WhatIs the future for Thunderbird. Reports suggest that is to be done

An article published this week in Micro Mart (issue1443, "which slows down your PC) suggests that support for Thunderbird is removed and that a switch of e-mail program should be done. Any comments? True, false (I hope) as I used Thunderbird since it first came out and it is THE BEST


Died of Thunderbird and other FAQ http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=366405

Wonder what information or disinformation the author went by.

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    Can someone tell me what is the hierarchy for running reports as fact when the query data model is executed, when groups (Group of columns, the place holders etc. within a group of data model is executed), form setting etc is executed.

    Thank you

    If there are two absolutely independent querries, then I can just tell.
    If two querries are related, then, that the other is linked is executed first.
    But before any two querry run the beforereport, the beforeparameterform and after triggers parameterform.
    So, the best way to ensure that something is executed first is putting in the afterpform trigger.
    Do not count the trigger on afterreport.

  • Is someone can shed some light on the future of Thunderbird?

    I you LIKE Thunderbird, but I'm a little worried because the last I heard, development was almost abandoned. Is this always the case? Does anyone know if there is a clear future for Thunderbird, or are we dangling on the end of a string of uncertain? Thanks for any light that anyone can shine on it.

    Don't know what you heard. It is certainly a future for Thunderbird.
    See https://blog.mozilla.org/thunderbird/2014/11/thunderbird-reorganizes-at-2014-toronto-summit/

    Feel free to follow the Thunderbird Blog for recent news.

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    Have you tried the methods suggested in my previous post dated August 29?

    Response to help you further.

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    Connect to the HFM area--> click--> Explorer, and click Tools--> click Manager of database and respective connections of Production Instance to the Instance of Test required information and that you will be able to connect to the Test database for all reports both change.

    Kind regards

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    My grandmother came to visit me in Belgium and brought her laptop with her. It is Windows 7 and I bought in Ukraine. Thus, she cannot use wireless internet at my place. Troubleshooting scan says there is a problem with the driver for a wireless adapter that is it is not compatible or not supported, something like that. All sound systems are in Russian is not easy for me to explain it. Is it possible to fix this problem or she can't use her laptop to go on the net at all? Thank you!

    If it's a driver fault, can go you on another pc to work to manufacturers support web site for the 'Ukraine' pc and see if the wireless drivers are available there. If they are, download the latest compatible drivers for your pc and transfer them to it by a stick of memory from SD or USB and then install them.

    This may be due to a setting of your network security wireless, for example, that is your network is set to WPA2 but pc does not support. Check configurations for compatibility with your router wireless sound.

    See if anything here help - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/setting-wireless-network#1TC=windows-7

    At worst, is it not possible to connect via a cable to your router, esp, if is only a visit to sound.

  • AppData\Local\Apple Inc\CloudKit\iCloud Photos\MMCS folder uses more 250 GB on my hard drive, I can delete, what is this for? consultation offline? If so I don't need it

    AppData\Local\Apple Inc\CloudKit\iCloud Photos\MMCS folder uses more 250 GB on my hard drive, I can delete, what is this for? consultation offline? If so I don't need it

    I had the same problem and it has chewed all my disk space. I have a 64-bit Windows 10 - disk 250 gig. I deleted all these files except those with current date and released the 150 gig. Much better to delete these temporary files to risking a crash operating system running out of disk space.

  • What is the setting for Thunderbird to quit smoking looking for emails from a closed account, but leave the old mails in Thunderbird?

    I closed an e-mail account, but don't want the messages in the Inbox to 'leave' Thunderbird until I have a chance to sort through them.

    I suggest you take Thunderbird into offline mode and access your messages moved. Since you have already cancelled the account if it syncs with the server your messages may disappear. That's why you do this BEFORE you cancel your service with the provider.
    Do not remove the account from Thunderbird before moving into local folders or they will disappear with the account.

  • not generating the trace for rdf report by oracle apps file

    Hi all

    in fact, we aim to generate trace file for reports and a convert to text file using tkprof by simultaneous program unix shell script submit using fnd_request.submit_request in another program of concurrent proceedings. but all the reports that are created by using pl/sql generates the trace file, but rdf report does not trace file.

    Report generator Oracle 6i is used

    Oracle application is 11i

    List of measures are being taken to get the trace file are
    1.SRW. USER_EXIT (' FND SRWINIT' "); before the release of report
    2SRW. USER_EXIT ("FND SRWEXIT'"); in after the report

    another of the measures which are followed
    SRW.do_sql ("alter session set SQL_TRACE = TRUE'"); before release of the report
    SRW.do_sql ("alter session set SQL_TRACE = FALSE'"); in after the report

    above, said steps are done, but still it does not arouse any trace file

    same oracle_process is null

    Select oracle_process_id from the fnd_concurrent_requests where request_id

    ID processOracle for this report oracle rdf file is not generated.

