What products are available through CC for students?

What products are available through CC for students?


Please see:-officeAdobe Creative Cloud | Adobe Creative Cloud

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  • What plans are available for the use of the storage cloud at adobe. What is the authorized space if I free plan.

    What plans are available for the use of the storage cloud at adobe. What is the authorized space if I free plan.

    Thank you


    Hi rajthkr,

    Acrobat.com offers free online storage for up to 5 GB of data (there are on the plans at this time to provide additional storage for a fee).



  • What databases are available on the BB? How can I access it desktop?

    Hi all

    Please can someone tell what databases are available or possible to maintain on the BlackBerry Curve 8300? Is it possible to have .csv files separated by commas.

    Secondly, how can I access these databases on a device that uses the resident program on the desktop?

    Thank you.

    We do similar things to what you seem to want, with data on a BlackBerry.  We have the client software on the BlackBerry that synchronize data with the server.  The server can push updates, but this only (currently at least) works in a BES environment.  Once the data are extensive, the application program that receives the data can do what he wants with it, including be persisted.

    If you don't want to write all of this, then I would look at Sybase offer.

    See the httppushdemo comes with the JDE for an example of PUSH to work.

  • What colors are available to highlight the point?


    I use ' APP_RECORD. POINT HIGHLIGHT (VARCHAR2 value)' to change the color of the record in my form.

    (ex) app_record.highlight ('GREEN')

    When I use 'GREEN' color then, it works well.
    But the other colors - for example ' WHITE', 'YELLOW' etc - cannot save any changes.

    I already use 'GREEN' color to distinguish the "data processing" of the "other State".

    So I need to use other colors to highlight.

    What colors are available to highlight?
    And how do I know this?


    You did not mention which version of the forms you use, I assume you are using the suite oracle e-business.


    Please read http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18727_01/doc.121/e12897/T302934T462355.htm#4193581

    The user of the developer's guide says "you can pass the name of any Visual attribute that you want to apply.


  • Full log files are available to LGWR for reuse


    Oracle version:
    Oracle Database 10g Release
    OS: Windows XP

    In oracle, documentation, noted that:

    Filled log files are available to LGWR for re-use if archiving is enabled.

    * > If archiving is disabled (the database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode), a full redo log file is available after changes in it have been written to the data files *.

    Link for Documentation is:
    My doubt is:
    Redo records are written in files of data also?

    user12141893 wrote:
    This means:
    Suppose that:
    Files redo log Online contains some redo entries and cache buffers data base contains data and these data belong to redo entries to the redo log files.
    Now this redo log file cannot be reused until the (related) blocks of the database buffer cache are written to the data files.

    It's sort of OK. If the log file should be filled, LGWR could switch to the next group of newspapers and would launch a Log Switch that would also trigger DBWR to launch the script of checking the content protected by this newspaper group in the data file. At the time, this operation would go, newspapers group members would have the status of assets , and once it is complete, the State would be marked inactive , which means that this group of newspapers and its members may be reused by LGWR.


  • What products are included in the complete package for students

    I am looking to buy the complete student package from adobe, but I was wondering what products it includes. What I really need is photoshop, dreamweaver and flash. can you tell me these are included in this package? Thank you.

    What is in the set of Cloud http://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/catalog/desktop.html

  • How can I find out what products are included on my SN LabVIEW?

    I found a serial number of LabVIEW for Version 8.6 (3rd quarter 2008) in the virtual library of the former employee.  I also have the disks for all NI Developer Suite.  How can I find out what software products are covered by this serial number?

    Simply contact the Tech Support directly. Go to the 'Support' page in the menu bar of NOR. They can tell you. Or, you can install all the software, providing the serial number, try to turn it on and see if it works.

  • What is the allowed minimum and maximum of ideal value for sound quality?   What units are these numbers? for example dB

    (1) what is the name of this Volume Audio monitor?

    (2) what is the ideal minimum and maximum value allowed for a sound quality?

    (3) in practice, up to what maximum value can I allow?

    (4) what are these numbers? for example dB

    Thank you.

    1. the audiometers

    2. level of reference is usually given as -12 or - 20 for the film. Normal speech level is usually 05:45.

    3. less than 0 for forts, ttransient sounds. Highly compressed music will be close to zero.

