What RAM modules are compatible with the Satellite A100-590?


I plan to upgrade the memory of my A100-590. At present, there are 2 x 512 Mo of RAM DDR2-533 Samsung inside. The motherboard supports PC2-4200 and PC2-5300.

If I want to put 2 x 1024 MB DDR2-667. Now, my question is, RAM from other manufacturers such as Corsair, Kingston etc is also compatible with the jury?
Thanks in advance for your answers!


they * SHOULD * be compatible with this machine, but I won´t dare to say they really are.

Then it s even better to use the original modules because you can be sure that they are 1000% compatible with your laptop.

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  • This RAM module is compatible with my Satellite A100-033?


    Hey, would just like to know if it is compatible with my laptop? I think that my laptop supports DDR2, but I'm not sure? What I need anything specific just for laptops?

    Thank you

    Don t think that the module memory mentioned in your message above will be compatible with the Satellite A100-033.

    What you need, it is something like this:

    You need a module that supports this specification:
    DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM

    Good bye

  • What Ram modules are used in the Satellite Pro L870 18R


    I m new to this forum so apologies if I posted in the wrong place.
    I just bought a Sat Pro L870 18R for my wife as a Christmas pressy.
    Before she gets to him I was going to increase the Ram of 4 GB to 8 GB.

    I know he has a single stick of ddr3 1600 Mhz in it, but without opening it you know which manufacturer to use Ram Tosh for this machine?

    I like to keep the same manufacturer.
    If I can at least give him a chance to run dual channel. I know I couldn't just take part and look like I m going to have to open it to adapt to the new ram anyway.

    I just i didn t want to keep o he packing and unpacking, and opening and closing upward are a gift after all lol.

    Any help appreciated thnk

    Above all the RAM brand is very important to get the RAM running in dual channel.
    It is important that the two RAM modules will support the same features.

    As far as I know the unit was equipped with a SO-DIMM 4 GB RAM DDR3 1600 module MHz (PC3-12800). I guess the reference is: * PA3918U-1M4G *.

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    Hello azdec.

    You can check the add page - we in addons.mozilla.org so it's just one or two. In my view, there is an extensions in the Gallery of modules that allows you to see if your modules are compatible with the newer versions of Firefox. But you'll have to look for them, because I don't know how it's called.

    I remind you that if you want an add-on to be compatible with a newer version of Firefox, you must contact its author.

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  • What are the cards Wi - Fi are compatible with the Satellite P10-304?


    Please can someone tell me what mini-pci Wifi cards are compatible with the laptop Satellite P10-304?

    I tried a broadcom 4318 with no look.
    It installs the material as seen in the Device Manager, but can not find all the networks (think there is a conflict with the motherboard)

    Tried an AW-GM100 Azure that has a conflict as soon as the computer message cell phone messages.

    As in advance



    Theoretically, most of the WiFi cards should work, but the best way would be if you take a WiFi card that was delivered with a computer laptop Satellite P10.

    I put t know what cards shipped with this laptop, but I have a little search here in the forum and I have created a thread that might be interesting for you:

    Good bye

  • Satellite L50-A-108 - what RAM modules are compatible?


    I have a C50-A-108 with processor Intel® Core i5 - 3230M (3 m Cache, up to 3.20 GHz) rPGA.
    I want to add a stick of RAM, and I wonder if this specification: DDR3/L /-RS 1333/1600 for my motherboard means that I can use a RAM DDR3L.

    My laptop has already installed a DDR3 RAM (1,600 MHz), so I found a stick DDR3L 1.5V 1,600 MHz with the same timings as my system and I want to buy it. Before that, I want your opinion.

    Thank you.


    To my knowledge, the Satellite L50-A-108 was equipped HM70 mobile Intel Express Chipset. Is this correct?

    Express chipset mobile Intel HM70 supports 2 GB modules / 4 GB / 8 GB DDR3 1333 (PC3-10600) SO-DIMM and max 16 GB of RAM

    The Intel Core i5 - 3230 M CPU processor supports DDR3/L /-RS 1333/1600 modules and the speed of the module is related to the speed of the front side bus.

    In the case where the FSB is limited to 1 333 Mhz, 1600 Mhz modules would be pointing down.

  • What model of other screens are compatible with the Satellite C655D

    My Toshiba Satellite C655D screen is broken, ask some models of LCD cell phone compatible with it?

    I recommend buying a screen to authorized Toshiba dealer.
    You will be certain that such display 100% compatible.
    But the laptop does support a widescreen 15.6 "so, theoretically, most 15.6 screens should be compatible

  • HP Envy 700-229C: what graphics cards are compatible with the HP Envy 700-229C?

    Hello, I was looking for a graphics card for my HP Envy 700-229C computer but I don't know that his are compatible.

