What the hell is an environment to help HP UEFi

OK, HP support assistant told me that a new important upgrade was available for my laptop, UEFI support environment  So maybe as a sheep I downloaded.  It creates a new partition on my hard drive (TOOLS HP) and installed.  Nothing serious took place, but what the hell did I download?  I have, of course, wrongly, that it was an update of an existing product.

Because now I'm assuming that is I don't know what it is that I should not play with it.

Thank you.



What this gives you is a user-friendly user interface more executing diagnostcs.  If you type following the esc key you start Notepad, you will be able to select this diagnostic menu (f2 key).

For example, if you want to run a test on the drive hard or memory, this use is in the meu to bios (f10) where you browse and run the tests using the arrow keys and touch.  Menu diagnosis uefi will allow you to choose a variety of tests using the Mouse/touchpad in the same way that you access Windows.

The new partition (HP_TOOLS) contains the files needed to support this interface.

Another point to note is that this provides also a safer way to update the bios if you need to-instead of the bios flash running in Windows, in the environment of uefi, the flash occurs after the machine is restarted - that is to say before Windows loads.  It is usually safer that software which may interfere with a flash of the bios (software security etc.) is not running.

Personally, I would only update the bios if it solves a problem you have or adds features that you need.

Kind regards

DP - K

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