    Please help me in this issue

    Thank you

    Published by: 797525 on October 12, 2012 12:43 AM

    Add the following line before the outbreak of report
    SRW. DO_SQL ("alter session set events = tracefile_identifier" trace 10046 name context forever, level 4 "=" REPORT ' ")

    Trace stops automatically when the report closes.

    In addition, what program submits the script fnd_request.submit_request... shell / pl/sql procedure?

    you initialize apps FND_GLOBAL. APPS_INITIALIZE before submit_request of shooting?

    Make a DNF: active Log Debug = Yes and check the table of fnd_log_messages

    See the following MOS docs:
    Oracle 6i [ID 111311.1] follow-up reports
    See you soon,.
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  • The search for a report

    I have a relationship with a search function.

    WHERE UPPER(BRANCH||) e /'|| MAIN_HEADING | » /'|| SUB_HEADING |'. ' || PART) LIKE '% "| UPPER(:P197_SEARCH) | '%'
    OR UPPER(SUBJECT||) e -'|| PERSONAL_NO | » -'|| NAME | » -'|| UNIT) LIKE '% "| UPPER(:P197_SEARCH) | '%'

    One of the columns (subject) on the report is a descriptipn field

    If the user types, for example, range rover early elimination %
    The search picks up whatever it is, with an early elimination and a range rover in the column of the OBJECT.
    If they type in the early elimination of range rover %, it does not pick up anything. I think it's because the data are typed, in the order of early elimination, and then a range rover.
    Is it possible, that research will get the data bit matter the order of the words.


    Hello Gus

    You are right. Just checked myself.

    It would seem that the IRR search box is better suited to single word or exact string searches.

    That said, this WORK will BE

    (1) use an IRR
    (2) add a 'filter' on the column of the OBJECT (for example the OBJECT CONTAINS "range rover")
    (3) add a second 'filter' on the column of the OBJECT (for example the SUBJECT CONTAINS "early elimination")

    You get the right result!

    Does not matter the order in which you define filters in.

    What do you think?

    Simon Gadd

  • color of the column for multiple reports


    I created a page with several classic reports. Each report has a pass called "Total". I would just pass Total in all the reports of colors.

    I added the html header

    < style type = "text/css" >

    #one td [header = "Total"]

    {color: blue ;}}

    < / style >

    I have different static IDs for all reports. for this I must repeat as below

    < style type = "text/css" >

    #one td [header = "Total"]

    {color: blue ;}}

    #two td [header = "Total"]

    {color: blue ;}}


    < / style >

    Is there another way to achieve this goal of 20 reports at the same time?

    Thank you


    KJChellam wrote:

    Hi, AEC,.

    I use Apex 4.2.5 in Oracle 11 g.

    I tried without the static ID, now the color does not appear in the data in the column. It's "TOTAL". Sorry I typed below.

    The only reason why I can think of for that do not work, it is that the color of the column is defined by a pre-existing rule of theme with a specificity that is higher than the attribute selector. Try

    td[header="TOTAL"] {
      color: blue !important;
  • By default how to rotate the view for a report of specific answers?

    How can I set the view to pivot as the default view for a report of specific answers? Please let me know.

    Published by: user11935561 on December 7, 2009 16:15

    1. go in show results
    2. add Pivot view
    3 delete the view table and all other views that you have previously
    4. now you have the title and the Pivot discovered in the Layout is dedicated to the
    5. it displays only Pivot view with title.

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    Hi shahpinal,

    Because Windows Vista is preinstalled on your Compaq, contact Compaq computer for assistance.


  • Create null values in the database for interactive report link column values


    I'm pretty new to APEX and tries to create an interactive report with the form. This report examines essentially for more information for a particular employee. If the employee has any information in the table, the report presents information with a button change beside him. If there is no record in the table for this employee, a create button appears. Now when you click create, a new creation page. This page contains the employee number as a single display field with the value from the previous page. This value is displayed in the page, but it is not in the database. Create the page has view-only number and a couple of other columns. The other columns get inserted into the table with an empty number!

    Can someone please? Looks like the page keeps the value zero for the number of the employee who came during the search of the interactive report. Hope I made myself clear, being the newbie hope I haven't used any incorrect terminology.

    Thank you!

    Without the DB column, apex will not determine which DB column the data in this field are mapped to (it would be quite impossible to guess the destination since the name of the element column).

    If you want to assign to the previous element of the page, use the default section

    return: P1_EMP_NUM

    By default the value Type: body of the PLSQL function

    and configure the attributes of source as I said before

  • Ive got photoshop CS6 in my computer, but when I tried to open it, it opened as Photoshop CS6 extended and asks me if I want the license for this software so that I can access is more than Photoshop. Can anyone help at all?

    I have been using Photoshop CS6 and all of a sudden when I try to open the images with this it takes me to a page saying Photoshop CS6 Extedned and asks me to put this software under license. Ive already got Photoshop so why this phenomenon happens? I now can not access?

    You should see a prompt to "this software license. You can see on the screen of the trial.

    Click on that, you identify if requested, and then click the option "I have a serial number" or you may be able to do so directly.

    After you have entered your serial number, your software is licensed and active.

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