When can I remove photos from the iPhone by making sure they are saved in the cloud?

When I can I free up space on my iPhone 6, deletion of photos/videos, ensure that they are saved in the cloud?
When I buy more space on the cloud, it is to iCloud, iCloud Drive, iCloud photo library?
Too confusing...

iCloud is a synchronization service, not off of storage of the unit. That means that it is not designed to "free space" on your phone by moving your photos and videos to iCloud. All photos will remain synchronized between your phone and iCloud.

You can select the feature to OPTIMIZE, significantly reduce the space that take your photos on your phone.

When you upgrade your iCloud space, it's for all features in iCloud, as backup space, iCloud disk space and so on.

If you really want the maximum space on your phone, you can import your pictures and videos on a PC and then delete them from your phone. It does use icloud photo library.

Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

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  • If I convert a file in a file PDF Microsoft Word can I remove photos from the converted file

    If I convert a file PDF Microsoft Word can I remove photos from the converted file?

    Hi sutterrot,

    After a conversion from PDF to Word, you can download the converted file locally on your computer.

    You can then select the "Enable editing" button and then remove images/texts or make any other changes.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • When I delete the Photostream images, they also disappear from the iMac.  How can I remove photos from the photo gallery and keep them in the section Photos of Photos on my Mac?

    I am trying to remove photos from the photo gallery without having them also disappear from my Mac.  How?

    You must copy those you want to your Mac first.

    Remove photos from my photo - Apple Support stream

    The following photos will not be deleted when you delete photos from my photo stream:

    • Photos that you copied to the tab pictures or film on your iOS device
    • Pictures that you have imported into your iPhoto or Aperture library
    • Photos that you've copied in a folder on your PC and are not part of my photo stream
  • How can I remove photos from my iphone

    I tried to remove photos from my iPhone and I can't, could someone remove

    If the photos are in the albums of film or Photostream, they can be deleted on the iPhone. Switch to the view of the album which shows all the small thumbnails, press Select, select photos to delete, and then press the trash can or the Word remove. This move the photos of the film for the recently deleted album where they will reside for 30 days to allow you to recover the photos if you wish. If you want to delete the photos immediately, remove them again from the recently deleted album.

    If the photos you want to delete are synchronized from a computer using iTunes albums you can remove them by an another sync. Connect your iPhone to the computer that you synced, select your iPhone in iTunes, select the Photos tab, deselect the unwanted albums and click Sync. The deselected albums will be deleted from your iPhone, but they will remain on your computer.

  • How can I remove photos from the nature of my Iphone

    I need help to remove the photos from my iPhone

    Synced photos must be synchronized, which means that you need to do a new synchronization via iTunes without photos or selected albums.

  • I can't remove photos from the Gallery

    I can't delete photos in the gallery.  I tap on the photo and can't find anything that relates to remove.  I CHANGE, but there is no deletion.  Thank you

    It may depend on the Tablet model/OS you have, but normally a long click on the thumbnail of the image gives you a check mark on the thumbnail and a basket at the top of the app icon which give a try and see if it works for you. If not, while I consult a photo if I click on the image that I get (for a short time) a few icons that include other trash.

  • How can I remove photos from the iPhone but save on iCloud/desktop mac?

    I have an iPhone 6 and I'm constantly short of room because of my photos.  When I go to delete a picture from my pictures it says "this photo will be deleted from iCloud photo library on all your devices" and I have NO IDEA how to disable this dang thing.  So when I delete a photo that it clears too my computer then I constantly tries to free up space on my phone in other respects.

    I wish I could take a picture, saved it on my computer and iCloud and then remove it from my phone without losing.  Any ideas?  Thank you!

    You can go to settings > Photos & camera on your phone and do the following:

    1. turn off iCloud photo library

    2 turn on my photo stream

    Then on your Mac, you can open pictures and under preferences, perform the following steps:

    1. on the general tab, make sure that "Copy items to the photo library" is checked

    2. by virtue of iCloud, make sure 'My Photo Stream' is checked (you can also have shared Photo also controlled flow)

    This should cause all photos of photo stream to be shared between devices as well as to import into your photo library.

    See you soon,.


  • Can I remove photos from the fotostream on my iPhone without losing them on my other devices / in iCloud?

    We use several Apple devices, from iPhones. I got all the apps and photos on a single account, iTunes (including iCloud).

    Sometimes the memory of one of iPhones is full. I want to delete the photos in the photo gallery on the phone. Can I do that without losing the photos?

    Thnx for the tips!


    If you use an Apple ID, devices are kept synchronized. Deletion in the stream of deletions of all devices using this code from Apple.

