When I bring my computer off "sleep mode", I don't see any icons on the desktop, that my background image.

original title: malfunction of the sleep...

When I bring my computer off "sleep mode", I don't see any icons on the desktop, that my background image. I can't get back them, and the only thing to do is to give my computer a re-starting difficult.  I just bought this computer last year and fear that this hard-restart is damage. What the hell is happening? What is the point of having the "sleep mode" if it limits my activity once I re - enable the computer?


Kill process > explorer.exe from the Task Manager.

Copy a copy of explorer.exe from a stable machine fresh and clean.

Paste in: C:\WINDOWS\

Replace existing explorer.exe.

Problem should be solved.

If this is not the case, change the registry should be applied.

No registry attached office file.

Tags: Windows

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