What will change when I install Firefox ESR?

Hello. I want to install Firefox ESR on top of my current installation, but what will change when I do? What is different about ESR?

See, I downgraded to 40 FF due to the extension/add-on problems with 42 FF, but I don't want a browser not secure/unstable. ESR is recommended, but I'm confused about this. All my bookmarks, themes, modules, etc. remain the same? Is there a different update schedule, and how does it work? I really need help here.

Thank you!


It's a good idea to backup your profile first, but IMO you will probably not all problems when returning to Firefox 38 ESR. I did it in June - switch to Firefox ESR 38.2 of 40.0 Firefox. There will be no problem with Add-ons, unless a security patch would cause a problem with an add-on.

Overall, the version of ESR is the same as the final version of Firefox 38, but with the security patches that came in later versions. No new or changed features which may have been in 39 through the latest versions of Firefox, just security updates. The schedule is the same for the Release and ESR versions.

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