  • can I remove photos from the device, but keep them in the icloud

    I want to know if I can store photos, etc. on the iCloud and remove them from my phone that I moved to a phone with less storage?

    When you delete them from the device, they will be deleted to iCloud. To increase the available space, go to settings/iCloud/Photos and select optimize iPhone/iPad Storage.That will reduce the space required by 90% when it is fully effective.

  • How can I remove photos from my iPhone that were already imported pictures?

    Hi all

    The camera on my iPhone now has 2000 + photos on it which have already been imported. photos (not iPhoto). At least I am sure that I imported the. Photos knows that they have been imported, but I see no easy way to just delete the photos that have already been imported. What should do?

    I ran a test, import of some of them and by checking the box "delete after importing", and it was successfully deleted photos off the phone. BUT each of the imports is now duplicated in my photo library. What a drag! I don't want to have to go manually by the bias of 2000 + photos, manually remove duplicates when Photos already know that they were already imported at first.

    In iPhoto, you can plug in your phone, import your photos but not the remove immediately after the import, and the next time you connect your phone, iPhoto would say "XX pictures have already been imported. You want to remove them? "It's ideal for cautious people who wanted to verify that the photos had successfully transferred before deleting.

    Any help? Is there something that I am missing in Photos?

    Thank you. -Josh

    You can selectively remove from your phone with the Image Capture (in the Applications folder).

    Photos.app forum is here

    Photos for Mac

  • How can I remove photos from the iCloud without deleting them on my macbook

    I try to delete pictures off my iCloud, but leave them on my macbook? I deleted them on my iPhone, which is synchronized with the cloud, and they immediately disappeared from my macbook.

    If you synchronize the photo library on your Mac and your iPhone with iCloud, the two libraries will be always the same.

    Create a second library of Photos on your MacBook, that is not synchronized with iCloud. This library allows to keep the photos, you do not want to synchronize on your iPhone.

    See this help page: https://help.apple.com/photos/mac/1.0/?lang=en#/pht6d60b524

  • Remove photos from the iphone after import

    Hi, I'm new on this but I can't find an answer by reading the previous posts.

    I always was able to import my photos and click the button "erase after importing" and my photos would be removed from my phone, but recently it tells me there is an error during this operation and the pictures are still on my phone using a lot of memory. Anyone know why this feature no longer works? I'm really not what although it is complicated with my pc, everything is usually automatically when I plug in my phone. Can someone give advice?

    Thank you

    You have iCloud library enabled on the iPhone? (in settings > iCloud > Photos & camera)?

    So you can't delete photos from the iPhone, because they are actually stored in iCloud and only in reverse on the iPhone.

    Disable the iCloud photo library, if you want to download the pictures manually by USB.  But be sure, that optimize storage is disabled and all the pictures were downloaded again icloud before disabling iCloud photo library.

  • How can I remove photos from my iPad without deleting them from my iPhone

    Can I remove photos from my iPad without deleting them from my iPhone?

    Can I remove photos from my iPad without deleting them from my iPhone?

    Depends on how you put Photos in place, and where is that you remove them.

    You have iCloud as library lit? If you do, then the answer is no.

    If you do not have library on iCloud and if you try to delete your photo stream, then no..

    If you try to remove the film, then Yes, you can do it.

    See you soon,.


  • Can I delete photos from my iPhone, but always keep them in the cloud?

    Can I delete photos from my iPhone 6s, but everything keeping them in iCloud?

    See here-> can I remove photos on my iPhone in order to free the ability but on iCloud and my iPad?

  • How to remove photos from the iPhone SE

    July 2016

    Computer: iMac running OSX 10.11.5 El Capitan

    Phone: iPhone SE

    Buy the new iphone SE.  All properly transferred from old phone, via iCloud, but the new phone memory is almost full, and I need to remove about 300 photos.

    I plugged the phone on my Mac with the USB cable.  The phone does NOT appear as a disk in the Finder, as said the seller of phone.

    I was able to import all the photos to the Mac with picture Capture and preview, so the pictures are safe, but neither app shows a way to remove photos from the phone.

    'Image Capture help' and several items of third say there are buttons on the bottom of the screen to Capture of Image for "show thumbnails in a list (list view button) or to see large thumbnails (thumbnail view button), or to turn (rotation) or delete (delete key) images."


    The other buttons appear, but not the button 'delete '.

    I used an extract for years, and it does not remove images.

    So how to delete photos from my iPhone SE?  Do I have to look at all the pictures of 300 and delete each individually?

    You can delete several photos at the same time on the iPhone.

    Instructions here > delete photos on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

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