WhatsApp on a new iPhone

I got whatsapp on my old phone, but how I get up on my new phone, so that I can retain access to my group and others on whatsapp?

Thanks for any help!


WhatsApp uses iCloud, so if you have configured your iCloud on your new iPhone, you should be able to see all your conversations.

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  • Transfer of Whatsapp & Contacts Backup on old iPhone to new iPhone 4 SE but iCloud different accounts

    Salvation all of Indonesia.

    I hope you can help me on the above problem above and have a good solution step by step for it.

    Basically, what happened is that I just bought an iPhone brand new SE to replace my old iPhone 4. I especially want the history of cats Whatsapp for iPhone 4 to iPhone, so that's what I did yesterday:

    #1. I supported Whatsapp history on the iPhone 4 to iCloud by car.

    #2. I then downloaded and installed Whatsapp in the new iPhone is activated my old Whatsapp account there and discovered that there is no backup of Whatsapp to iCloud Drive.

    #3. Intrigued, I uninstalled the app SE Whatsapp, active Whatsapp account in the old iPhone 4 and saw that I indeed backed up.

    #4. I then proceeded to repeat the step #2 and once more, it there was not any backup detected the iCloud drive.

    There I stopped doing anything at the Whatsapp on two iPhones, until this morning, I decided to check on e-mail accounts used to iCloud by car for two iPhones, and to my surprise I found that I have use different emails for each iCloud, say the iCloud account on the old iPhone 4 (where the backup Whatsapp is located) is 'A' and the iCloud in the new iPhone is 'B '.

    Now what should I do? I can do:

    Option 1: Disconnect / remove account iCloud 'A' on the iPhone 4, then the newspaper with iCloud account "B", save the history of Whatsapp cats again, then download the backup of Whatsapp in the iPhone SE?


    Option 2: disconnect / remove account iCloud 'B' on the iPhone, then connect with iCloud account "A", then download Whatsapp backup in iPhone SE? "

    A question:

    -A device, not the iCloud & App Store/iTunes email account must be the same or may they be different?

    Thanks for all the help

    You should do Option 2.

    The iCloud Apple ID may be different from the ID of iTunes/App Store.

  • New iPhone than 7 to 8 hours time to call to life

    I got a new iPhone 7 more, ordered through Verizon, a few days ago. Yesterday, I noticed that she had 8 hours and 51 minutes of life call time, which is impossible.

    This phone has replaced my iPhone 6

    I have not configured this phone via an iPhone backup 6. I plug it into iTunes once for synchronization of music and iTunes did ask if I want to set it up as a new phone. I said yes.

    I use the same iTunes/iCloud account that I used on my old phone, however.

    My use in line with Verizon for this month is only 113 minutes, so this number is clearly wrong.

    Still, I have the old phone and looked at the number of hours of calls from life. It's much more than 24 hours, the new phone has not inherit the old phone number.

    DIDS, I get a phone used or defective?

    Very strange... no one here can say what has happened. I go back to Verizon and ask them. If it was me, I insist on getting a new phone... that one has been used somewhere.


  • new iPhone update

    I have an iPhone 5 and will probably get an iPhone 6s with a new SIM from nano.

    My photos will remain on my iPhone 5 until I save them?  I don't want to put my new sim card in the iPhone 6 and then the old sim become inactive and lose my photos if that makes sense?

    Thank you


    IPhone 5 should run ios 10.2 if not go to settings - about us - software update

    Do update on your WiFi.

    Then go to settings - iCloud backup now.

    The new iPhone set up on your WiFi when you are asked if you want to use iCloud backup say Yes.

    Use the same identifier apple then you will get all the apps / photos on the new iPhone.

    See you soon


  • I just new iPhone 7 & when I transfer, none of my music is available offline (purchased and apple's music program), trying to figure out how I can download it all at once, without having to enter each individual album and click the cloud

    Just got the new iPhone 7 & when I transfer iphone 6 iPhone 7, my music has arisen on the phone, but none of my music is available offline, try to understand how I can download all at once for use offline, without having to enter each individual album and click the cloud.  I have a lot of music on my phone, would take me forever to individually download each album one by one for offline use.

    I have both bought albums/songs itunes and also many of the monthly music apple package.  In any case for all it all at once?


    You must use the same identifier apple

    Go down homepage itunes page where it says more about this music bought to display

    And download

    For music apple if its does not sign of apple ID then sign.

    See you soon


  • Cannot change the order of songs in my playlists on my new iPhone 7 (iOS 10.02). How can I fix?

    CAN I change the order on my MacBook Air when my phone is connected (but the changes are not published on my phone)

    Hello, wolfebait!

    Welcome to congratulations on getting a new iPhone and Apple support communities 7.  I see your message that you are having problems changing the order of song into playlists that you created, but it only happens on your new iPhone.  I have several playlists I created myself, and I sometimes have to change the order of songs as well.  I'm happy to help you with this.

    1. Open your music app.
    2. Type library on the bottom left.
    3. Touch Playlists.
    4. Press the Playlist you want to change (it must be one that you have created, as organized playlists cannot be changed).
    5. Press 'Edit' at the top right of your screen.
    6. You should now see red circles 'remove' to the left of each song and three horizontal lines gray right of each song.
    7. Press the grey horizontal lines with your finger and drag the song to the position in the playlist that you want it to be in.
    8. When you have finished editing, type "Done" in the upper right corner.
    9. Your playlist should now be in the new order that you chose!

    Have a great rest of your week!

