When apple will hold his next Press Conference this year?

I was wondering when apple will hold his next Press Conference as last year it was March, but apple normally placed a tab on here website home page explaining everything and where to get tickets/watch it live online. Thanks for the support - Jake.

I can't find the exact date, only March 2016.

Ed. I doubt that Apple has released the date for the moment.

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  • After upgrading to IOS 9.1 my iPad2 crashes constantly and Safari takes more than 30 seconds for the loading of the page.  When Apple will solve these problems, given that the downgrade isn't possible?

    After that the IOS upgraded to 9.1 on my iPad 2, the unit has switched navigation performance and each app is lagging, and then crashes the device, to be hard restarts.  Changing such settings recommended in many articles does not improve these problems of performance or speed.  Given that the downgrade is possible, when Apple will release 9.2 to solve all these problems of performance?

    These are performance problems widespread in the complaints I've seen on many articles, even in this community and discussion forums.

    Uh, no.

    iPad 2 questions are far from "widespread".

    Each user who has problems with their brand of Apple devices claimed that their problems are widespread disaster.

    users of iPad 2, 3 and 4, like me, don't post troubleshooting forums if their iOS/updates updates update succeeded.

    Here are my updated list of corrections suggested for a model slow iPad 2, 3 or 4.

    Try to reset all the settings in the settings under general app and in the right column under restore.

    Try stories reset and delete/reset the caches in all web browsers you use.
    If you use Safari, these features may be in the application settings under Safari.
    Other browsers have their settings inside the running application itself.

    If your iPad has been activated for iCloud, in the application settings under iCloud, to the right, under iCloud Drive, type in iCloud drive and make sure that Safari is off to save data from Safari to iCloud by car.

    Also, under iCloud in the application settings, in iCloud Drive, turn the feature off saving for all other desired apps DO NOT the data automatically on iCloud drive.

    If you are using Safari is always causing issues.
    Try changing / using web browser third another, different.
    I do not use iOS Safari too much more because I found it cause me headaches on some Web sites, regularly, to visit.
    I commonly use another third party browser, perfect browser (there are others that can suit your style better web browsing, so look all first to see what third-party browser may work better for you) and I have never experience many questions that Safari was originally.

    In the application settings tab general, right under the spotlight sesrch, try disable the search under the applications who really don't need a research, as some games, remote controls, apps that are really useless to be searched, etc., in order to reduce the list to Spotlight search.

    Try to turn the reduced movement.
    This is found in the application of settings in the general tab, in the left panel.
    In the right panel, look under accessibility, look to reduce the Motion and turn this feature "On".
    You should see a significant performance increase on all models of iPad 2, 3 and 4.

    In the application settings under the general tab, in the right column, search background App update and enable this setting to "off".

    Try a reset of your iPad by simultaneously pressing buttons Home and sleep/wake button until your iPad goes to the dark and restarts with the Apple logo, then release the buttons.

  • When Apple will release a better quality, lossless CD quality service Apple music streaming?  Have just tried Tidal, sound quality difference is huge

    When Apple will release a better quality, lossless CD quality service Apple music streaming?  Have just tried Tidal, sound quality difference is huge. Frustrated that I won't subscribe and run multiple services. Apple

    Probably like most people won't lose their cellular data so that a better quality. Yes - I realize you're probably talking about streaming on a computer (that you're this announcement in music from Apple on Mac forum - but I don't think that the majority of their clients planned worry enough for them to invest in the infrastructure to provide this service.

    Now, I could be wrong - were repeatedly in the past.

    Perhaps leave comments for apple? :http://www.apple.com/feedback/

  • When Firefox will have his own translator built in?

    I have heard that Firefox will have his own translation into very soon feature as it uses Bing or Google for translations?

    Hello baldape, there is a scheduled browser translation function, but it is not under active development again (so not possible to say which service will be used or when it will happen)


  • When Apple will allow third-party apps, like MapMyRun fitness, to access the heart rate monitor?

    I bought the Apple Watch to follow my heart rate during trials, only to discover that all third-party applications like MapMyRun and Nike + are not able to access data on the Apple Watch heart rate monitor. Will this change possibly? Does anyone have information about this?
    I am very disappointed and wish now I had bought a Fitbit instead.


    What is a user to user community, you do not directly communicate with Apple here, nobody can say whether or not Apple will allow these third-party applications for use with an Apple Watch, but what you can do is to provide feedback > http://www.apple.com/feedback/watch.html

  • When Apple will repair the IOS 9.2 to sync with the bluetooth in my car.

    I had my vehicle in Service several times because my Iphone 6s does not synchronize with the Bluetooth in the car.  Engineers contacted GM Apple and informed there is a problem with the sync Apple products now that Apple updated to IOS 9.2.  I'm sure that there are many users who has the same problem.  Can you tell me when I can expect a fix for the problem.

    Thank you

    9.2 IOS works very well with my Chevy.  So apart from the fact that nobody here knows if everything when Apple plans to do something... or even recognize it, why not tell us what youv'e done troubleshooting.