    4. the decibels

  • Decide what devices are a good choice for vpn

    Hello world

    I need help to decide which cisco devices are the best choice for connecting vpn between Headquarters and 14 remote sites where are remote sites don't connect to HQ and does not connect to each other and what software and licenses are required

    Thank you

    C881-K9 standard comes by default with a license of advanced security. There is an Advanced IP license option for more routing options. For 4331, the DRY Bundle is necessary. The options are given in the data sheets that I linked in the previous answer.

  • What products are included in the creative cloud

    What products (Apps) include din creative cloud?  Are there minimum requirements (such as the purchase of the product with some money) to join the creative cloud?  And if the product (apps) can be deployed to the staff of the company in the world?

    Thank you


    Pricing plans and creative Cloud membership | Adobe Creative Cloud


  • What products are supplied to the pci - dss standard monitoring?

    What products has MS to provide 10 PCI - DSS requirements.

    Thank you

    Hi Elba Stevenson,

    What operating system is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you to see the following link:

    Payment card industry Data Security Standard compliance Planning Guide

  • What programs are available to write a book of math?

    The right program

    I wonder if you could tell me which program or programs are available that I could use in writing a book of mathematics. Thank you

    I wonder if you could tell me which program or programs are available that I could use in writing a book of mathematics. Thank you


  • What Options are available for a Windows unattended Setup?

    Hi all

    I work in a data center and we are changing a lot of things at the beginning of the year that I hope will increase business. This will also increase the workload of course. I do the research ways that I can deploy Windows Server 2003 and 2008 R2 unattended with updates, service pack, or even PHP and a mail server. I want to do without having to learn how to write the Perl [it seems that most of the things unattended is Perl]. I used nlite to integrate an installation cd for 2003 Standard with service packs in the past and helps the time to install but it seems that the installation of the updates is not as functional.
    in any case, someone knows all the options on how to achieve the above? It would be great if there is a tool that I can configure, perform a PXE boot, choose 2003 SP2 Standard from the list and it installs an image already created, configured and maintained with updates, etc. Any ideas?


    I suggest you to send this request in Technet forum for better support.

    Here is the link:


  • What activities are available for Adobe content viewer?


    I created a folio of indesign. Everityng is ok, but I don't see the animations.

    I have Accuracy a lot of animations in all 'Animation' (see below) but these animations are complitey jumped into my folio.

    Can someone help me? Thank you


    Animations are not yet supported in DPS.

    Use the edge for animations and place the file OAM.


  • Ok. What plugs are available with each 60W MagSafe adapters in each country?

    I bought the 60W MagSafe power adapter (part no: MC461B/B) today, and here in Viet Nam, two pins 220V taken are used throughout the country. However, everywhere, I want the 3 components, taken Type G, was included with my purchase. This kind of plug is used in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Belize, Bhutan, Cambodia, Channel Islands. Dominique, Islands Falkland, Ghana, Gibraltar, Britain, Guyana, Hong Kong, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macau, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nigeria, Northern Cyprus, of Northern Ireland, Oman, Qatar, Saint Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Helena, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Yeman, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    Do you see the Nam Vet on this list? NO, you haven't. And in Viet Nam, you must buy an adapter. However, in Vietnam, it is common to use the card of Types A, C, and D. The most common type of care serving in Viet Nam is taken Type C, also known as the 'Europlug' with two round plugs. In addition, there are Type A and D: taking with both a round and making electricity from Type A (or male flat blade) is a grounded with two parallel flat pins. Plug type D is has three large round pins in a triangular pattern.and are not even mentioned as being used in Vietnam. However, it is used in Vietnam, BUT it is rare. They just don "t seem to include real grounded in Vietnam at all.

    My problem is that tpe sheet G is NEVER used in Vietnam; However, Apple only sends "Malaysian/Indonesian" caps to all the distributors here in Vietnam!

    I have a solution that Apple, being a more 'green' company, should sell adapters MagSave power of 60 watts without a power cord to the wall and must sell the powerchords separately, thus allowing people to choose what cards they have in their homes! In addition, the connector of the brick to the computer itself is not ecological for, if she gets a frazzled, must replace the whole brick! So, Apple should make the connector of the brick on the device as they do the USB connectors and lightning!

    I hope that Apple will listen!

    It is a technical body from user to user, Apple isn't here.

    Send your comments and let them know below:


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