What type of encryption is used? (128-bit or 256-bit cipher strength)

When you create an access to my online banking account, he mentioned the need to have at least 128 bits. He told me how to find it in windows Explorer. By opening the help tab and then selecting the option to windows Explorer. Now when I tried for firefox, that information is not displayed.


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  • Satellite Pro 4600 unable to use 128-bit encryption

    I have a Satellite Pro 4600 running Windows XP SP1 with the card WiFi PA0307U-1MPC. Installed all the latest drivers listed for the 4600. I can connect to networks using 64-bit encryption, but can not enter the 128-bit encryption. Is it possible to use 128-bit encryption?


    As far as I know that this unit is about 4 years old and at that time, it was impossible to use encryption 128-bit with this wireless network card and can be no change.

    Good bye

  • What type of encryption

    How secure is Adobe send.  What type of encryption.  256 bit encryption?

    Hi MichaelWayne,

    Please see Adobe send FAQ for more information on the technology of security used by Adobe to send.



  • What type of ram is used in the retina 27 '' new?

    What type of ram is used in the retina 27 '' new?

    Old Salt,

    8 GB (4 GB) memory 1867 MHz DDR3; four SO-DIMM, user locations

    Configurable to 16GB or 32GB


  • What version of FF comes with 128-bit encryption?

    And what versions can suport it but has not delivered with him? We want to stop allowing the weak encryption for SSL sites. Thank you.

    support for the 256-bit AES started with Mozilla Suite 1.3 (12 March 2003) and Firebird 0.6 (May 17, 2003), as well as 128-bit support should not be a problem with any version of Firefox.

  • What type of encryption using Firefox Sync?

    Can someone tell me what type of Firefox Sync encryption encryption using on the server? This has not been answered in the FAQ.

    There is probably no additional encryption on the server. Everything is done on your computer before you transfer the data via a secure connection

    Of https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Weave/Crypto

    The Weave password is what makes this work. Remember, your browser already knows your passwords and the history of the form: it is decrypted everything in your local memory. By using the password, we encrypt your information on your local computer. Then, we use industry standard SSL to relay information encrypted to the server.

  • How do I know what type of hardcore is used?

    Hi all
    I'm a newbie dba. I was doing a bit of study on the optimizers. Can someone help me to find out what type of optimizer based on CSSTidy is currently used in my database. Is there both table where I can ask questions and whether it is a RBO or a CBO.
    I have another doubt. some body help me please with the difference between the use of "in" and "exist" in a select query.
    Thank you!

    OPTIMIZER_MODE is a level parameter Instance (in initSID.ora or spfileSID.ora file) that you can view with an OPTIMIZER PARAMETER SHOW
    (or by querying V$ PARAMETER).

    Individual sessions can also define specific settings that influence the optimizer with ALTER SESSION command while the SQL statements can include advice (from a large number of tips available) that influence the optimizer.

    IN and EXISTS are semi-join operations. If you use one or the other used depends on which table would be the best driver. However, apparently since the 9i, the optimizer is smart enough to transform queries.

  • Should what type of disc I use to copy pictures on a disc?

    Original title: what type of disc should I use to copy pictures on a disc. I tried memorex cd - r 40 x and also cd - r 52 x, and they do not work

    copy pictures to a disc

    Hi stv2741,

    1. you use any DVD burning software?

    You can use any type of recordable disc to burn images. You can check the following links for more information:

    Burn a CD or DVD


    Burn pictures or videos to a CD or DVD


    Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player


    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Should what type of destination I use

    We have a client who's concerned about damage to the physical system during shipping. As a precaution, I was invited to P2V server for import into their ESX 3.5 environment.

    I got several different answers support so, I wanted to try here. I'll be the choices of others, but what type of machine should I choose if the image will be imported into ESX 3.5. The choices are:

    • Workstation 6.x, VMware Fusion 1.x, 2.x, 2.x ACE player

    • Workstation 5.x, VMware Sercer 1.x, player 1.x

    • Workstation 4.5 x, AX 1.x, GSX Server 3.X

    I think I got 3 different answers of 3 different engineers?

    No one who will work - the closest match is compatible Workstation 5


    Description of the vmx settings: http://sanbarrow.com/vmx.html

    VMware-liveCD: http://sanbarrow.com/moa.html

  • What type of file to use for editing

    Recently, I filmed a school show to create DVDs for parents. I use 9 before editing. I understand that the output for the film should be MPEG2 for DVD. We used three different cameras (I know it's a bad thing to do with before), but we used what we have available. However, we used a Hero2 GoPro mounted on the piano to give a unique perspective. Therefore, I need to convert the video files to a common format for editing. Y at - it a 'best' file format to edit or y at - it a file format which is easier to work with Premiere Elements while maintaining the best quality for the DVD release?

