icons, not on reflection;

    itemMc.itemHitter.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler);

    itemMc.itemHitter.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, rollOverHandler);

    itemMc.itemHitter.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, rollOutHandler);

    itemMc.iconMc.gotoAndStop (arrayBoxItem);



    public void clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


    clean your audience before doing anything else to release

    the user CPU resources

    for (var i: uint = 0; i < itemArray.length; i ++)


    var itemMc:ItemMc = itemArray [i];

    itemMc.removeEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, enterFrameHandler);

    itemMc.itemHitter.removeEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler);

    itemMc.itemHitter.removeEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, rollOverHandler);

    itemMc.itemHitter.removeEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, rollOutHandler);


    TweenLite.to (itemMc, 1, {scaleX:0, scaleY: 0, alpha: 0.1, ease:Elastic.easeInOut});})

    TweenMax.to (itemMc, 1, {blurFilter: {blurX:5, blurY:5}});}})

    to replace the carousel again see function reInit()


    this.removeChild (itemMc);


    Tabula Rasa, to prepare variables

    var variantName:String = event.target.parent.name;

    itemArray.splice ();

    If (variantName == "backBtn") {MovieClip (root) .reinitMenuSystem () ;}

    else {MovieClip (root) .addVariantPage (variantName) ;}


    /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////// POSITION ITEMS IN CAROUSEL

    position items in the Menu

    public void enterFrameHandler(event:Event):void


    Event.Target.x = centerX; / / position of the element x

    Event.Target.y = centerY / / position point y of

    Scale according to position point there to give the point of view

    / * var s:Number = event.target.y / (centerY + rayonY);

    event.target.scaleX = event.target.scaleY = s;

    Event.Target.angl += speed; / / speed is updated by OnMouseMoveHandler


    blur.blurX = - event.target.y / 10 + 21;

    blur.blurY = - event.target.y / 10 + 21;

    Event.Target.filters = [blur];

    Finally set the size of the elements


    */                    }


    Check the progress of ticks


    set the display list index (depth) of the elements according to their

    scaleX property so that the element, the index is high (depth)

    / * public function sortBySize (): void


    It is not a property Array.ASCENDING DECLINING use and reverse()

    itemArray.sortOn ("scaleX", Array.DESCENDING |) Array.NUMERIC);

    itemArray.reverse ();

    for (var i: uint = 0; i < itemArray.length; i ++)


    var itemMc:ItemMc = itemArray [i];

    holderMc.setChildIndex (itemMc, i);




    /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////// ITEMS WHEN ROLLOVER & OUT

    public void rollOverHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


    var currentModel:String = event.target.parent.iconMc.parent.name;

    Event.Target.parent.alpha = 1;

    TweenLite.to (event.target.parent.iconMc.tooltipMc, 1, {alpha: 1, y:-40, ease:Elastic.easeOut});})

    event.target.parent.iconMc.tooltipMc.tipHeader.gotoAndStop (currentModel);


    function rollOutHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


    Event.Target.parent.alpha = 0.8;

    TweenLite.to (event.target.parent.iconMc.tooltipMc,.5, {alpha: 0, y:-27});})




    Update of the speed at which the carousel turns accoring to the distance of the mouse since the center of the stage. The variable speed is only updated when the mouse is over the point Sprites.


    / * function mouseMoveHandler(event:MouseEvent):void public


    Speed = (mouseX - centerX) / 20000;


    */          }


    I have a table called a frame of a movieclip and I want to place each image as a 'menu' on the stage

    This code will take a MovieClip in your library with the link ("Menuitem") that has 5 labeled keyframes "menuitem 1 «...» "" menuitem 5 ', it is adapted accordingly to your stagesize and distribute, and align the elements at the top from left to right:

    I havemport flash.display.MovieClip;

    var menu_Array:Array = new Array();

    the var menu: MovieClip = new MovieClip();

    var stageWidth:int = stage.stageWidth;

    var menuWidth:int = 0;

    for (var i: int = 0; i<5;>


    var menuItem:Menuitem = new Menuitem();

    menuWidth += menuItem.width;

    menu_Array.push (MenuItem);


    function distrbuteAndAlignItems(_menu:MovieClip,_array:Array):void


    var scaleFactor:Number = stageWidth / menuWidth;

    var xAdjustment:Number;

    trace (scaleFactor);

    for (var j: int = 0; j<_array.length;>


    MovieClip(_array[j]).scaleX = MovieClip(_array[j]).scaleY = scaleFactor;

    for (var k: int = 0; k


    xAdjustment += MovieClip(_array[j]).width;


    _ARRAY [j] .x = xAdjustment;

    _ARRAY [j].gotoAndStop(j+1);

    xAdjustment = 0;

    _Menu. AddChild (_ARRAY [j]);


    addChild (_menu);


    distrbuteAndAlignItems (menu, menu_Array);

    If that's what you're looking for...

  • How to: Disable the new 'Visit what you type' in the url drop-down list. FF 43

    So with the update of FF 43 Mozilla is still destroying my workflow. While browsing I have I'll especially out of muscle memory. And the new updated through upward in the top position most of the url drop-down the search with the option. I disabled that within 5 minutes but now instead of it's me give "visit"url what ever I can partially be hit". I wish that this new item disabled and can't seem to find an option for her.

    I never understood why the url bar allowed for searching the Web when there is already a dedicated search bar.

    You can set this pref to false on the topic: config page.

    • Browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete = false

    You can open the topic: config page via the address bar.
    You can accept the warning and click on "I'll be careful" to continue.

    Location drop-down menu bar may show items from the history, as well as pages of a bookmark and sites currently open in tabs.
    You can define what suggestions to show when you enter a URL in the address bar in "Options/Preferences > privacy".

    • Tools > Options > privacy > address bar: when you use the location bar, suggest:
      Open tabs
    • choice of browser.urlbar.suggest.history.onlyTyped must be modified directly through the pref
    • choice of browser.urlbar.Suggest.Searches is present in Firefox 43 + as 'See the search in the location bar results suggestions' in "Options/Preferences > Search" in the search parameters
  • Automator: using a text file to set several items from the finder?


    what I would do:

    I have a text file that contains multiple entries for files and folders, each on a separate line. I want to dragndrop this file on an automator action, he should ask me a destination folder and then copy all the files and folders in this folder.

    I have my action, automator, set up like this:

    Elements of the open Finder

    Get the content of the TextEdit Document

    Copy to the Clipboard (I have not found another way to keep my text sort file values and let it not be crushed by the following, but it works)

    Quit the Application (TextEdit)

    Ask the Finder items (this requires a destination folder)

    Set the value of the Variable (Destination)

    Get the contents of the Clipboard

    Copies the items from the Finder (at Destination)

    It all works, but only when there is 1 entry in my text file. As soon as I have 2 lines of text, I get the following error message:

    The action "copy Finder items" has not provided with the required data.

    How can I make this work with multiple entries?

    The problem is that you only pass the only element to the copy action (you have copied text), instead of an element for each line (paragraph) in the text.  The solution is to use the action filter paragraphs to break up along the borders of paragraph text, which will give you a list of items.  In addition, you do not necessarily have to use TextEdit or the Clipboard - If you already have a file somewhere, you can simply use the action to combine text files to read the text.

    With the above modifications, your workflow should look like:

    Ask the Finder items  (ask for a destination folder)

    Set the value of the Variable  (Destination)

    Ask the Finder items  (Download text files) - set the action to ignore the entry

    Combine text files  (read the text files)

    Filter paragraphs  (paragraphs which are not empty return)

    Copy the items to the Finder  (at Destination)

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