WhatsApp ios 10 widget


I have an iphone 6 and just installed the ios10.

It seems that there is something "wrong" with whatsapp... The application works, but on the widget screen the whatsapp is always blanck. I tried to restart my phone, change the language... But nothing does not appear!

In addition, even if the setting is ok with siri, when I ask to send a message with whatsapp, siri said I should use the application directly.

Someone at - it an idea of what should I do to make this work?

Thanks for your help!

My question was moved to the windows software, don't know why?

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  • Where is the battery with ios 10 widget?

    I upgraded my Pro iPad to the latest iOS and I can't find the battery widget in the notifications, to let me know how much battery life, I have left in my pencil to apple. Where at - it go?

    It is still where it always was, but it will appear only if a compatible device is actively involved at the time. So be sure that your pencil is actively involved and then swipe from left to right on the home screen to view the display of the widget. If it does not show, press "Edit" and make sure that this option is selected.

  • Update of the battery missing after iOS 10 Widget

    After upgrading my lPad Pro 9.7 "IOS 10, battery widget is missing from the Notification Center.

    Is this a known problem or Apple has decided that this widget is not necessary/required in iOS 10?

    I prefer not to wait for the low battery notification before recharge my pencil.

    What no one knows about it?


    In your scan from the home screen to the right and then down to the battery icon.

    See you soon


  • the iOS 10 not displaying calendar widget is not the events

    After the update to iOS 10.0.2, the calendar available on the lock screen widget does not always display the events. Nor the duration of the event or the event name appears, but a white widget with calendar color bar can be seen.

    This is not always the case, but very often. For ex, if you open the calendar application, then check this widget, event, but after that you lock the screen and check again, it would disappear.

    Hello jyothishureth,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It is my understanding from your iPhone Calendar widget still shows no events. I use my daily calendar to keep me organized. I can understand your concern. I'm happy to help you.

    If you haven't done so already, I recommend that you restart the phone. This can solve many unexpected behaviours. Follow the steps below:

    1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the Red slider appears.
    2. Drag the slider to turn off your device completely off.
    3. Once the device turns off, press and hold the sleep/wake button again until you see the Apple logo

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    If the problem persists, try to remove the widget and adding it back on. Use the following steps:

    1. Right above the home, lock screen or Notification Centerscreen.
    2. Scroll down and tap on change.
    3. To add a Widget, press on . To remove a Widget, press on . To reorder your Widgets, touch and hold next to the apps and drag the in the desired order.
    4. Finally, tap done.

    Use Widgets on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Have a great day!

  • How can I remove the 'Edit' button after deletion of the widgets screen in iOS 10?

    I downgraded just installed iOS 10.0.2. A terrible free - almost as bad as i_Tunes 12 - perhaps worse. I would like to know if someone has found a way to get rid of the icon of the button change which is now like a zit in the middle of what was a screen fully functional widgets before it got crowded with icons of Fisher-Price my little pony (which I deleted it). Thank you.

    I'm guessing that Edit button immediately beneath the last widget. So if you have no active widgets it's going to be in the middle of the screen ready for the user to add widgets.  If you have disabled all the widgets I don't know why you would go there anyway.

  • Videos don't play do not (including recorde Whatsapp, videos, Youtube, Twitter, etc) since the iOS 10 updading

    From time to time, all types of videos would stop playing on my iPhone more including Photos videos 6s, Youtube, Twitter, Whatsapp and everywhere else. He would return to normal only with a reboot. Closing force all the apps won't help, switch networks, locking and unlocking or anything else. I have iOS 10.0.2 and all applications are updated.

    It's so boring please help!

    Hi there, Awartany_Dubai!

    Thank you for reaching out by Apple Support communities. I understand from your post that you have intermittent problems watching videos using various platforms (those you make on the phone itself, YouTube, Twitter, etc.). I watch a lot of videos on my iPhone, I'd be happy to help you!

    Looks like you already have a few to start great troubleshooting steps. Since force close your applications, evolution of networks and rebooting did not help, I would recommend backing up your iPhone, and then reinstall your software iOS.

    You can get the measures to save here: How to backup your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Once which is finished, use this article for instructions on reinstalling iOS: If you can not update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    Even if the title of the article is not exactly specific to your problem, the steps under "putting your device in mode of recovery and put up again" will guide you in how to reinstall software iOS to help solve your problem with videos.

    See you soon!

  • Cannot open Whatsapp on iphone 6, ios 10.0.2

    On my iphone 6, iOS 10.0.2 in the app store I clicked update so that whatsapp is always open. Received the message, "Unable to Download App." Now just can't update whatsapp, I can't open it even at all.

    I have the latest version of Whatsapp (before trying to update, that is!).  I tried the power button (wait 30 seconds before feeding) phone, switching mode enabled aircraft and facility updates the last ios. Nothing has worked.

    I was wondering if there is a way to solve this problem without uninstalling/reinstalling it and risk losing all my chat history.

    You can restore your chat history (messages) from a backup if you remove and then reinstall the application.


  • 10 iOS does not well at all. Notes is much harder to change more before. The start screen is so clumsy. How can I get rid of all the widgets of the splash screen?

