What printer model can be used as a real wireless network print/scan/copy A3/A4, with ePrint

I was running around in circles to find an appropriate printer that can do the following

(1) Automactically detect A3 or A4, size and printing paper so scale is automatically required

(2) copy an A4 document and even print on A3 paper

(3) network connectivity - wired and wireless

(4) mobile printing from iPhone, iPad, Android devices

Please consider this printer will print for most of a mobile device, and printed documents must be printed on A3 paper most of the time as the customer which I hope to buy the printer has difficulties with small reading text.

Appreciate help, if someone can help me.


The HP Officejet 7610 has most of the features you want - see the description of the product here.  It will scan up to 11.79 "x 17" and will print and copy sheets of A3 and A4 format.

Special features

A Wi - Fi connection

Wireless network card included


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    Upgrading CPU is always risky, and in my opinion, no one can tell if the laptop would have functions properly after these updates.
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    Hello Ric

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    Only, we have installed a new Prime Minister to 6700 JO e-all-in-one by using the USB, one of our workstations. Is there a reason why we cannot set up wireless also, or do we first abandon the USB connection?

    I love the reliability of USB connection, but I would like to than others in the Office to use the features of the printer/scanner/fax too.

    Hi kreed,

    Yes, you can have the printer connected wireless and USB at the same time. Follow the document below to install the wireless printer. Have a wonderful day.

    Installation of the software of the printer on a wireless network or network (Ethernet) cable

  • What is the difference between 2542 2544 HP and HP all in one printer/scan/copy?


    I am looking to buy a new all-in-one and looked at the HP2542 and HP2544 printers. They are in identical boxes with identical pictures and the same price? Did someone knows what is the best go for as far as I can see only the product numbers are different? Thank you.



    There is no difference between the 2, but the DJ 2544 is a printer retail and comes with a USB cable.

    and you can scan copy and printing to this printer.

    Hope this helps

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