What will happen with my agent and active Windows 8, I will have bought with the laptop after I swap HDD with SSD?

Original title: replacement disk and windows.

Hello guys.

I am considering buying a new laptop. The model that I found and I like has a HARD drive if I want to replace it with the SSD to the format of my previous laptop. (Due to the low energy consumption, greater speed, etc.). So I have a 256 gb SSD in my previous loan of laptop replace new one HARD disk, yet what will happen with my agent and active Windows 8, I will have bought with the laptop?

I can reinstall windows 8 on the SSD, but I don't have a key to activate their... How will I be able to get the key from previous series if the laptops will only work with a recovery partition these days here? I asked a guy in the store, I buy my laptop since and he told me that he does not know and I have to ask for help. However, to create a message of support I need a serial number of the model I did not because I have not yet bought a laptop, so I don't know what to do... I really don't want to stick with the HARD drive, but also I can't afford another model.

Is it possible to do a recovery with my laptop disk when I get it, then replace the drive with my SSD and run the recovery disc I made?

The laptop I want to buy is an Asus if that helps...

Thanks in advance...


The 'Raw' State is not necessary, it is the State of any drive (SSD drive or hard drive) would be in if you just remove a disk new in box and will need to be "initialized", since you have already used the player already initialized sound.

Do not format the drive, rather than delete all existing partitions, (the SSD shows then as being "unallocated"). Now you are ready to restore the backup Image you created. During the restore process Acronis will recreate the partitions that were on the hard drive on your SSD.

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