When file/collection, how can I delete all the related items that are not on my last composition?

Hello, I have a great difficulty using the file/collection a large file I did months ago, because when I use it, the file is created, but it takes 2.5 to space! compared to others of my works, taking almost 1 TB of files, this one is too big and I think by deleting some files, but I don't want to make a mistake, so I wanted to ask here, if it is possible to take a main composition and only do a file/collection of this composition, objects and elements that serve there (the last I made on my account at least, with the elements used on that, because I think that there are many (if not a large part of them) files and elements that are not used in the final version, as scenes of the version beta of my work, the problem is the composition is too long and have a lot of different archives or drop movies then it could take forever to do it manually...

Thanks for reading me! I hope that this is a solution...


It's a two-step process:

1. reduce your project to the desired composition.

2 recover your files.

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