  • IS that Photoshop will release a new version of this year

    Hello everyone

    is photoshopt will release a new version this year, I'm so bored with the latest version of photoshop

    Adobe has never announce in advance the date of a new version.

  • When Apple will make changes (update) the so-called new "photos"?

    More I read the more people that I find quite unhappy like me. Please let us be able to split the Moments that we used to be able to split also 'Events' gives us more options to sort the photos. I do a movie for my dad to 90th and crossed and labeled them all (title) but when in iMovie they all out of order! It's so frustrating. Ask people what we want and we will let you know that we want more flexibility and options.

    Apple isn't here.

    These forums are supported by users who are unable to change anything in Photos.

    If you want to tell Apple about it, try ad to http://www.apple.com/feedback/photos.html

  • When Apple will fix the problem with 9.3?

    Since IOS 9.3 was just downloaded (night of 26 March) and not yet installed, my iPad (Wifi and boxes) Air did not work properly:

    By clicking on a link in GMAIL or AOL emails causes the iPad to freeze.

    Safari does not work.

    Chrome does not.

    When I tried to install the update already downloaded 9.3, the installation did not check because I was "not connected to the internet."

    On Monday, March 28, I noticed many others had similar problems with 9.3, and I tried the recommended fixes:

    Disable Java Script

    Remove Booking.com

    Delete web browsing data

    Restart the iPad.

    None of these bugs worked.

    Tuesday morning, March 29, the Update 9.3 installed correctly, but none of the symptoms have been set.

    I refuse to downgrade to a version 9.2 based on serious disadvantages noticed by others who have tried it.  Besides, why should I do an Apple problem be my problem?

    When will this problem be resolved?

    MJSF wrote:

    When will this problem be resolved?

    No one here works for Apple (and anyone who works for Apple would be bound by an NDA), there is no way to answer this question. You will have to just be patient.

    The update that was released was for something different and more critical.

  • When Apple will fix 9.3 battery drain issue?

    It's crazy and I want to know when to expect Apple to solve the problem of life 9.3 battery? Once set, how will I be able to "apply" the changes to my phone, since I have already installed? Am I too late? What I should expect 9.3.2? Or what is planned? I just want to know how much time I have to deal with that and how do I get the changes 'fixed' to 9.3 on my phone since I have already installed. Thank you. Please, I beg you! I really need help.

    There is no problem of battery life in iOS 9.3. While you might have a problem with your individual device, it is not a systemic problem with iOS. Since you don't specify what your problem is, what would you say to detail what you are experiencing and what troubleshooting you have tried to solve your problem. When did start? Have you checked in the settings > farm to see which application uses the highest percentage of your battery?

  • When Apple will fix the password hack?

    I don't give it, but there is a way you can work around the access code, it went viral on Facebook so a lot of people know about it. I was wondering is Apple knows about it, and when they address them?

    Thank you


    If you watch this video of Facebook closely there is no "hack". When handling, they use Touch ID, since it is their phone it recognizes their fingerprint and opens the phone. Don't believe everything that goes viral on FaceBook.

  • When apple will make a watch with a sim function?

    I hope that apple sees this post!

    I desperately need a watch that I can call from emergency if my phone got stolen or was not there at the time.

    I like the comfort of being able to give to someone that I trust my iCloud snack password I have never disappeared in the hope that they might have a chance to find me if my watch is always with me.

    IM certainly not a child to get one of these SIM followed watches for children isn't really an option for me, so I really need in my Apple Watch.

    Im just a cute girl who dominates all security measures, so it is very important to me, I love my apple products, but I'm starting to think I should look elsewhere as androids if Apple does not put the sim card option in the watch soon

    I have already the first Apple Watch with all my favorite emergency contacts and the police on speed dial, but it is often useless because I don't always have my phone with me 24/7


    You can send feedback to Apple here (it is a community based on the user - you don't talk to Apple here):


  • So iPad 2 still does not not with iTunes supposed fix. No idea when Apple will release an alternative solution? A week passes now.

    This is getting ridiculous, and I know there are a lot of frustrated people.

    All we can do is wait. Several sources claim that apple is already working on a fix.

    Also, take a look at this.

    For those having issues with the iOS 9.3 update please read...

  • When Apple will release iOS 9.3 rebuilding?

    Maybe it's that no one knows, but a date or even just an estimate would be useful.

    We don't know and we are not allowed to discuss such things on this forum.

  • When Apple finally released iPhone 7 unlocked

    I'm outside of the United States and I want to know when apple will sell the iPhone 7 (and more) sim free / unlocked so that I can use here where I live. If there is one alternative (other than) Please tell me what can be done so that I can buy mine soon. Thank you!

    All 7 currently available iPhones by Apple are unlocked if you pay full price for them.

    They are not sim for free, because they come with a sim card for a selected carrier, but are fully unlocked and can be used with other compatible GSM providers.

    The simplest option is to choose T-Mobile as your carrier.  Then everything simply remove the Sim Card of the iPhone when it arrives.

    Note that the warranty is not international. So, if something happens to the iPhone that needs service, it will have to be resumed in the country of purchase for warranty service.

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