    10 iOS does not well at all. Notes is much more difficult to edit with touch screen as before. How can I erase my start of all the widgets screen? I might want to go back to iOS earlier.

    "How can I erase my start of all the widgets screen?" is the only question that you asked, so here's the answer:

    Some widgets may not be deleted, but you can move the widgets that you use most on the front screen and keep the ones you don't want a rear screen. Or, you can take the widgets you want and move them to a single folder.

  • Hi, I have an IPhone 4 with IOS 9.3.5 s and I can not download Whatsapp. The download button has a photo of clouds and a down arrow. Help, please

    Hi, please help. I have an IPhone 4 with iOS 9.3.5 s. I can't download Whatsapp, the download button is a cloud with an arrow down. Before I used to press the Get it button installs. Please help thanks

    Hi Simbonge!

    I see you are trying to download WhatsApp.  It is important to be able to download your applications, so I'm happy to help you.  The cloud icon that you see indicates that it is an application that you downloaded before.  To download, type right on this cloud icon and it should download to your iPhone.  You can read this article for more information:

    Download your latest purchases

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    See you soon!

  • IOS 6s whatsapp Bluetooth problem

    Call for help,

    6 s after having upgraded to IOS 10,

    When it is connected to the Bluetooth headset, the voice message that Whatsapp is broken.

    Disconnect the Bluetooth, stop the same Whatsapp Whatsapp to uninstall and reinstall.

    Impossible to solve the problem.

    Any expert can give me only a hands?

    Thank you all


    Tap Settings > Bluetooth, then turn the Bluetooth off then on IT.

  • Impossible to delete iOS apps 10-pressing/holding icon just widgets for the app.

    Impossible to delete iOS apps 10-pressing/holding icon just widgets for the app.

    Hi b. Bruce Brinson,.

    I understand that you are having some difficulty to remove apps on your iPhone, and instead you see additional options for these applications. I know it's important to have control over what is on your iPhone, so I'm happy to help you.

    From what you described, it seems that you use tactile 3D, instead of simply touch and hold for remove. You can see more info on tactile 3D and how it works here:

    3D Touch - iPhone

    Tactile 3D

    Tactile 3D gives you an additional way to interact with the iPhone. On supported devices, you can tap the screen to see the previews, access useful shortcuts and more.

    Tactile 3D is based on:

    • iPhone 7

    • iPhone 7 more

    • iPhone 6 s

    • iPhone 6 sec more

    For example, press a notification to the lock screen to respond. In Mail, tap a message in the list of the mailbox for a glance at the contents of the message, and then slide up to see a list of actions. Or press a little more pop the open message. In Photos, tap a picture for the look to it, and then drag upward to share or copy it; Press a little bit more far to jump the image in full screen. In this document, look for other examples of tactile 3D, which are marked with .

    You can use Touch 3D on the home screen, tap the application to see the menus of fast action. For example, you can press the icon of the camera on the home screen, then choose Selfie take. Quick action also works in the Control Center. For example, press the flashlight, then choose a light bright, medium, or low.

    Once you have an understanding of what is currently happening, try the following steps to remove apps from your iPhone:

    Delete music, movies, applications, and other content to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Remove an application

    1. Press and hold the application until it stirs.
    2. Press on the in the upper left to remove.

    You may be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the app. If you see a pop-up that says, "[application name] remove will also remove all the data," press DELETE.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

  • WhatsApp is not opening after updating ios 10?

    Hello! I have an iphone 6 and whatsapp didn't work

    Alright so I uodated to iOS 10 and whatsa won't open. I tap on it and it tries to go, but I'm getting evicted immediately.

    anyone else having issues like this?

    Anyone know how I can fix this problem?

    As is true for many apps, Whatsapp has released a new version (2.16.10) September 13, 2016, which is compatible with the iOS 10.  You have the latest version?  If this isn't the case, it is almost certainly the cause of your problem.

  • change of tone of WhatsApp after update to ios 10

    Hi all

    All have you any idea how to use back the previous your whatsapp after update to IOS 10? I m using your glass for the whatsapp but any change in three tones.

    Thanks for the info if you...

    Hi there, Sching! Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I have different sounds for different reasons. So I can understand how I would look back to how I liked it. I'll be happy to help you with this.

    How can I change my ringtone for WhatsApp? -WhatsApp foresaw this situation and provided the information you need.

    Take care!

  • Siri 10 iOS do not do when I ask a text to be sent on Whatsapp.

    I activated Whatsapp in menu of Siri, but when I order him to send a text message on Whatsapp, it says "sorry, you will need to continue in the application. Everyone knows about this problem? Is there something I can do?

    PS: I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 10 to which I have just updated a few hours ago.

    Same problem on 6 10 IOS iPhone

  • iOS 10 weather and problems WhatsApp

    When you have the configuration of 10 iPhone iOS in Spanish and you try to open the weather app, it crash... and if you use WhatsApp and you receive a friend ubicationt crash (soft)... Please let me know how can I solve this problem!

    WhatsApp has not been updated for iOS 10 again. Watch for updates in the App Store application.

    In regard to the messages, do not forget to enable Diagnostics in settings > privacy > Diagnostics. This will help Apple improve the issue in future updates.

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