  • New iPhone 7, impossible to make purchases on credit.

    I just bought the new iPhone 7. I started it as a new phone and just signatories in my iCloud for my photos, pictures, etc. that I just tried to buy an app and it was denied. I have same credit itunes so I know this isn't a card problem. I made sure that my credit card information was correct in the case that caused a hang upwards.

    If you have a credit or debit card on your account it must be a valid card, regardless of the question of if you have a balance on your account which covers the total price of the item (if you are an Organizer from family to family sharing you can not use your balance). If the card is not accepted, you can try logging on to the account (not trying to download something) and see if you get the 'none' option so you can remove the card: change or delete your Apple ID - Apple Support payment information

  • I am trying to set up my new iPhone 7 more but it says SIM necessary?

    Im trying to set up my new iPhone Plus 7 but it says "SIM" required?

    You must use a sim card to activate the iPhone.

    Don't you have a?

    Where did you buy this iPhone?

    Has not chosen a carrier when you purchase it?

    Don't you have a cellular carrier that you want to use iPhone with?

  • The wife and I have 2 iphones on the same backup mac computer / same itunes account and we have both got new iphone 7, her photos pop up fine for the restoration, my phone got all his own

    So under my account itunes on our desktop mac, my wife saved his phone as well.

    Today, we got the new iphone 7 s (and both save them on pc mac before we are gone and got the new), when we came back she hers in plugged into the mac PC first and she very well restored.

    When I tried to restore mine, all but the properly restored images.

    All his images restored on my phone, how can I fix this?


    Both are full of photos are in the title of the photos on my PC mac app.  They are separated and in a section mixed with each other, but still on the application of a single picture on our Mac... but that means I know all his and my photos are not all here which is good.

    So how I get off my iphone with its photos and all of mine on my iphone?  A sort of thing copy and paste?  Look forward to answers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    You share an Apple ID?

    On previous devices, you have the iCloud library enabled?

  • New iPhone 6s 64 update for IOS 10


    I have brand new iPhone 6s 64gt IOS9.

    Can I update IOS10 (or is skilled to update) and then in use (load applications, to make my settings etc.)?

    When I phone backup, it backs up the entire phone (IOS and other things) or only my own settings and applications and data?

    Best regards


    Hey Laakspen,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. We can see in your post that you have questions about restoring your iPhone 6 s from a backup after upgrading to iOS 10. We want you to get the most out of your device and all your apps, and we are happy to help you in the right place for support. The following link provides an overview of what iCloud backup and what happens when you restore:

    iCloud: overview of backup and storage iCloud

    On safeguards for iOS - Apple Support devices

    If you have any questions about the information in the link provided, please let us know.

    See you soon.

  • 12.5.1 ITunes will not load on Windows 10 so I can't sync my new iPhone 7

    12.5.1 ITunes will not load on Windows 10 so I can't sync my new iphone 7

    Right click and run as administrator

    See also this document

    If you see an error message "Windows package install" when you try to uninstall iTunes from your PC - Apple Support

  • iCloud won't let me upgrade to my new email address on my new iphone 6s, the sound by using an old email which is no longer active and won't let me delete or change.

    How can I change my email and id on icloud on my new iphone 6s

    Welcome dipete,

    Thanks for posting in the communities of Support from Apple. I see that you have changed the e-mail address on your Apple ID and your phone has the former account listed and does not let you change to the new. I know how it is important for the correct account on your phone. I'll be more than happy to help.

    Take a look at this article, I'll help you get the switch over.

    If iCloud asks you the password to your Apple ID - Apple Support previous

    Take care!

  • should I "set up as new iphone."


    I didn't save my 6s IPhone since I got it and I don't know whether to "set up as new iPhone" or "restore from this backup" (my old iPhone 5).

    I'm afraid that if I "set up as new Iphone" I will lose all my photos my camera etc. For more than 30 weeks I had this 6 s IPhone and I have over 3000 photos.

    Please let me know which option to choose. -I don't mind if photos from my old phone to the folder/location same as pictures of my new phone as long as I do not lose them!

    Thank you



    When you load an iphone it should automatically be saved on iCloud

    Go to the last backup of settings-iCloud check if it's not very old use that one

    When you set iPhone it will ask you if you want to use backup say yes, if its a recent.

    See you soon


  • New iPhone 7 more - silence button vibrating not?

    Hello, I have the new iPhone 7 more.  On my 6 Plus, while I had the button to silent, silent, I hear a buzzer sound every time I received a call or text. (I use it at work). Now I hear that at all. I then noticed when I change the rear silencer silent steps tab, there is no vibration as he used to do. Is it broken or what? It is in fact a function that I really need.

    Thank you!

    Have you checked the settings > sounds and haptic to see if 'Vibrate to silent' is enabled?

  • iCloud music library does not work on my new iPhone


    iCloud music library has worked between my Mac, iPhone 6 and iPad Pro. However, it does not work on my new iPhone 7.

    When I try turn it off and on again, I do not get the merge or replace guest library that every site seems to say that I see. When I turn it on and open the music, I don't see any of the artists or songs or playlists that I added on my other devices. Occasionally (maybe 5 times), several full minutes after activating the iCloud music library, I get the error "iCloud music library can be activated. I tried using different wifi, using LTE networks and to connect it to my Mac. I tried to reboot the device when enabling/disabling iCloud music library. I also tried to use file > library > update to iCloud music library iTunes. I've been at this for about 4 hours now and am about to start rider on my hair. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    You back up iPhone via iTunes or iCloud 7?

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