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  • Emergency aid necessary for the restoration of cats whatsapp

    Hello. Ive been trying to restore my cats icloud whatsapp but it still seems stuck at "99% of the finish" I deleted and reinstalled and tried to restore several times already and the problem persists. I used connections different wifi plugged into a power source and waited for hours but I can't restore it yet. What can I do? I really want to back my history of cats! Ive even contacted whatsapp and they said it's an issue wih iCloud because they store the history of cats!

    iCloud does not store cats WhatsApp.

    Help here > https://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/bb10/28020002

  • WhatsApp stuck in catering to 99%

    First off my iPhone with iOS 10.02 6s suddenly made my Whatsapp ikon in the home screen disappear this morning.  I have went to the AppStore and downloaded installed and tried to install again.  I clicked on the 'restore from iCloud"and waited.  Data has been downloaded 'so-called' and shows there's also recorded with WhatsApp 32 MB, BUT is not further that "restore...". 99%... and the wheel just begins to turn.  It seems to make no difference if I restart the iPhone or redownload the app, it is still stuck at the same place for an hour or more.  This seems to have started happening at the end of September and October 2016 and should be a problem to Apple... Any help would be appreciated.


    Until you have downloaded it you delete old.

    See you soon


  • WhatsApp sound after update ios10

    Hello, after updating to ios10 my sound of whatsapp is identical to my e-mail (threetone). In whatsapp, I chose a different tone but no matter what I do, its always the threetone. Can someone help me with this? Best regards, Gerard

    Have you updated the Whatsapp application lately?   A couple of days, they have released an update for iOS 10.

  • Videos don't play do not (including recorde Whatsapp, videos, Youtube, Twitter, etc) since the iOS 10 updading

    From time to time, all types of videos would stop playing on my iPhone more including Photos videos 6s, Youtube, Twitter, Whatsapp and everywhere else. He would return to normal only with a reboot. Closing force all the apps won't help, switch networks, locking and unlocking or anything else. I have iOS 10.0.2 and all applications are updated.

    It's so boring please help!

    Hi there, Awartany_Dubai!

    Thank you for reaching out by Apple Support communities. I understand from your post that you have intermittent problems watching videos using various platforms (those you make on the phone itself, YouTube, Twitter, etc.). I watch a lot of videos on my iPhone, I'd be happy to help you!

    Looks like you already have a few to start great troubleshooting steps. Since force close your applications, evolution of networks and rebooting did not help, I would recommend backing up your iPhone, and then reinstall your software iOS.

    You can get the measures to save here: How to backup your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Once which is finished, use this article for instructions on reinstalling iOS: If you can not update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    Even if the title of the article is not exactly specific to your problem, the steps under "putting your device in mode of recovery and put up again" will guide you in how to reinstall software iOS to help solve your problem with videos.

    See you soon!

  • My whatsapp restore taped ending up... (99%)

    My whatsapp restore said ending up... (99%) for hours, I tried different devices and get the same thing. It is 131 MB, how can I fix?

    What about to restart the iPhone, try new- restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support?

  • Cannot open Whatsapp on iphone 6, ios 10.0.2

    On my iphone 6, iOS 10.0.2 in the app store I clicked update so that whatsapp is always open. Received the message, "Unable to Download App." Now just can't update whatsapp, I can't open it even at all.

    I have the latest version of Whatsapp (before trying to update, that is!).  I tried the power button (wait 30 seconds before feeding) phone, switching mode enabled aircraft and facility updates the last ios. Nothing has worked.

    I was wondering if there is a way to solve this problem without uninstalling/reinstalling it and risk losing all my chat history.

    You can restore your chat history (messages) from a backup if you remove and then reinstall the application.


  • I can't turn off on Apple Watch whatsapp messages


    I don't want to receive notification of Whatsapp on my watch (just want to see them on my iPhone).

    I'm going to watch App > Notifications > Whatsapp > the switch is off

    However, I still get messages on my watch. Can someone help me?

    (I have the latest watch OS and iOS 10).

    Thank you


    Hi Tomas

    The following steps may help:

    • Toggle Notifications of setting and then turn off again, allowing a few moments between the two.
  • Since the download ios10 I have more calling in notifications Whatsapp Whatsapp

    Hello. Help, please. Since the download iOS10 I have more Whatsapp calling under the Notifications of Whatsapp options. Please explain why this has happened and tell me how to recover the Whatsapp appeal. Thank you very much.