    @kabirvirdee, welcome to the forum.

    Any video card which is PCI Express 3.0 x 16 will work with your computer.  The video slot is a PCI Express x 16 (Gen 3.0).  You must ensure that the card insert in the space provided.  This can be done by measuring the back plate of e/s in front of the computer.  Also, you should check the power of the power supply unit (PSU) that is required.  The power supply of your computer is 460W.  The power supply must have at least more than the card requires 100W.  I love EVGA cards.  If you decide to buy one of their cards, you can contact their Technical Support (1-888-881-3842) to help choose the best card for your system.

    Please click on the button + Thumbs up if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved.

  • What brands of CD/DVD are compatible with the Satellite A300?


    I have a big problem when I burn the media (cd or dvd) on my computer toshiba satellite A300 laptop.
    I already try different brand (philips, sony, tdk,...) but for the tdk it works once in five.
    Here, I bought the sony recordable cd and when I tried to burn it, I got the message 'media incompatible or poor quality' :-(

    I use the app "cd burner xp".

    I do not understand what brand should I buy? of is it a problem of softwer?

    Thanks in advance to bring your lights.

    (Belgium - Soignies)


    I'm Satellite A300 with dual boot (Windows XP edition family and Win7). I use NERO burnng rom application with two operating systems and everything works perfectly.
    I use mostly DVD-R virgins and I always buy Verbatim or TDK.

    What media you use (CD - R, DVD-R or any other format)?
    Have you noticed the same problem using different formats?

  • Satellite L20: what DVD-DL is compatible with the DVD - RAM UJ-8415


    could someone please tell me * who DVD Double-layer are compatible with the carpet * a DVD - RAM UJ-8415 * (of * Toshiba Satellite L20-112 *, * model No.) PSL2XE 00M00GGR *)?  :| According to the specification, this carpet * a DVD-RAM supports the DL technology, although in reality, it is not as simple as that. It does not burn even all DVD of 'single layer '. I've already spent a lot hell of money just trying to find the right DVD DL to be used on the machine, but unfortunately without success.

    I'd appreciate any help or advice on this subject!

    Regarding most amiable of the Germany.



    I use a very simple freeware application called DiscInfo http://discinfo.rpc1.org/ of
    to get information about the compatible CD/DVD and disc capacity.

    Is it not all CDs & DVDs are compatible with each player. Usually, the Toshiba manual provides a list of compatible CD and DVD.
    The mediums referred to in the user manual should work for sure.

    Just FYI; found this read/write properties maximum speed:

    _ * Reading * _
    24 x Max CD-ROM
    DVD - ROM 8 x Max

    * _Write_ *.
    CD - R 24 x Max
    CD - RW 4 x Max
    DVD - R 8 x Max
    DVD - R (Double Layer) 2 x Max
    DVD - RW 4 x Max
    DVD + R 8 x Max
    DVD + R (Double Layer) 2.4 x Max
    DVD + RW 4 x Max
    DVD - RAM 5 x Max

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    Jakeno wrote:
    Yes that's exactly what I mean


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    Here is the link to the service manual for your laptop


    See page 1 for a list of supported and also taken processors on this page under the heading memory, it is said that the laptop can support up to 8 GB of memory.


  • What external optical drives are compatible with the Acer Aspire One with Windows 7 Home Premium 722

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    Thank you.

    More external ODD will work just make sure it's an external power source. This allows not to take a lot of power to the unit.

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    With HP Jet 7, what Bluetooth wireless keyboard and optical mouse will work with it?

    Also, I buy a wireless printer to use as well - I have to be aware of?

    I'm starting a blog with limited capital. Thank you to everyone who contributes to the cybercomputability of us all.

    Hello and welcome to the HP support community!

    Ask us the question, "what should I buy?" is difficult to answer.  We do not know your needs or preferences (others you have "limited Fund").  There are hundreds of printers with wireless capabilities.  Still, we don't know what you're wanting - ink jet, laser, color, photo printing capacity jet, absolute who is cheapest available?  Print you hundreds of documents per month, or two or three?

    You ask strictly for HP products which are compatible with the Tablet?  All/all products from other manufacturers?

    If you are expected to produce a list of all the possible volumes that work, it won't happen...

    In theory, any BlueTooth keyboard or mouse designed to work with a Windows PC should work.  HP made several.

    Most wireless printers use a wifi network.  It will help if you have one at home - an HP ePrint printer can print a file from anywhere in the world if connect you to a network home.  No network?  There are other printers that can print directly using wifi.

    Think about your needs first, and then balance the costs involved.   It would be useful you ask on the printers in the printer of the Forum sections.


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    1. What is the operating system installed on your computer?
    2. What is the brand and model of your computer?
    I suggest you to follow the links and check if it helps.

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