    Here's what we used:

    1 camera (with the audio track of the soundcard) was a Canon Vixia HF300. It has exported to the dreaded .mts format (half of the show to 24mbps) and the other half to 17mbps

    2 camera was a Nikon 5100 files .mov, 1920 x 1080, H.264, linear PCM, Total 19 k sampling rate

    Camera 3 was a GoPro Hero saved 2 .mp4 1280 x 780 H.264 Total bit rate 15 k

    As the proportions are not equivalent, I intend using black bars as opposed to culture.

    I'm editting on a MacBookPro Apple 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 8 GB of RAM running OS x 10.7

    Also, should I use Quicktime to convert these files in the common format I choose? Ironically, all these images can be changed in iMovie, iMovie is horrible for several cameras.

    Thank you


    I thought I would answer back with the final result. It always bothers me when people say how they have solved a problem.

    Unfortunately, this question consumed too much time. I hunt around and try all these converters shareware without result. On a lark, I tried the demo version of Final Cut Pro X, after all, I tried everthing else. FCP X imported not only all files without problem, but it modifies them without having to convert them into a common format. The time saved will easily cover the price tag of $300.

    I admit it, I was pushing the limitations of the pre 9 using different files for the same multicam project formats. Probably should have started with FCP since the beginning.

    Thanks again for your help!

  • iPhone7 +: what type of glass is used in the display

    I tried to find in the description of apple for the new iPhone7 tech + but see no mention of the type of glass used in the display. Where can I find info on it?

    Type of glass

    Notation for the scratch resistance

    Rating for break resistance

    Hoping it's the sapphire glass, but if it is not mentioned, probably same glass as previous iphone6s +.

    Thank you

    Speculation is prohibited by the Apple Support communities terms of use.

    If it is not in the specifications, we have no way of answering this question.

  • Should what type of Module I use for Satellite Pro A100


    I have a Satellite Pro A100 (PSAASE-00G004GR) with + 1 GB of SAMSUNG DDR2 - 533 + already installed (+ 1 GB 2Rx8 PC2-4200 s-444-12-e3 +).

    Now I want to upgrade the memory to 2 GB of RAM, adding an additional 1 GB of RAM, the problem is:

    * In the manual, it says that I have to stick to the following numbers of the module in case of upgrade of RAM which is for 1 GB: PA3411U-1M1G

    In some other sections of the manual, it was mentioned I can use PC2-4200 or PC2-5300 on that laptop, not to mention no module number.

    If {color: #ff0000} + _should I stick with this module number (1 GB PA3411U-1M1G) _ + {color} or simply choose any type PC2-4200 or PC2-5300 RAM available in the market?

    Looking for additional help, THANKS ;)


    I recognize that the manual irritates statements. The true, it is that you can install any module market PC4200. So, you can also use the original Toshiba modules that are known to work in this machine.

    Feel free to enter any market module, but I suggest you use kingston or corsair modules to ensure performance and full compatibility.


  • What type of connectors are used with MXI-4 cables?

    I have two MXI-4 cards (PXI-8331). One in each of the two PXI chassis I have in the lab

    I also three MXI - 4 A-03 190957 of copper and wish to connect the cables together using connectors (preferably two mini DB9 GEF/DB9 Fem sex changing connectors or something simular)

    Once again the objective, in the first PXI to have a PXI-8331 that connects to a MXI-4 cable that connects to a mini connector GEF DB9 which connects second MXI-4 cable that connects then on the second mini connector DB9 GEF that will link now to the third MXI-4 cable that will connect to the second PXI-8331 in the second PXI.

    Once again a long series between the two PXI-8331 locations using three cables. If these two DB9 connectors cannot be used what should I advise you?

    Resolved, I called OR support and told me that the idea of "bulkhead connector" the mine would not work. The freq high through the Fibre Channel cable would cause conflicts with connections DB9 Fem/Fem, I planned to use.

    Solution, find two MXI-4 cable where one end was sex male, the other female. Then use the third (male on both ends) cable to connect the two. NEITHER does not have these MXI-4 FC cables (DB9 M/DB9 F) but I found them elsewhere.

    Thanks for the help...

  • What type of file I use to read a large file of data?

    I want to store data in a file and access it later. The data file could reach between 500 and 1000 MB in a binary format.

    I might have some memory problems.

    I didn't need all of the data in memory, only a few data every time that, for my calculations.

    If I use a binary file, I can't read only a few data. I have to load the entire file and then read the data I need.

    Is this correct?

    If I use another type of file, can I read that a few bytes without loading the entire file?

    Maybe a TDMS file?

    I would probably use a TDMS file for this because it could also be read in excel if there was enough - just little more flexibility. But you can also do this by using binary types. You don't have to read the entire file when you use binary files. See below.

  • What type of glass z3 use?

    Hi, I just pre-ordered mine. The upgrade of my 2 years old S3, I wondered what kind of glass (front & back) Z3 uses? because I can't find anywhere, my 2 years using S3 with Gorilla glass even without protective screen up to now my screen is always zero for free. I want to know IF a must or not (if using GG) in order to use a protective screen to Z3, thank you

    It is soaked, glass but you SHOULD apply to a scratch-resistant film

Maybe you are looking for