    The same question. And we are not alone.

    In addition, that the same problem occurred with other applications, update for iOS10 support VoIP (Viber, Messenger of FB).

    Looks like Apple developers has missed something important... Update iOS/watch OS wait W.

  • WhatsApp ios 10 widget


    I have an iphone 6 and just installed the ios10.

    It seems that there is something "wrong" with whatsapp... The application works, but on the widget screen the whatsapp is always blanck. I tried to restart my phone, change the language... But nothing does not appear!

    In addition, even if the setting is ok with siri, when I ask to send a message with whatsapp, siri said I should use the application directly.

    Someone at - it an idea of what should I do to make this work?

    Thanks for your help!

    My question was moved to the windows software, don't know why?

  • Hi, I have an IPhone 4 with IOS 9.3.5 s and I can not download Whatsapp. The download button has a photo of clouds and a down arrow. Help, please

    Hi, please help. I have an IPhone 4 with iOS 9.3.5 s. I can't download Whatsapp, the download button is a cloud with an arrow down. Before I used to press the Get it button installs. Please help thanks

    Hi Simbonge!

    I see you are trying to download WhatsApp.  It is important to be able to download your applications, so I'm happy to help you.  The cloud icon that you see indicates that it is an application that you downloaded before.  To download, type right on this cloud icon and it should download to your iPhone.  You can read this article for more information:

    Download your latest purchases

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    See you soon!

  • IOS 6s whatsapp Bluetooth problem

    Call for help,

    6 s after having upgraded to IOS 10,

    When it is connected to the Bluetooth headset, the voice message that Whatsapp is broken.

    Disconnect the Bluetooth, stop the same Whatsapp Whatsapp to uninstall and reinstall.

    Impossible to solve the problem.

    Any expert can give me only a hands?

    Thank you all


    Tap Settings > Bluetooth, then turn the Bluetooth off then on IT.

  • My your whatsapp will not change after update

    I'm back changing my tone whatsapp after the update, but it will not change back

    Greetings, cazrose. Thank you for the communities of Apple Support!

    I see that WhatsApp is not allowing you to change his ring back to what it was after upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10 6s. I'll be happy to help you!

    How can I change my ringtone for WhatsApp? -Follow the instructions of the support that I have found on the site of WhatsApp.

    Have a great day!

  • WhatsApp on a new iPhone

    I got whatsapp on my old phone, but how I get up on my new phone, so that I can retain access to my group and others on whatsapp?

    Thanks for any help!

    WhatsApp uses iCloud, so if you have configured your iCloud on your new iPhone, you should be able to see all your conversations.

  • Cannot answer whatsapp message in the lock screen

    In the lock screen, when I drag the new whatsapp message, only the "Clear" button appears when I'm looking for the "Answer" button

    The property of 'Reply with the Message' is already lit under 'Touch ID & password', and my whatsapp application is 2.16.10 version (which is the most up-to-date).

    It is perhaps by design?

    If I dropped my phone and a foreigner could respond to the message without knowing my password, so it would be a security problem

  • WhatsApp appeal VoIP and watch


    I use the last worm WhatsApp. 2.16.10 on iPhone 6 s with iOS10 and watch with watchOS3.

    And since the app update I can no longer get notifications about incoming call on the watch.

    iPhone (through the integration of WhatsApp CallKit) rings, but nothing happens on the watch.

    Is this a bug? Without which it is and who is to blame? Me? Apple? Developers of WhatsApp?

    Thank you


    same thing here.

    And this is true for many (if not all) of VoIP apps with the implementation of callkit.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, I use firefox every day and make a donation. today when signing that he asked me to join a new program and told to download something for faster video... after I did it I lost my internet connection and cannot come back on the line

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    Does anyone know if Apple will preview on iPad?  It is difficult to do all the things Preview in one application with separate applications.

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    After receiving insurance through Dell Small Business. the U3014 all new have at least Rev A03, I ordered another to replace a fading 3008WFP.  After you received yesterday, I ran through the installation program and checked everything, including the